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Coronavirus Cooking – Ep. 5 – Hashbrown Waffles

Today’s recipe is Hashbrown Waffles!

chef knife
cutting board
large mixing bowl
waffle iron
large spoon

4 cups frozen, shredded hashbrowns
Everything else is optional:
garlic (fresh or powdered)
onion (fresh or powdered)
meat (in this case, left-over ham)
3 eggs
shredded cheese (your choice – chedder, colby jack, jack, swiss, whatever)
non-stick spray

Since everything started up with COVID-19 and Coronavirus, I began to get into a funk as a result of losing regular interpersonal contact (I _am_ an ENFP). To help with this, I started doing Facebook Lives so I could get some interaction with others.

I chose to do cooking videos for a few reasons – I love to cook, I love to talk about food, and I also know a lot of folks may not know how simple some things are to make.

I’ll try to improve the quality of the videos as we go – resolution should improve beyond the crap video quality you see here.

If you want to sponsor an episode by throwing me a t-shirt, give me a holler!

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Video Transcription

good morning friends who held off fourpeople show up it’s like the lightslooks a little bit weird but see here[Music]murder is just something held up screamsgetting help that’s gonna get annoyinggood morning hey Joanne there we go okayif there was something weird was goingon with the light on the screen so justquick question can you hear the musicwithout the interfering with what I’mdoinggranted it is interfering with what I’mdoing you probably can’t hear me but Ialways get concerned about whether ornot music is going to be overwhelmingand today’s particularly the music isimportant to what we’re going to bedoing an optimum ention this again a fewtimes later as other people arelistening but as I commented on a coupleof different things after last weekcatching a line of flack from one of myfaithful viewers that I mean you’d havea new t-shirt on instead of an oldt-shirt while I was watching this stuffso my knees for range for me to get anew shirt and so this week we are beingsponsored actually by the Occidentalhotel in Buffalo Wyoming so the oldesthotel in the state of Wyoming awesomeplace 1880s lots of great stuff Davidand Jackie Stewart who currently run itthere were the ones who actually got methis shirt and the reason why this doesnot say Buffalo Wyoming or theOccidental hotelit says I’m in the Bluegrass State ofMind because they are kind of theepicenter of bluegrass movement inBuffalo Wyoming and destinyyou’re hearing right now is music fromThursday evening if you listen to if yougo to the Occidental if you get theOccidental hotel in Buffalo and you goto their Facebook page every Thursdaynight they do a bluegrass jam and if yougo to David Stewart who’s involved withthe hotel if you go to his Facebook pagehe’s been playing pretty much everysingle night while everybody is out soif you get a chance go to Occidentalhotel follow them Buffalo Wyoming isright at the Bighorn Mountains over onthe east side you’ve got was it a thirtyfive hundo I 25 runs north and southright there I 80 runs into it from theeast or that like no outside 90 runsinto it nice because it’s 94 that’sfurther north don’t mind meanyway so you’ve got several interstatesall coming together you can come overthe Bighorn Mountains to it theOccidental hotel great place to stay wewere there over spring break just a yearago where I just really got to performthe wedding ceremony for my niece sheand her husband lived there in Buffaloso it was great got the state greathotel got to eat at the busy me thelittle cafe right there awesomebreakfast food you eat it the theVirginia named after the novel very goodsteakhouse famous history to the placeBuffalo Bill stayed there TR stayedthere Frank an the famous US Marshalstayed there which is Sundance I meanlike you sit there and start runningdown this whole long list the people alot of people stayed the Buffalo me andBuffalo at the Occidental the otherthing I want to mention is also if youare staying in Buffalo or you’revisiting Buffalo buffalo right aroundthe corner from the Occidental hotelJim Gaucho museum we’ve got a personalfriend who is the director there awesomemuseum great collection neat stuff andjust remember your museums during thistime so so with that done I’m going tostart getting my stuff together fortoday pence speaking of speaking