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Making Disney Mickey Waffles at Home | DIY Disney Snacks

Ever wonder why Mickey waffles taste so good??? Well, the secret is the shape followed by the Golden Malted mix. Seriously though, as much as I’d love to say that anything Mickey shaped tastes better, that just isn’t true. However, these Mickey shaped waffles are truly the best tasting waffles ever and it is in part due to the shape but mostly because of the Golden Malted waffle mix.

This unique waffle iron makes perfect Mickey shaped waffles that rival the Disney theme parks! They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You can make 6 at a time in about 3 to 4 minutes. Perfect for a family!

And, if you splurge for this Golden Malted waffle mix, you will not be disappointed! Even if you are not a cook or baker, it would be difficult to mess this heavenly Mickey treat up!

Join me as we make Mickey Waffles at home…just like in the parks!

You can buy this Golden Malted mix online from one of these sites:

And, you can buy this Mickey waffle iron from Shop Disney.

Do you love Mickey waffles? Do they bring you happiness in the parks?
I’d love to know your thoughts on Mickey waffles and on this Mickey waffle Iron. Do you think it’s worth the splurge? Have you have made similar treats at home?

I’ve also made other Disney snacks at home. It’s one way I can bring a little magic home when we can’t be at Walt Disney World.

DIY Disney Snacks at home!

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Video Transcription

okay so if you have ever been toDisneyland or Disney World or any Disneytheme park I’m sure you had Mickeywaffles or at least seeing them they’requite addictive and the secret is it’s alittle different mixture it’s calledmalted some action about it it’s calledthis golden malted mix I thought that onAmazon but anyhow this is just a littledifferent flavor to multiple hoursbasically so we’re gonna make some and Isplurged and I got this Mickey iron I’mso excited so you can see it makes thelittle Mickey faces you can make sixthree three here and you can make threemore so you can make six at one time Igot this uh shot Disney it wasunfortunately not on sale at the time Ithought it says it was a moment ofweakness and I just gonna price but Ihave seen this as low as like fiftydollars five dollars it’s usually $75but it’s pretty pretty sturdy you canrotate it you can make six at a time ifyou get the malted flour mix – it’s likeyou’re at Disney World but also you canmake unlimited Mickey waffles ofyourself so this mix calls for one cupof the flour one eggfive ounces of water and two tablespoonsof melted butter but I’m gonna double itso I already have ten ounces of water inmy bowl and here are my two eggs so I’mgoing tofind these two together and then I’mgoing to add the flour and then themelted butter the point of doing theeggs separately from everything else isbecause eggs can be real laughy clumpyand you want to get it fullyincorporated okay and I’m using a half acup so I can get into the bag a littleeasier and with flour mixtures you neverpack them you always kind of looselymeasure any flour product so I’m kind ofmaking it loose in the bag and then andyou want to justify because over mixbatter its own and actually makes itworse so here’s my four tablespoons ofmelted butter it smells so yummy[Music]okay so it’s kind of lumpy and that’sokay I’m going to let it rest for just acouple minutes while the iron gets totemperature and then we’re gonna use thelittle late on that a little bettertrumpeting with it I’m gonna super cuteand make our Mickey waffles okay so Iready leg is on I switched it up cuz I’mright-handed so let’s go ahead and givethis a mix here we’re right on Mickey’sfacenow they don’t tell you how much to pourin there and that one way so maybe arule of thumb is one of these littlemeasuring things is one went right thisis the first time I’ve used this guy soyou’re gonna like learn with me do’s anddon’ts it’s okay it’s still Mickey Shhright so we’re gonna it’s 28:19 let’skind of let this cook for 3 to 4 minutesand just know like I’m at a resort I’mgonna check this because my money likeis a fraud and these are the first onesI poured it looks so amazing now a tipif you’re making a lot of pancakes orwaffles or something like that where youneed to keep them warm but you’ve got alot to make you can put them onto like awire rack and put them in the oven heatinto like 150 200 something like thatand it’ll keep them crisp so like thisring cuz they’re gonna get a littlesoggy on the bottom but I have a fewpals there I’m not worried about itbecause there’s another person with eachtray is readyso anyway put it in the oven and it’llkeep them nice and crisp and warm fruitwhile you make the rest of them[Music]stick it round let’s see how we didprobably at the same way the first rounda little better my setting is on mediumlike between light and dark go homecheck out lots of chatter this theyare amazing Chris now that’s one thing Ireally enjoy because I tried makingcrispy waffles at home and I have acouple waffle irons I’ve invested inwaffle irons through the years I wasgonna different recipes through theyears and they never come out crispylike ice waters maybe I just have thewrong with iron and the real mix thiswhole time[Music]I hope it gives you that ready light soI didn’t even have to cream it if youhave a Mickey waffle over in your houseyou definitely need to get one of thesewaffle irons okay so here we are okaythe real taste test is do the kids ofcrew of homemade you alright Disney RoadI am getting stuff but I wanted to seewhat you guys thought of them first okayso Mickey waffles first time at home wasa huge success so far and you can’t waitto make some more do you love Mickeylevels let me know what else do you loveit is new because we are on a whole DIYDisney’s access and we’re going to makeall kinds of things so join us on thenext videoeveryone say bye[Music]

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