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Its 3 AM and I make pancakes in my room

I made them. I am tired. 🙂 the last 20 minutes is me just talking

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Video Transcription

hey guys well like I don’t wake up myparents so I’m actually gonna be cookingthem and a waffle maker instead but it’slike the same thing first I was justgonna make a regular cake and then Ithought hey I’ll make waffles and saidbecause that will make it with noise inthe kitchen so but then I realized wejust had waffles so my mom’s gonna getreally mad at me if I made waffles againthe cake in the middle of midnight isnot the problem the the waffles arebecause she just made waffles but Ithought we’d switch things up so insteadof water I’ll be using 100% berryflavored juice P Suns instead you knowmix things up a bitI was looking to find a measuring cup soall I have is this half a cup stainlesssteel what you call itmy sisters would not approve me doingthis because apparently when you eatpizza with chocolate syrup and squirtcoffee into your cereal you have notaste and it’s disgusting but I beg todifferwait one cup of water this is likealmost to almost a cup YUMI know you may be thinking okay berryflavored Capri Suns and not that badthey don’t hit the same as fruit punchobviously the best flavor but they’rethey’re good in their own wayI would not turn down a berry Capri Sunif she came up to me I tried to slideinto my DMS cold I don’t know thecorrect way to you’re supposed towhistling’syou have to ask my friendJacqueline about that she’s the experthereYUM it’s looking lumpy I was gonna putsoda but then I felt that that was goinga little too overboard and I didn’t evenlike caffeine lately so so I am going toput eggs in because I the I I’m justsmart enough to know that the eggs needto be in it or it won’t hold I thinkthat’s what thanks to yum delicious eggI’m gonna put this here I didn’t think Iknow where to put the taco I once triedto eat a raw egg on vacation umentertain my cousinsI later left and went to the bathroomand I had stuff craft feathers into mymouth and said that the chicken hatchedinside of me hilariousspit feathers everywhere it worked theyalso never heard in Twinkies I don’tknow my own jewing it’s not how youraise a kid anyways 1/3 cup of vegetableoil so this is 1/2 how much is 1/3 lessthan 1/2 I’ll fill this up somewhat Ithink that will workI’m not sure we’re trying my hardest notquite full but like kind of full and yumyummy YUM oh no this was supposed to bemy I didn’t think this through I’ll putthe waffles on the tinfoil after I’lllay it like that I’m gonna change myshirt after this obviouslyeverything’s slippery now thanks to theoil the desk probably wounded too ohthere goes the sticker at the paid foryoung yeah so I feel that before I mixthe thing I have to like break the eggyolk you know what I’m saying like pushit up against the side pop the yolksometimes when we eat eggs for breakfastI like to talk about it how if yousquish the egg it kind of looks like apimple and then my mom always agreeswith me but then right after she saysare in we’re trying to eat oh no Capriceon a bad idea not mixing note to selfCapri Suns don’t work as a watersubstitute I just want to say thank youguys for coming out to my second evertwitch livestream it’s really cool andreally epic you guys um it’s clumping alot oh helloit’s lumpy I don’t want to do about thishow do you get them out I think my hairjust got in it I don’t know it’sprobably fine we have some secretingredients we have imitation vanillaextract because I’m too good for thereal stuff real stuff is it’s a scamit’s you paying more for the same thingit’s the exact same stuff I don’t knowhow much was in sothat’s gonna have a strong taste I thinkwe also have cinnamon sugar I reallylike cinnamon so um my video cut off sowe’re just gonna start right back wherewe left off cinnamon sugar sexy right umI like I really like cinnamon sugarmy mom was made snickerdoodle cookiesand she added way too much to the pointwhere I was like spicy like ah my mouthwas burning a lot I think and I was likewow I can’t eat this but I kept eatingthem anyway I ended up finishing themoff so there’s that and yes I alreadyadded all these ingredients but I’mgonna add them again just for the sakeof showing everyone so next we haveHershey’s indulgent caramel flavor it’sfat-free fun factmy sister used to really love thesecandies called sugar daddies and sugarbaby which I now realize is a weird namefor candy now that I’m not like fiveeight years old and that age group umand