ofBuffalo WyomingI see somebody just popped in fromBuffalo Wyoming but I am gonna startgetting all my stuff together I hadthrown together a list of ingredientsover the course of this last week wejust had Easter last week and so one ofthe things that we do for Easter is ourhousehold has usually has a ham and sowe now have ham out our gears so what wedo is as with a lot of us we end upreusing like after Thanksgiving we needTurkey on everything you can have forEaster on everything so we’re gonna bedoing some stuff with some of ourleftover ham got the shredded hashbrowns you can use just regular potatoesjust JulianneValerie turkeys I’ve got some freshonion we don’t always do this with onionbut you can’t do it with onion thanks soand if you’re tuning in white just whateverybody know again today’s episode issponsored by the Occidental hotel theywere in Buffalo Wyoming they were verynice to send me this t-shirt brand new Imade bluegrass state of mind they are abig bluegrass bluegrass area in thatpart of the country they have abluegrass festival in Buffalo every yearand the David Stewart who is betweenDavid and Jackie they run the placeDavis Stewart’s a bluegrass musicianthat is his musicyou’re hearing going on while we aredoing this so if you can’t hear themusic let me know I’ll turn it up alittle bit more but with the next stepwe’re gonna start doing on this I haveto start getting some of the food prepeverything else so far is out so as Isaid again we’re dealing with shreddedhash browns yep and longmeyer days inJuly is Lisa just pointed out I’ve gotsome previously julienned onion I’mgoing to dice up a little it’s smallerthis cheddar cheese leftover ham and youcan use for this ham bacon sauce thatyou need type of like what you typicallythink of as a breakfast meat we justhave two leftover ham from Easter so I’musing that and then the usual variety ofspices and then eggs and a lot of peoplethe whole concept of hash brown waffleskind of confuses some people becausewell they don’t think of hash brownsit’s being used in things like wafflesthere used to be like regular waffles orsavory waffles which that’s a wholenother thing this is not a flower basewaffle this is something that I ended upkind of making up one day when I figuredit out that you can do this and thenyou’ve done I’ve done I’ve seen somepeople doing this after Thanksgivingthere’s some amazing Thanksgivingwaffles that you can do take stuff likethe stuffing take mince up some hamthrow in just any of the other stufflittle bit mashed potatoes through acouple of other things from yourThanksgiving feast the day before throwthem all together scramble them withsome eggs and not a lot of egg but thisthing to bind it all together and thenyou can do waffles with that as wellso what I’m gonna do here is take aboutfour cups I think what do you knowDave’s actually measuring for a changeso I’m gonna think about 1,000 potatoesI’m gonna take thatnice big handy-dandy fork up throw themin the microwave so hopefully you’ll beable to hear you over the sound ofmicrowave I’m gonna put those in therefor about two minutes just to thaw themout of it and get them so everything cancome on together good morning ceilingand good morning everybody else I knowthat you’re all kind of popping in andsome theater buff it out so that wasabout four cups of hash browns it’s nothappen this big bag I’m gonna startprepping some of the other stuff that Ihave here while that’s cooking up I knowI have to talk loudly over sound themicrowave and peanut music and again bigtip if you have a slippery surface andyou’re trying to use a plastic cuttingboard throw down a towel take that towelto a pan put my cutting board down thereyou go pull out my good friend thechef’s niceevery time here we use a chef’s knifeshould always run the humming steel Iuse this I call them some Brown Andrewshunting people always end up forgettinghow many times you go on either side sixon one side five on the other four threetwo and then one and you’re all nice andhot and if you know decent kitchenknives that you have not had sharpenedin a while go get them sharpened atleast once a year at least once a yeargetting sharpened and there’s people allover the places we do this so only halftoe cutting onions today I’ll have abouta cup of onion or so I’ll take theseand some of it there Julianne’s clicksof slippers that’s Julian’s I want totake these and I am going to kind of instep up a little bit more there