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How To Make Pancakes With Angelina Jack

How To Make Pancakes With Angelina Jack

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys what is up it’s me Angelina andtoday we’re gonna be doing somethingreally fun we’re gonna be cooking somepancakes I mean who doesn’t like cookingnot mewell let’s head to the kitchen hey guyswe are at the kitchen and we are doingsome cooking because we are at homethese days and remember this is not howthey do it in town this is my own recipeso let’s start you have to take 1 eggand crack it and put it inside your bowlherethen take some real one super milk anddrop it in okay and let’s take our purevanilla vanilla syrup now let’s takeyour spoon and let’s put it inside thepancake mix tell you this and the eggsare from Cuzco well you can get adifferent brand put all of these[Music]okay okay now it’s time to do the stovebut it’s too dangerous for my age somake sure to ask a parent’s to help youwith this okay now they’re going to takeher butter and we are going to put it onthe stove now all we need to do we needto take our bolt okay so now we have todo this make sure your mom and dad helpyou in this part[Music]yummy I can’t wait to try it make sureyou guys try it with anything not likethat sunblock or fruits or maple syrupanything and make sure to subscribe likeand I’ll see you in the next video[Music]

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