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5 Ingredient Homemade Flour Tortillas

There is no substitute for perfect fresh hand-made tortillas hot off the comal. It’s the key ingredient for a good old fashioned taco, and knowing how to make them will only do good things for you. These flour tortillas will stand up to just about anything you put in them and they totally melt when eaten. Plus they’re easy and only take about 25-30 minutes to make!

The Reddit Page:
Comal For Cooking Tortillas:
The Pan I used:
Ideal Rolling Pin for Tortillas:

Ingredients you’ll need:
2.5 cups (346g) all purpose flour
1 teaspoon (6g) fine sea salt
1.5 teaspoons(6g) baking powder
3 tablespoons (33g) lard, vegetable shortening, or vegetable oil
3/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon (189ml) warm water (not hot)

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Video Transcription

one of the secrets to true happiness andchildlike joy is a warm fresh softhandmade flour tortilla and luckily thatonly takes five ingredients in about 25minutes so yeah so we’re talkinghomemade flour tortillas just insanelyeasy to do a little surprised that Ifound out about but a viewer of mine suehunt decided to go ahead and make areddit page for me I’m not really verywell versed in Reddit the link will bein the description you know all thatblah blah blah blah also my Instagramand Twitter will be down there in theUnited States at least most restaurantsthat are serving anything with a taco ortortilla whatever they’re probably notmaking those tortillas back there butwhen it comes to tortillas there is amassive difference between a fresh madetortilla and an already made tortillatrust me if you know you know now withthat said let’s do this shall weso know what you’re thinking why is thiswhite boy trying to teach us how to maketortillas and look I’m not claiming forthis to be nearly as good as somethingyou would find in Mexico but it is ahundred times better than any commercialtortilla that you’re gonna get at mostrestaurants so you’re gonna start withtwo and a half cups or 346 grams ofall-purpose flour to that you’re gonnaadd one teaspoon or six grams of finesea salt then start whisking so that yourealize you forgot to add the bakingpowder and one and a half teaspoons orsix grams of baking powder give that agood whisk in slow motion to that makesure add three tablespoons or 33 gramsof lard now you could get large from alot of different places i rendered myown out from some of the pork fatbackfrom the sausage video and I ended upcold smoking it so you know smoked porkfat tortillas can’t go wrong with thatbut of course you can also use vegetableoil then just toss the flour make surewith the fat rubbing it between yourfingers and thumbs until you kind of getan even sort of cornmeal looking texturewith the flour to that make sure yougonna add 3/4 of a cup plus onetablespoon or a hundred and eighty-ninemilliliters of warm water not hot justwarm then give that a mix by hand untilit comes together as a dough turn it outonto a work surface and begin kneadingit for a couple of minutes until itbegins to turn smooth what’s this niceand elastic it’s smooth coverwith a damp kitchen towel and let itrest for 10 minutes what’s this rusticgive it a nice little spankthen divided into 16 even pieces whichif you have a scale it’s gonna be about35 grams per piece you guys already knowhow I feel about kitchen scales it’sit’s a good idea because every piece isgonna be so gosh-darn even if you dothat once you’ve divided all of themroll each piece into a ball yeah a ballbefore we roll these out eat a cast-ironskillet or a comb all over medium-highheat until very hot you need this thingscreaming to properly cook these if youhave an infrared thermometer it’ll beabout 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260degrees Celsius to roll these out you’regonna first lightly flour a work surfacethen lightly flour your ball gentlyflatten your ball with your palm andsort of just get the shape started thenusing a rolling pin gently roll it intoa disk shape until it’s about 1/8 of aninch thickif you won’t roll out then let the ballsrest for about 5 minutes hahaalso a cool trick to keep the circleseven is to roll down quarter turn thedough roll down again and then just keeprepeating that to follow around theperimeter of the tortilla and it shouldbe relatively circular now once you’verolled out that layered torte illacarefully transfer it to your skilletand let it cook for about 30 seconds perside until you get some nice medium charon both sides and it’s cooked throughremember this thing’s got to be hackedthen place the finished tortilla on atortilla warmer or a folded towel thenrepeat with all the tortillas until doneI also like to keep my tortillas warm inthe oven with a keep warm function sortof as I’m making these then you knowwhat to do fill these tacos up withwhatever you wantI made some steak tacos with white onioncotija cheese or nice fancy boybreakfast tacos with some of my homecured bacon which I do have a video onlink in the description and just sort ofseared it up a little bit some softscrambled eggs home cured bacon chivesyou know not traditional but deliciousas you can see I forgot the cheese realnice Josh good job so now you’ve gothomemade tortillas warm softmelt-in-your-mouth but you want to knowwhat else melts in your mouth[Music]alright guys and that is it so homemadetortillas it’s really easy it’s fiveingredients you’re not even somethingyou need to make a head but you can ifyou want to if you’re making a lot thatI would see why we’d why you would wantto make it a head I don’t even know whyI’m talking about this right now becausethere’s actually plenty reasons why youwant to make it a head what’s wrong alot I’m an asshole I know I keep talkingabout it but lunch is coming so soon soso soonwe’re working on it really hope that youguys like it I just want you guys toknow that it is a direct reflection ofall of your suggestions right if youguys know companies that do apronsplease please comment and tell me but Iwon’t keep you too long we got plentygood stuff coming I love you appreciateyou and yeah so if you enjoyed thisvideo or you learn something leave alike subscribe and I will see you nexttime[Music]

18 Replies to “5 Ingredient Homemade Flour Tortillas

  1. Now make some Huevo con Chorizo and some mashed beans to make some delicious tacos, extra points if you top it with some fresh avocado

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  3. Can we appreciate how many videos Josh has gone now with a perfect outtro?? So proud of our boi

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  6. I’m Asian, we eat rice with everything. In a few minutes we’ll be eating rice with tortillas.

  7. Buddy… You doing these in imperial AND metric measures is a godsend. My partner is a naturalized citizen from Fiji and well, metric is a whole thing over there. This is very considerate. Thank you! Also, we live here in Austin! SO there is an undeniable advantage in knowing for sure that all of this stuff you’re doing is doable here. Finally, I don’t need to stress your cred. I know where you worked, I know how good it is, and I can absolutely verify to anyone wondering that making it at ALL where you’ve worked for more than say, a week, means you are solid. This is a great thing you’re doing. Not since Anthony Bourdain showed me the meals I need to know how to cook, and taught me how to cut things, have I so thoroughly trusted and enjoyed a video. You’re the goods, guy.

  8. When you picked up that breakfast tortilla I actually opened my mouth, hoping we somehow had the technology to taste stuff through a screen

  9. since we’re already on the topic of mexican cuisine: How about a video where you demonstrate how to make different salsas for Tacos like a Pico de Gallo, salsa verde, salsa rojo and whatever you like else.

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