Dyson Ishould say there we goand again the bluegrass music you’rehearing is from Thursday night’s jamsession at the Occidental hotel inBuffalo Wyoming today’s episode issponsored by the Buffalo hotel if youare at a museum or business or somethinglike that you feel like sponsoring theshow or you just want to see me wearingyour shirt feel free to send mesomething noise pop me that pufflerequest my DMS and I’ll take a look atit there we goso I think I’m happy with how that stuffis so I’ve got a nice pile of onion I’mgoing to take that and dump that into mybig bowl that I will be mixing intoagain I hope everybody is being happyand safe at home everybody’s kind oftrying to get along and do their bestthere’s my onions I’ll have as much hamas I was hoping for if I’m gonna goahead and use all of this hand that Ihave and again with the ham you’re goingto do the same thing that I just didwith the onion is I’m going to dice itup and I would normally use my chef’sknife I mean I uh I have a differentknife with a thinner blade that I woulduse for most of my cutting of the meatjust works a little bit different butthis works just fine and moreimportantly I don’t have to get meanything else dirtyand for those who like the next step onthis is I’m going to there we go thatlooks like that’s in pretty good shapeso I’m going to I have ham well it’salways one of my favorite songs oneBlack Veil whole old traditional songThe Chieftains made it really popularback in the 90s I think on a compilationthat they did but again p.m. caught themusic we’re listening to today is fromthe Occidental hotel in Buffalo Wyomingpeople were sponsoring today I am goingto now add break put the hash browns inI am going to shred a healthy amount ofcheese and like with most other thingsin the kitchen going with cheap cheeseis not a happy way to start life youstart dealing with some cheese’s thattend to be almost to the point of rubberwhen you handle them and you do not wantthat nobody deserves that in their lifealright alrightso I’ve got nice little healthy pile ofcheddar cheesewe never have too much cheese sure ifsomebody’s gonna be able to prove mewrong on that one but so nice happyPaolo cheese so these are going to threepeople I am going to use three eggs andI’m going to crack these in here beforeI put just crack them straight inthey’ll get mashed up plenty enoughshell in there so three eggs and I justcrack my eggs on the stuff hey Lisa howare you doing now Tillamook J cheese istoo much cheese cabbage cheese there’s acouple of a really good ones just stayaway from Kraft stay away from this tonsI am in a region that I live in rightnow highland cheese is not good cheese[Music]and so for anybody in Oklahoma this areaso the four cups of hashbrowns they getdumped in okay kosher salt about 1/2teaspoon pepper 1/4 teaspoon and thenliberally sprinkle I’ve got garlicpowder that I’m using I could do freshgarlic if I wanted but I don’t if youdon’t have fresh onion you’ve got onionpowder so I’m gonna go ahead get thecutting board cut awayrefresh my coffee and I know I haven’tsaid yet but I am so happy to see somany people having stopped in today justget a chance to I really do enjoy Iappreciate getting a chance to talk topeople about just wiping everything elsegoing on during this time while I put upthe ingredients I am going to plug in mywaffle iron that we have you’ve got oneof these it’s a harbor where it’s youcan get these at Walmart or anywhereelse it’s a Belgian waffle breasts butyou can use any waffle press they’re alldesigned to be able to take this kind oflove kind of question from a friend ofmine earlier this week about whether ornot you can do this with George Foremangrill I expect you could you would haveto be a little bit more careful thegreat thing is this is not runny liquidlike a conventional waffle so you don’thave to worry about that stuff runningoff the end of the grill let’s seeThanks everything in its placenow that I have this no need to getfancy on this this big spoon pile ofstuff in hereand so just need to make sure this allturn around you’ve got a in here nowI’ve got your breakfast it’s hash brownseggs ham or tuna sausage or bacon orsomething like thatand there’s no reason you can’t do thiswith any sort of vegetarian optionseating options because honestly a lot ofthis stuff the base of it is alreadykind of leaning that direction if you’relocked up a vegetarian asleep the eggdrop the meat there’s plenty of meatsubstitutes