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How To Make New York Style Bagels

You can make a pretty darn good New York Style bagel no matter where you live. Here is how you’re gonna do it.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
500g bread flour (about 3.5 cups)
23g white sugar (about 1.5 tablespoons)
10g instant dried yeast (about 1 tablespoon)
297g warm water @90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 320 ml)
6g salt (1.5 teaspoons)
Everything Bagel Seasoning:
2 tablespoons dried garlic flakes
2.5 tablespoons dried onion flakes
1.5 tablespoons white sesame seeds
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
1 tablespoon black sesame seeds
1/2 tablespoon flakey salt or kosher salt (ideally flakey)

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys I’m Joshua Wiseman andtoday I want to talk to you about bagelsand in case you didn’t know me I’m nottalking about that store bought bothalright let’s just get that off thetable I’m talking about real deal NewYork style bagels and I’m gonna show youhow to make them now as with any yeastedbread you’re gonna have to bloom youryeast first now you’re gonna want yourwater to be about a ninety degreesfahrenheit to that warm water you’regonna add 10 grams of yeast which isabout a tablespoon and 23 grams of sugarwhich is about one and a halftablespoons just give it a little stirto get it immersed in the water and letit rest for about ten minutes it’ll getnice and puffed up like thisgive it yet another stir to get it allmixed in there exit to a bowl you’regonna add 500 grams of bread flour whichis about three and a half cups six gramsof salt which is about one and a halfteaspoons and finally add your yeastballoon mixture now just mix it withyour hands you don’t even use a whisk orspoon just use your hands it’s gonna beokay can wash your hands you’re justgonna mix it till you get a shaggy doughdon’t worry about any remaining flourthat’s in the bottom it’s gonna getimmersed when we knead the dough justsqueezed off any remaining dough offyour fingers and wash your hands fizzynow turn that dough out onto a worksurface get some the remaining stuff outof the bottom and begin kneading it sowhen you need dough you’re basicallygoing to pull it into itself and thenpush it against itself so you’re pullingit backholding it over and then pushing itagainst itself with the palm of yourhand you’re gonna repeat that processand do that for about ten minutes andyou’re gonna notice this dough go fromrough to this beautifully smooth silkydough I mean come on look at that thingnow go ahead and take his sides and foldthem into itself and under kind ofpulling it together and then roll it ona board to form it into a boule now ifyou don’t want to do that you can skipthat process not that big of a deal nowonce you’ve done that you’re gonna dropit into an oiled large or medium largebowl and cover it with a damp towel nowroll it around so the dough does notstick to the bottom let it rise one hournow here we can see that the dough hasdoubled in size and it kind of stuck andI’m gonna taste thiswhich was a huge regret of mine as youcan see ya decided that was bad ideatossed that in the background now takeout your aggressions because you don’tget paid enough and punch down the doughmaybe not quite that excessively but youget the pointnow turn your dough over onto a lightlyfloured work surface and divide it into8 equal pieces I do that by cutting itin half and then cutting each of thosehalves into four equal pieces thusresulting in four Erb all right now fourplus four 8 equal piecesMaya anyway as you can see here I liketo mark each spot before I actually makethe cut and then I follow through andmake those cuts next with each of thosepieces you’re gonna shape each one intoa perfect little ball by folding all thesides of them up and into themselvesjust lightly pressing pull it togetherturn it over seam side down and then onyour board on a non floured surfacespecifically you kind of want to stick alittle bit and then what you’re gonna dois with the seam side touching theunflavored surface you’re gonna swirl itaround and around while maintainingconstant contact and that will create anice perfect little ball repeat thatwith each of the balls that feels weirdto say cover that with a damp dish toweland let that rest for 10 minutes nowwe’re gonna make your everything bagelseasoning now I mean why wouldn’t youwant everything bagels anyway we’regonna start with 2 tablespoons of driedgarlic flakes 2 and a half tablespoonsof dried onion flakes one and a halftablespoons of white sesame seeds 1tablespoon of poppy seedsone tablespoon of black sesame seeds andfinally a heaping half tablespoon offlaky sea salt mix that all up until itis thoroughly combined and I mean that’sit you know you’ve got everything bagelseasoning just chilling in your housenow so you’re welcome now that yourdough is rested for ten minutes you’regonna take one of those balls and you’regonna press a floured thumb andindexfinger through the center of adough ball kind of like you’re pinchingthrough the center the whole point is tostart to make the hole no pun intendednow once you’ve done that you’re gonnatwirl it around two fingers lightly verycarefully pulling it apart and whatthat’s gonna do is it’s just gonnaslowly make that hole a little bitbigger and just stretch the dough out alittle bit now you don’t want to do thistoo much just repeat this process untilyou get the right whip it should thehole should be about an inch in diameterno more than that it’s gonna rise andit’s gonna get bigger so I wouldn’t wantto get the hole any bigger than that DJspinach and you should repeat thatprocess with all of your bagels now forthe most important part get a pot of oilwetter get a pot of water to a boil onceyour pot of water is boiling drop itdown to a gentle boil and drop yourbagels in make sure you only add yourbagels in a single layer don’t try andstack them on top of each other andleave room for expansion because theywill begin to expand a little bit inhere now gently boil these bagels forone to two minutes per side two minutesfor maximum chewiness and one minute formy personal ideal chewinessnow these bagels have been boiling forabout a minute on one side so now I’mflipping all of them and I’m gonna boilthem for another minute on the otherside now once they’re done boiling I’mgonna pull them out of the water drainthem as much as I can in that spider anddrop them on a lightly oiled bakingsheet this is what they’re gonna bake onnext you’re gonna brush each bagel withegg wash I know I know they look alittle wrinkly and weird right now but Ipromise they’re gonna puff up and looknice when they go in the oven now onceeach bagel is brushed with egg washyou’re gonna sprinkle on your everythingbagel seasoning on to each of yourbagels maybe leave a couple plain incase there’s a couple people who justdon’t understand that bagel life nowonce they’ve all been seenyou’re gonna drop them in the oven at425 for 20 minutes now as per traditionlet us see the final product now I’mgonna start with a thick smear of creamcheese follow that up with a slice oftomato next capersnow sliced LOX a little more for goodmeasure a touch more capers followed bythinly sliced red onion then garnish itwith a generous amount of dill top itcut it in half and enjoy alright guysthat’s it for today’s episode all in allthe bagel was a legitimate 10 out of 10if you enjoyed the video leave a likesubscribe and I will see you next week[Music][Music]

