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#Easy and Yummy Pancake Cake

We are determined to make the yummiest pancake cake , a simple one with amazing taste .Since we are not working for now and waiting for the China’s Govt announcement for work resume, we are here guys to share some of the tips on how to make cake without cooking in oven machine,

We don’t need to feel bored . Let’s stay away from anxiety , Let’s help ourselves by making the yummiest pancake cake ever😍😍😍

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Video Transcription

hey I was doing just fine before I’mmaking so much[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]hey guys welcome to the show okay[Applause]andMary and me and how to cool okay youready let’s go we’re gonna measure theingredients using the wing skill and wewere gonna put here in the blender[Music]it took a blood sample okay so you’regonna add flour yes learn how much maybearound 300 grams okay so 300 C okay sowe’re gonna add flour 300 grams flourokay[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you’re not you can use the iPhone butsince we are using the norI can you can also use Himalayas of orany kind of soul you wish[Music]rainwater okay it’s okay okay okaynext nobody makes man nah we can mixfirst mix this okay so nowokay so algún is this the blender themachine to mix okay[Music][Music]so you’re using the blender to mix theflour the milk and some of the India nowwe are ready to make the pancakes we arethere maybe 600[Music]okaythere’s no walnuts and hazelnuts okay soit man and another top beans bakedblueberry that be set up to guys it’syummy and here’s almonds and walnutsthis pancake is very very nutritiousfood so we put a pineapple and mangoso guys every layer has toppings okay weput toppings banana mango and pineapplesmall Muslim guys since then it looksyummyokay and now we need to make a chocolateand put on the top of the pancake bananapancake I’m sorry pancake cake pancakefruit cake pancake cake okay so we needto make this okay now since the whitechocolate is melted see now we weregonna put on top of the pancakeokay so now it’s melted okay so let’sput[Music]pancake cake okay so it’s our first timeto make this one and I think it’s soyummy because it’s the yummiest pancakecake everokay okay guys that was it for today Ihope you like our pancake cakethe mes and cake cake ever so please ifyou liked the video hit the like buttonand share it to your friends also don’tforget to subscribe and ring the bellokay see you on our next video bye byebye bye[Music]

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