all right so now I have thishappy mush that is all in there and soonce you get this all mushed up togetherlike this and this is part of the reasonwhy you microwave to thaw out thehashbrowns is so when you put them intothe waffle press that they come down andthe waffles I get it can actually pressthose down instead of taking thesebecause otherwise it turns into likeLincoln Logs you toss on the floor orpick up sticks and they all end uplocking in and they don’t compress thiswill compress so I’m going to take thatI’m gonna throw away my shellsI’m gonna have a sip of coffee and againbecause I promised that I would do so Iam again going to plug the sponsors fortoday this is C this is the kind ofservice you get if you send me a newt-shirt I’m more than happy to startplugging stuff so I kept happy much yesjust like Bob Ross so today’s sponsor isagain David and Jackie Stewart of theOccidental hotel in Buffalo Wyoming andit’s the oldest hotel in Wyoming 1880salso from what I understand it is themost haunted hotel in Buffalo Wyoming Ithink I’m not sure if we really had whatyou could call an experience there but acouple nights that we were there it itwas just kind of weird but so we’regoing through and doing our thingbut the it was a great weekend that wewere there I got to be there to be theofficiant at my niece’s wedding that’ssomething else is if in this time if youneed somebody to perform those servicesI would be more than happy to try to dowhat I can to make sure that thathappensnondenominational LGBTQ flex friendly Iam more than happy to be thereso anyway back to the Occidental oldesthotel in Wyoming Buffalo Bill stayedthere Theodore Roosevelt stayed thereButch and Sundance Calamity Jane TomHorne famous assassin of sheep ofCarters bluegrass the bluegrass jam thatgoes on there is in during regular timesweekly but even so music that you hearin the background right now know thatthey’re just talking is on theOccidental’s Facebook page everyThursday night it still been doing thisfrom within there this essentiallyhaving a small jam but then DavidStewart also pretty much every eveningon his own personal Facebook page isplaying bluegrass music from there andso it’s a really neat thingthe Virginia steak house there is greatstuff the busy bee cafe awesomebreakfast gin Gatchell museum around thecorner I always have to shout out forthe museums in the area and we are readyto go over here we’re going to open thatup always spray your pants otherwisenothing but disappointment nothing butdisappointment comes from there so I’mgonna try and do this backwardsalright I’ve got my stuff on there I’mgoing to take it I’m going to push itaround because this is it like yourregular waffles I have to put a littlebit extra pours into it and make sureyou let it cook all the way through sothat’s in welcome for us can you seethatlet me see yeah you should be able tosee that never yeah this one makes sureit couldn’t quite tell because on thescreen for the phone there’s all kindsof extra little nonsense going on but Ihope everybody is having a good day weare like 8:45 no we are all stayinghappy healthy and staying away frompeople it’s still disconcerting knowingfriends who are in parts of the countrythat have been on complete lockdown Ihave a very wonderful friend in New YorkCity he lostwell his next-door neighbor got cartedout yesterday and to the hospital andher son was somebody who thought it wasall a hoax and was not wearing a masknot wearing gloves not cleaning up notanything but going out regularly forcigarettes father was all fake he cameback and now he’s been social distancehimself so sorry dude you’re too lateyou just did that to your mom so I’mthat bright sunshine you know we’regonna ya know just basically it’s awaiting game I’m gonna go grab a platethat I can throw these on to and we’llbe able to keep talking about this stuff[Music]so and if you can’t hear the musicthat’s going on go ahead and who gave methe angry face was that somebodyresponding to that guy’s story ifsomething gave hit somebody gave me anangry face I want to know who well it’sI’ll point out that was later I’mguessing those in response to the storyof that guygoing out and probably getting his momsick but for these hash brownsthemselves like the hash browns out ofthe waffle press you can top these withhope god forbid salsa I mean ketchup Iknow some people like ketchup on theirstuff I used to be that person I’m nolonger oh you can use any of