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How fast can I make pancakes?


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Video Transcription

well what’s up you guys sky look we’reback with another awesome video todaywe’re going to be seeing how fast I cancook two eggs and two pancakesokay timer starts now[Music][Music]where’d that driver stuff it’s insidethe cabinet thing as I said that kind ofso inside that cabinet right there I’mseeing how fast I can make pancakesthat’s that’s my crazy dad okay we’re abit over a minute and[Music][Music]right that’s awesomeoh yeah that’s uh okay okay okay okayah I’m seeing uh passed up and makemerry fix okay that’s not working[Music]Hey please that’s the problem why areyou freaking out freak out no yesOh Godokay don’t know if y’all heard that butmy eggs just popped like it’s popcorn inthere hi so bad that’s all syrup I thinkit out okayall right doneokay so we started at five minutes and20 seconds and then I started at 15 soWow five minutes and five seconds is howlong it takes me to make pancakes andeggs two pancakes two eggs so smash ahuge just punch it punch it in itShikoku boom just grabbed dynamiteminecraft dynamite and just go boomexplode it okay I don’t care you canhappen or you can just crush it okaythrow a hammer at it you know whateveryou gotta do okay make sure that you aresubscribed if you’re not subscribed whatare you doing okay so subscribe like thevideo post notifications I turned on soyou never miss one of my videos thankyou for watching and we’ll see you allnext timemmm bye easy

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