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Pancakes without Baking Powder aka Souffle Pancakes

Recipe for Pancakes without Baking Powder (aka Souffle Pancakes):

These souffle pancakes are made without baking powder or baking soda are impossibly light and airy! Whipped egg whites act as a replacement for the baking powder in the pancakes and create an incredibly fluffy texture. This recipe can be whipped together in minutes!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Bettie from
and welcome back to another videonow today we are going to make souffle
pancakes, now these pancakes don’t haveany chemical leavening in them, there’s
no baking powder, no baking soda. we’rejust going to whip our egg whites and
fold that into our pancake batter andyou’re going to be amazed at just how
fluffy these turn out so let’s go aheadand get started. now our first step is to
separate our eggs so I have three eggshere and we are going to use both the
whites and the yolks but we need toseparate them because we’re going to
whip those whites until they are reallylight and fluffy so you want to be
really careful that you don’t get any ofyour yolk into your egg white because
those egg whites aren’t going to whip upif there is any fat present in them and
those yolks are fat. so I’m just going toseparate these out and I’m gonna save my
yolks over here in another bowl. okay nowwe’re going to set our whites aside for
just a moment and we’re going to makethe rest of our pancake batter. so I have
in my bowl here one cup of all-purposeflour and we’re going to add to that
1/4 teaspoon of salt along with oneteaspoon of vanilla extract and one a
1/3 of a cup of milk and I’m using wholemilk but if you wanted to use a 2% or 1%
you could but the whole milk is going tomake them more rich and then I’m going
to add those three egg yolks into mybowl. now I’m just going to whisk all of
this together until it is combined andthat’s it just a couple of seconds to
give that a mix. alright now we’re goingto whip our egg whites to stiff
peaks so I have just those egg whites inmy bowl here and I have 1/4 cup of sugar
on the sideso we’re going to start by whipping
those egg whites until they’re startingto hold a little bit of firmness and
then we’re going to start pouring thatsugar into our egg whites. okay so now
that the egg whites are starting to holdsome of that air they’re getting a
little bit stiffer I can go ahead andstart slowly streaming in my quarter cup
of sugarwhile I continue whipping these and
we’re going to whip these until they getto stiff peaksnow we are getting very very close but
you do want to be patient with this youdon’t want to rush this step otherwise
your pancakes aren’t going to be aslight and fluffy so be patient with it.
make sure you go all the way to stiffpeaks and we’re there. alright so now we
can go ahead and add our egg whites intoour batter. okay so the first step in
folding egg whites into your batter isyou’re going to take about 1/4 of the
mixture and add it into your batter andfor this portion we are going to stir it
completely in and you don’t have toworry about deflating this part of the
egg whites. this stuff is going to makeit a lot easier to fold the rest of the
egg whites in. okay so now for the restof the egg whites we are going to fold
them in and we are going to be verygentle and make sure that we’re not
deflating all of that air that we justwhipped into our egg whites. so I’m
adding about half of what’s left withthose egg whites and now I’m going to
gently fold it in. so to fold you’regoing to take your spatula and cut down
through the mixture and then bring thespatula back up as you turn the bowl 90
degrees and this takes a little bit ofpractice but you just want to be as
gentle as possible. okayso that is mostly folded in there’s
still a few white streaks but that’sokay it will finish getting folded as we
add the rest of the egg whites so I’mgoing to add the rest of the egg whites
in here. okay now once you stop seeingvisible white streaks of egg whites you
are good to go. okay so I have my panheating up here over medium heat and now
I’m going to add oil and butter into mypan. now you can use one or the other but
I like to use a little bit of bothbecause butter has kind of a low smoke
point so it can tend to burn but I wantthe flavor of the butter in my cooked
pancakes so I like to use both becauseit will help the butter not burn and I’m
still going to get that butter flavor onthe outside of my pancakes. now you do
want to make sure your pans not on toohigh of heat because these do take a
little time to cook all the way throughand if your pans on a really high heat
it’s going to burn the outside of thepancake before it cooks through. so I’ve
got medium heat, I have my fat in the panand then I’m using about a quarter cup
per pancake. I like to use this littleice cream scoop or cookie scoop to
portion them into my pan and then youcan kind of use the back of the spoon to
spread it out a little bit and make itmore circular if you like. okay now I’m
going to let these set and just likeregular pancakes with baking soda there
are going to be some bubbles that formon the top and then those bubbles are
going to burstand that’s a really good indicator that
it’s time to flip them over so be alittle bit patient and let those cook on
one side and then we’ll flip them. okayso I’m starting to see bubbles forming
on top and popping which is a reallygood sign that we are getting ready to
flip and so I’m checking to see if theylook browned underneath and they’re
starting to look really nice so I’mgoing to go ahead
give them a flip very gently andcarefully those are looking really niceand I can tell my heat is getting a
little warm so I’m gonna turn that downa little bit and now we’re just going to
let those continue cooking it takes afew minutes on each side. these
definitely do take a little bit longerthan traditional pancakes and that’s
just because we want all of that eggwhite to get cooked all the way through.
okay so these have been going for a fewmore minutes on the second side and if I
touch them with my spatula and give thema little bit of a press I can tell that
they’re firm all the way through andwhen I peek underneath they’re browned
on the bottom so we are good to go wecan go ahead and turn our heat off and
plate these up. so you can find the fullwritten recipe for these souffle
pancakes linked in the description boxand if you give these a try make sure
you let me know how you enjoyed them. ifyou like this video give it a thumbs up
and make sure you follow me @BakerBettieon Instagram and on Facebook. I’ll
see you guys next time with anotherrecipe tutorial bye

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