thedifferent Mexican hot sauces looking atsalsa you can use anything else that youwould typically use to courier plate oryou can just eat it all by itself Ialways kind of feel it’s a little bitdry so I was like having that extra alittle bit of liquid or sauce orsomething like that no yeah I was hopingthat’s what that was because I wasalmost I would be almost wounded ifsomebody actually gave me an angry facebut if you guys can’t hear the music inthe back I know right now they’re kindof be in between tunes but hopefully youguys have been in here in the musicthey’ve been playing really well soother than that we are continuing onweather has just been weirdlast week was we hit the day in the 80stoday it last night it I think got downto freezing we’re just glad that wecovered up our roses that’s a sentence Inever thought I’d hear on my mouth andwe can all use this I need my spaceright now but I hope everybody is itwill stay safe and doing their thingsagain today we are making the hash brownwaffles I’ve got my hash browns eggscheese hamspices including some fresh onion inthere and so I wiggle it out into thewelcome press they come out they gounder thank if nothing else for a sneakpeek on what I’m going to be doing nextweek I already usually I just end upfiguring this out like Thursday beforeSaturday and I actually figured out thisweek with all of the excess ham that wehave in the household next week I’mgonna make ham horseshoes and if youhave not had a horseshoe sandwich youare missing out it’s a heart attack onthe plate I have to warn you with thatwe’re going to be doing that one nextSaturday and it is one of our favoritemeals especially again post holidaysanytime that we go like afterThanksgiving we do turkey shoes afterEaster will do ham shoes I mean it’sjust whatever you want to throw and it’sfor those of us who grew up in Illinoisit is something that’s warm memories andthis is that’s one of the things here isthese takes so much longer to cook thanregular waffles I can sit there and flipit and take a look what – because youneed to make sure that these are donethese are not like regular waffles likewe’re able to sit there and they can getcompletely burned these things justcrisp up and if you especially if youlike crispy and I know it’ll be comingup here in a minute so let me grab myplastic fork again if you use any sortof nonstick coated stuff you can notwant to use any metal tools anywherenear nonstick stuff whether it’s askillet or any of the law compressesthings like that plastic or woodutensils only that was one of thosethings I wish somebody would have taughtme a long time ago but now with ourcurrent cooktop this is a whole longhuge story that we can do about this onewe lucked into a really great deal onthis induction cooktop we’re gonna getcompletelyand I mean it really is a nice thing butwe have absolutely no nonstick skillethey there’s the light there we go youcan put that in for a little bit extraor just leave it in for a little bitextra man what looks well looks comfymaybe yes I know I just had no metalutensils around the nonstick surfaces ohmy gosh ray the bottom should be okaybit of oil this come out of there therewe go ha ha crumble fell off so yeahthis is a hash brown waffleso you’ve got hash browns and againfrozen hash browns you take the frozenhash browns you throw them in themicrowave just to thaw them out so theyget a little bit more pliable frozenhash brownsI started out for this batch with 4 cupsworth that makes you about 3 in thisBelgian press about 3 waffles but hashbrowns some sort of breakfast meat wehave lots of leftover ham from Easter soI have ham in here I’ve got some freshonion in here which it should be reallygood and then a nice happy pile ofcheese I usually try to do about 1 eggfor each one that’s going to getproduced and so three of these 3 wafflesout of this batch 3 eggs and so justthrow it in there and then once theycome out you can top them off with hotsauce or salsa like I said god forbidketchupbut hey each zero and I’m not going tojudge if you want you can just sleep inthere a little bit extra long andthey’ll get crispierhey Ryan what’s going on glad to seepopped inI hope everybody is doing okay againjust as a reminder today is sponsored bythe Occidental hotel and Buffalo Wyominggave me a nice new t-shirt if you wantto sponsor the show when did I become ashow if you want to sponsor the showfeel free to send me a t-shirt from yourbusiness I know I’ve