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How to make sweet potato waffles

Sweet Potato waffle recipe. Waffles aren’t the quickest breakfast to whip up, but it’s extremely useful to make a large batch and either keep them in the fridge or freezer. Just pop them in the toaster to reheat and make them crispy again. Great with berries and drizzled with maple syrup or for supper with a fried egg or poached egg on top.
For Full & printable recipe: https://danieldiver.net/recipe/sweet-potato-waffles/FoodieHub #SweetPotatoWaffles #Breakfast

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Video Transcription

hello guys today I’m gonna show you myrecipe for sweet tea waffles these dotake a bit of work to make but thereason they make them again and again isthat I make a huge big batch fme knowI’m going to be in the next few days Ikeep them in the fridge if not I putthem in the freezer and then I pop themin the toaster and I have breakfast inminutesI’ll get underway now with these wafflesand show you how I make themwe’ll start off here I have plain flourinto a large bowl next I want 1 teaspoonof fine sea salt 2 teaspoons of bakingpowderand then I want 1 teaspoon of groundcinnamon no but I get it on with therestI have 4 eggs which I need to separateand by that I just mean wait and oneball and the yolks no no no use the bowlI use for my flowersave on the washing up when I firststarted making waffles if there’s alwaysplain waffles I mean but I think I’vetold you this before but I always cooksweet potatoes and have a few of them inthe fridge all mashed up cuz I meanthese are often for the basis for cakesand other good things so I have someunneeded using[Music]the way for a moment I first want towhip up the egg weight it’s important tostart with the egg weights because ifyou do the yolks and then you introduceany of that back from the yolks into thewhites will not work properly you canalso if you want you could use anelectric mixer for this to make thingseasy but first thing in the morning andI cannot be dealing with that noise[Music]and the break is needed but we’re almostthere[Music]and whites are whipped to stiff peaksand next I just want to get the you mixand I want to add to them twotablespoons of castor sugar 500 Mills ofmilk and I also want two tablespoons ofvegetable oilthis helps them crisp up for the yolkand milk mixture into the dryingredientsI have 400 grams here I’ll sweep to justaddlove the color of this orange is myfavorite color at the moment so that’sfold it in so now I’m going to add halfof my egg whites just there man thisisn’t very difficult don’t need to betrue gentleman and as soon as there’s notraces of white left you’re ready to gothat’s it that’s the batter ready nextI’m going to my wife layer and dependingon the type of waffle iron you have youmay need to oil it I think it’s justbetter to just in casejust grab myself a things perfect onelarge cup up to the brim the imperfectto noiseSquatch it close give it a few minuteson the first sight before you turn itover or however your waffle iron worksmaybe you’re using electric sights[Music]I’m ready to flip a couple more minutesit’s not just on the other site mywaffles I think you’ve had enough time[Music][Music]of course with wafflesI need berries use whatever berries youlike elective healthy helping ofstrawberries and of course I have sir[Music]once I’ve had my breakfast on it’ll fityour ass with the waffles right now[Music]so good and so late if you liked thisrecipe please give it a thumbs up hitthat subscribe button don’t forget toleave a comment too and thanks forwatching[Music]

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