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Chicken & Waffles (CHICKY CHAFFLE) | How To Make

“Chicky Chaffle” is a sweet and savory cheddar waffle, with spicy fried chicken strips, and a savory honey hot sauce. Y’all…it’s so good and so much better than regular chicken and waffles.

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Video Transcription

[Music]äô as promised we’re going to be doing aplay on a southern favorite chicken andwaffles we’re going to be doing a sweetand savory cheddar waffle a spicy friedchicken and a honey hot sauce we’regonna call it the cheeky chocolate solet’s get started[Music]so we’re gonna make the waffle firstwe’re gonna put two cups of all-purposeflour first and then you’re gonna needabout a cup I would do a little lessthan a cup just based on how sweet youwant it but add a cup we’re gonna do oneteaspoon of baking powder this is gonnamake the waffle fluffy it’s gonna makeit rise just a dash of salt and you’regonna go ahead and just mix this up I’mgonna all worked in all right now thatthat’s all mixed in just make a littlepocket in the middle and you’re gonna goahead and put in a little less than 1/2a cup of melted butter and to hold likea cup and a half of mild cheddar cheeseand then probably about 1/3 a cup ofbuttermilk all right you’re gonna goahead and mix that up thoroughly[Music]all right so now we’re gonna make thesesavoury honey hot sauce to go on top ofthe roll when it’s over and this isactually pretty simple but it’s reallygood so I’m gonna start with justregular honey I like to use raw honeyjust because I think has a better flavorand the stuff that you get in the bearis not honey it’s just sugar water andit’s gross all right so with mymeasurements I’m gonna put like threedollops in here but I’m gonna justreally just put like four tablespoons orso just found glob it in there I’m onlymaking two if you’re making a biggerrecipe for more people obviously just doit or how much you need and double therecipe as you need it all right andyou’re just gonna take regular originalTabasco sauce shake it dump it in thereI’m gonna do probably like 14 shakesbecause there’s really no way to measurethis out and I wouldn’t do a wholeteaspoon cuz that’s a lot of divisorsoutside and about two shakes of salt andone shake of pepper and you’re justgonna mix that up and that’s itdon’t overload it because the cheesewill kind of melt and click out in theprocess and you don’t want it to comeout to the side so it gets hard to cleanagain don’t overload it it’ll spread onits own flip it and wait so my waffleiron says that it’s ready I’m just gonnago ahead and pull it open it upbeautiful he’s just gonna get ahead andjust pull it on the edges first makesure I know it’s a nonstick waffle ironbut I burnt myself on the trial one youcan see because the steam got me so pullup on the edges first and kind ofrelease this damn you don’t want to beburnt I’m telling you it hurts alrightand that is it for the waffle I’m goingto work on the dry part of the batterfor the chicken so what I’ve got in hereis just a cup and a half of all-purposeflour and I’m just gonna put six orseven shakes of salt in there a good bitof black pepper and remember that thisis going in the batter no longer this isgonna cook off and go into the pan sodon’t worry if it looks like I’m overseasoning things[Music]you’ll just mix this up and that is itfor the dry part of my better alright sowe’re going to get ready to batter mychicken before I fry it and I like to dothe double dip method because I like itextra crispy and I like to be able totaste my batter so what I’m going to dois for each little chicken strip I’mgoing to put it in the egg wash and theegg wash is just two eggs and somebuttermilk all right and then back inthe egg wash after the flour and thenback in the flour just like that I’mgonna let it sit in there until I’mready to fry it I’m gonna do the samething for every single strip[Music]my oil is nice and hot and ready to goso what I’m gonna do is just take mychicken be very careful cause it’s gonnapop you stick it in there all rightyou’re gonna smell let them sit forabout six minutes on each side justgonna start to flip trying to keep inmind which one you started with flipthem over nice and crunchy chicken isdone cooking I’m gonna go ahead and putit all and I’m gonna take these bad boysout of my skillet all ready to startplating so I’ve got my waffle here andif you’re trying to make it pretty thisis the way I would do it it’s just kindof layer it on top you’re gonna takeyour savory honey hot sauce and justkind of drizzle that over the top fullycook that chicken get it all over thewaffle something nice and glisteningthey look really really good and whatI’ve done for garnish this time it’sjust got my little pepper hereand there you go that’s your final fromit all right you’ll that was the cheekychocolate I hope you enjoyed it don’tforget to follow us on YouTube andsubscribe and also I wanted to mentionto you guys if you do make one of therecipes feel free to post it on socialmedia and tag us in it and we’lldefinitely feature you either on oursocial media or in one of our videos inthe futureand that’s it so until next time Iunderstand southern Jeff hey y’all aspromised we’re going to be doing asouthern favorite today chicken andwaffles we’re going to be doing a sweetand savory waffle with a spicy friedchicken and a honey hot sauce we’regoing to say alright y’all that was thecheeky chocolate I hope you liked itdon’t forget to follow us on her[Music]

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