got lots of friendsin business I’ve got lots of friends andmuseums I’ve got lots of friends allover the country from California to NewYork to Vermont to Florida to heck wompand actually now she’s on Japan soanyway yeah just if you want to sponsorthe show by all means let me know sendme a shirt I’ll be more than happy weara good shirt the Bing went today againis sponsored by the Occidental hotel inBuffalo Wyoming the reason why this is abluegrass themed shirt I’m a bluegrassstate of mind is because Buffalo Wyomingis known for its bluegrass festival theOccidental hotel has a live bluegrassjam once a week the music that’s made mestarting up here again in the backgroundwas from just a couple months agosignally Occidental hotels Facebook pagecheck out the music David Stewart who isone of the two people in charge thereDavid and Jack and Stewart he has on hisown Facebook page plays bluegrass everyevery night at like 7 o’clock its oldesthotel in Wyomingthere’s lots of famous people who’vestayed there from Buffalo Bill the TRtwo criminals like Butch and Sundancecalamity Janes their prank Canton wasthere Tom Horne was there lots ofdifferent people hey George good morningso lots of good stuff I’ve got thatother one in the other waffle again hashbrown waffles are not like your regularflour based waffles they arejust thought out hashbrowns you mix ineggs you mix in whatever spices you wantcheese onion maybe you can throw in hereit’s kind of like a lot of the otherstuff that I’ve cooked previously myramen from last weekyou can throw in anything in here thatyou want as long as it’s good and justthe hashbrowns is a starter in the eggsor the binder as long as you have thosetunedyou’ve got the form that everything elsecan fit into and so if you don’t likecamp find you sausage your bacon if youdon’t want to use fresh onion that’sgreat if you want to throw in I don’tknow parsley sage rosemary and thymefeel free but more than happy to keepdoing all this stuff again I alreadyknow next week I’m going to be doinghorseshoes worship sandwiches a delicacyfrom the great state of Illinois I thinkDelta C is the word that should be usedin quotes in this case though but it’s agood way to get rid of the old ham I seethere’s still some folks who are on hereI would love to find out if you guys aredoing well and if you are not I havebetter luck for you I know a lot of ushave been busy a lot of us been stuck athome some of us are continuing to worksome of us are trying to find our wayand so we’re just definitely just tryingto do what we can to make the world alittle bit better and so part that’sagain that’s part of why I am doing thisis I know a lot of people are stuck athome trying to figure out what to dowith all the food that I have somepeople are learning or relearning how tocook some people are looking at justkind of how to get by and so this alsofor me is some mental floss that allowsme to get a chance to talk to you guys Ienjoy interacting with all the people Iknow out in Facebook land people inmuseum field or from my hometownIllinois or my adopted home out inArizona reading where else that we’velived Enid Oklahoma Cody Wyoming here inFort Smith Bozeman Montanajust all over the place but yet so todayhey Jan how are you doing so this nextone hey it’s white on that means thiswas finished and now that the second onethey always end up they start as thewaffle iron he’s up they tend to get alittle bit more done go ahead I’ll showthat what we’re here in a second as soonas I get this last batch them on hereand if you can hear the music in thebackground that’s from the Buffalo HotelBuffalo Wyoming and so again today we’remaking hash brown waffles and the if youwant to see how to actually go throughthe process of putting these togetheryou can watch this later on let me setthese over here and but we are not readyto have breakfast in the Kennedyhousehold oh I’m glad to see that thatsounds greateverybody I mean it’s amazing everybodyis finding their happy place online andas far apart as we all are we’rebecoming more connected that’s kind ofpart why I do this is I really enjoygetting a chance to show people some ofthe stuff that I doI’ve always enjoyed cooking for otherpeople and helping people learn thingsand so this kind of does that and so weget a chance to do this but yeah todayit was hash brown wafflesessentially you’re taking all of yourbreakfast putting it together and fryingit into one big thingthere’s different