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How to make pancakes easy at home

Delicious yummy Scrumptious pancakes 🥞

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Video Transcription

this is how to make deliciousscrumptious pancakesthe ingredients you’ll need are asfollows 150 grams of plain flour 1/2 ateaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of bakingpowder 1 teaspoon of sugar 25milliliters milk 1 egg and 1 teaspoon ofbutter or oil for frying food coloringis optional so in here I have the bakingpowder and the flour now I am adding thesaltnow I am adding the sugarmake a well and add half a cup of milkthen add the egg now mix everythingtogether now add 1 cup of milk mix it uptogether and it should look like thisnow put the stove on high now put in oilor butter then pour some of the mixturenow I’m going to flip it overnow it’s ready now I’m making pancakeministhey are readyI’m making a second batch of the pancakeminis I’m done and they look like this Isprinkled some more sugar just so theycan taste much more sweet because I likesweet bye and thank you so so much forwatching please be sure to go watch myother video where I made red velvet cakeand some cupcakes bye

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