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Today, I am showing you how to make banana pancakes. Whether you are looking for gluten free pancakes or want to make pancakes for weight loss, these are the perfect pancakes to try. Not only do they require minimal ingredients, they take hardly any time to make!

With isolation in full swing, I know I am craving sweet snacks. Finding alternative sweet snacks to junk food is crucial when trying to lose weight during isolation. These banana pancakes are the perfect treat to make when you are bored at home and want something yummy.

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Disclaimer: All content provided in this video is for general information only. I am not your personal weight loss coach; should you choose to implement any advice given please seek guidance from your doctor.

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Video Transcription

hey you guys welcome back to my channelI hope that you’re doing well in today’svideo I’m showing you something that isso easy to make but it tastes amazingI’m going to show you how to make abanana pancake now this isn’t my recipethis is something that I came acrossages ago on the internet I don’t thinkanyone even knows who the original chefis who came up with this recipe but allyou literally need is a banana and anegg like that is it that’s all you needto make these pancakes it’s so versatilebecause you can add in wherever you wantto change up the taste but the base ofthe pancake is literally one Anna andone egg so here goes to show you how Imade these pancakes so you need one ripebanana the more ripe the better an eggand you can also add in some cinnamon orfrozen blueberries the first step is tojust break your banana into chunks putit into a bowl and then use the back ofa fork to mash your banana up into apaste like consistency you want to makesure that you mash it up quite wellbecause you don’t want loads of bigchunks of banana you really need it tobecome a paste in order to get the kindof consistency that you need in order tomake the pancakes so you can see hereit’s just been mashed quite well it’salmost like a pureed type of consistencyadd your egg I’m using a medium sizedegg here and at this point I’m alsogoing to add in some cinnamon this iscompletely optional you don’t need to dothis mix that well making sure thatyou’ve combined the egg and the bananatogether this mixture can get about twoto three pancakes I managed to get abouttwo because I made them quite big but ifyou were going to make them quite smallyou could probably get maybe even fallout of this mixture in a pan I’ve justwarmed up some olive oil making surethat I’ve covered the whole pan becauseyou don’t want your pancakes to getstuck to the bottom of the pan I’ve justpoured in literally half of the pancakemixture and I’m gonna let this cook onlow to medium heat before flipping itover the reason why I do this is becauseI want to make sure that it’s cookedwell on one side before flipping it overbecause I only want to flip it and cookit once on each side as you can see hereI’m about to makea mess of flipping Oh yep I’m not thatgreat at flipping pancakes they alwaysbreak but hey ho there you go that’sliterally how easy it is you just needto cook it on both sides and yourpancakes are made so what I did with therest of the battle was I added to somefrozen blueberries and essentially it’sthe same thing again I’m gonna cook iton one side and once you got it bubblinglike this I’m then gonna flip it overagain did it do that great of a job butthere you goat least they taste amazing because theydo and so that’s it you can then addwhatever toppings you want so I’m addingsome yogurt and then some moreblueberries which were frozen and I justwarm them up in a pan and there you golike that’s literally it is so easy tomake and you can add extra ingredientsto your taste I hope that you enjoyedthis video if you did make sure you giveit a thumbs up and subscribe to keep upto date with our new recipes coming outevery other day

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