ways to go about doingit this is the way that I found it worksif this is the first time that you’vecaught any of my stuff go back and watchsome of the old Facebook lives last weekI did how to eat ramen the right way notthe way that we all eat it in collegeI’ve made baking powder biscuits and Imade the I think so one was the Kennedyfamily pancakes so I know a lot of thisis tend to be breakfast but next week isgoing to be horseshoe sandwiches and sofor those of us who grew up in Illinoisthat is a memory usually but so I’mgonna go ahead and I’m gonna let thisfinish up and in the mean time again Iwant to thank David Jack and Stuart fromthe Occidental hotel for the nice newshirtthanks for sponsoring this particularepisode if you decide that you want tosponsor an episode and send me a t-shirtby all means send me a comment and I’llget back to you with that but theBuffalo Wyoming Occidental hotel a greatplace to go it’s an awesome hotel it’sbetween the oldest hotel in Wyoming andprobably the most haunted hotel inWyoming so you can have a whole lot offun with that lots of famous luminariesLeon Weststayed there over its time includingmyself the hip throw myself in the samecategory with Buffalo Bill and ThomasPeter Roosevelt they also the music thatyou’re hearing in the background isbluegrass jam from the Occidental theystill do that nobody else is there butthey’ve got the band they’re standingsix feet apart and so they’ve got musicthat still is getting played there andthen every night David Stewart who isone of two operators of the Occidentalkeeps playing bluegrass also and thenevery year there’s a big BluegrassFestival in Buffalo Wyoming so it’s it’sall a real neat thing and that’s thereason why the shirt is I’m gonna grassstate of mind it has nothing to do withKentucky it’s all to do with BuffaloWyoming and again while you’re inBuffalo make sure to pop around thecorner to the to the gym gap when yousee a really nice newthe lots of great stories in historythere some really good surprises thatare in their collection but beautifulplace beautiful part of the country ifyou ever find yourself heading toYellowstone it’s right through the BigHorn Mountains over on the eastern partof Wyoming a little bit south Sheridannorth of Casper it’s a great place to gopop in so I think I’m gonna go ahead andcall this one a day and get ready topull my waffle off and so we can all sitdown and eat our breakfast and then wewill get on with our day if you guyshave any ideas for stuff that you wantto see me cook at some point let me knowotherwise make sure to go back and watchmy other Facebook lives that I’ve doneI’ve got last week it was well the veryfirst one was pancakes the second onewas baking powder biscuits they’re somuch easier than people might think theyare and then this week we’ll see lastweek I did how to cook ramen the rightway as opposed to the way that we allend up eating the little bricks of ramenin college hot salty water is not a wayto treat ramen so then today I did thehash brown wafflesreal easy a lot of us already have thisstuff in our fridge especially if westill have a whole lot of ham leftoverfrom Easter or if you just like sausageor bacon great way to go ahead and dothat hey dr. Bob good luck witheverything you got going on I know thatI’m one of the main people who is tryingto pull for you and hope you get welland get well soon but we are real easyrecipe if you want if you’re intriguedby the whole concept I’m letting thatget done if you’re intrigued by theconcept of hash brown waffles go backwatch the whole video and learn how tomake them they’re really easy they’rereally filling and it’s a real easy wayto have some good food oh cool glutenfree ramen the and then just with allthe stuff you’re gonna be throwing in ontop of the ramen if you go back andwatch my last episode you can throwanything on there eat oneand I mean is you can turn what’s one ofthe nastiest unsafe things to eat intoone of the healthiest things you can eatyou just have to do it the right way sothat’s not ready to come up I’ve got toget this to my family and I hope youguys all have a great day again if youare interested in sponsoring the showand sending me a t-shirt let me know andwe’ll talk about it again come back nextweek I’m gonna be doing horseshoesandwiches and having a whole lot of funwith those and I will talk to you laterstay safe stay away from everybody begood

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