23 Replies to “How To Make New York Style Bagels

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  4. as caustic soda is also used for unclogging sinks. why not just get rid of it through there. you get amazing pretzels and a clean pipe!

  5. 320 ml of water is 320 grams as one litre is one kilo… 1 litre is space captured by 1 kilo of water…. so for everything else you must convert ml to g, but for water – not. 🙂 nice video thanks on uploading

  6. That looks very simple, looking for a business to do in the Caribbean, I love bagels, might be on to a great business.

  7. I tried this recipe and it turned out fantastic! I was looking for a simple ny style recipe and I would definitely recommend your recipe! They were a hit with my family

  8. “Just mix it with your hands. You don’t need to use a whisk or a spoon just use your hands. It’s gonna be ok, you can wash your hands.” haha, that made my day! I love working with my hands.

  9. I Made these instead of partying this New Years’. So glad I did my husband had everything bagels and I had Poppy Seeds. Most Definitely worth a try, and this was my very first time attempting making bagels. Totally worth it.

  10. “Now take out your aggression because you don’t get paid enough” is NOT what I heard the first time

  11. Just made these. They were great. I will absolutely be making these again. I did, however, skip tasting the raw dough off of the damp towel after rising! Haha. Great bagels.

  12. Perfect recipe to try during lockdown and we sure have sterile hands with all the hand washing we have been doing LOL Thanks!

  13. I just made these and let me just say, now that I’ve tried them, the mess that’s left in my kitchen right now is totally worth it!

  14. Hey Sune, those look amazing! My sourdough is only able to double in volume, but not triple. Would that be enough for me to prepare pretzels? Tusind tak!

  15. For a proper brown-ness the bagels have to be boiled in an alkaline solution. at home you can use baking soda in the water (or even better baked baking soda) or you can use lye water from the Asian grocery store. Raising the PH helps the bagel to brown better.

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