she eats so many of them thoughtthey like pulled the metal thingy out ofher mouththey’re like braces but they’re notbraces I don’t know what they werethere’s a metal thing in her mouth andshe yanked it out and then she had to gosee the dentist again it wasn’t funit smells strong it it smells like sugarit smells like what’s it called themaple syrup she she rat flavoreddoughnuts you know they haven’t duckdonuts Duncan has them too but duckdonuts have the best donuts I think Ionce joked about it because I knew a boyon my swim team whose parents owned theduck donuts and I was shaking around haha I’m gonna date him so I get freedoughnuts but the thing is my parentswere totally into the idea another coolingredient Lucky CharmsI think they’ll add a fun you knowlittle crunch to them you know but myparents were really into the idea andthey’re like yeah date the boy what doeshe look like is he cute and I was like Iwas kidding I don’t actually know whathe looks like I was like well go findhim obviously and if he’s Asian that’llbe even better you see that’s not herfault the Asian thing that’s actually myfault again because I made another jokeon the lines oh wow get myself an Asianboyfriend so you can win all the clawgames for me at the arcade you knowbecause the only people who I see winthose games are like Asian couples andtheir boyfriends that like win it forthem I think I added too much nicecrunchyou know mmm he’s like wow two birdswith one stone who get you the stuffedanimalsum um and the duck donuts and it’ll bereally hot and sexy and WowI also like to thank my parents for lyme to do stuff like yelling words likemovies and poochy out loud in the houseand I won’t get in troubleI think that’s really neat of themthey’re cool I thinktake a look take a gander at this that’sthick those are chunks of charge that’show you know it’s good oh that’s astrong smell I’m gonna cut hereI think hiagain um I’m not very big brain and Iforgot to preheat the waffle maker sothat’s gonna be an issue right now it’sheating but during this time I took theliberty to go get the cooking spray sodoesn’t stick that would suck um and getanother paper plate neat right and thatother paper plates underneath because italways drips it drips that’s just whathappens it’s gonna drip so once it heatsup I will see you again eat okay back inwith the waffle maker should sort ofbeeping and it scared me but it’s readyyeah also I just wanted to point outthat it does say restaurants restaurantstyle thick Belgian waffles deep pocketsthick and deep you know what I’m sayingyou want to spray this up[Music]well pull the plate in order to getready for the prep I didn’t plan this weknow the foils[Music]nice I think it’s it’s clumped togetherand it’s stuck there is a ball of crispyand stuck inside that’s neat I thinklook out on my whisk balls on my desk Isaid a bad word I’m sorry I sincerelyapologize I’ll make an apology videolater clearly apologizing to the ones Imay have harmed in the process of sayingsuch foul things so sorryum wait waffles that’s what we weredoing that’s what’s happening hereI got ladle sexy and I like the wordsexy if you didn’t know mmm yummy okayI’m gonna put the first one in that’swow I don’t know if it needs anotherscooper not really cool I think that’stoo much that’s gonna overflow I willlet this bad boy now I’m going to cookforever long it cooks for I will whip umI will see you again once the waffleshot sexy and cooked okay hmmshe is ready as you can seeI think um a little darker than what Iwas expecting but she’s beautifulnonetheless is it cooked all the waythrough oh that doesn’t seem cookedthat’s ohdoesn’t seem cooked like I said um wellyou never go right with the first oneanyway which is why I’m glad I wasn’tthe first time um next one maybe I turnthe heat down to three instead of threeand a half maybe that’ll work somethingout why am I making waffles at 3:00 inthe morningthere she is hopefully this one turnsout betterthe smell is really strong onlyintensifies after it’s cookedyou know I say keep saying you know Ican’t help itits genetic more because I thought I puttoo much but apparently it wasn’t enoughit was just really chunky more yummy Iwas gonna put peeps in it first but Irealized I probably made a bad ideabecause of how big chunk marshmallowsare a online class is tomorrow rightmmm should not be doing this could havepicked a better night quarantine nightto do this but I guess notno we wait here’s our first waffle Idon’t think it’s cooked through all theway and the outside is burnt I think umit’s formed a crispy outer layeroh she’s leaking oh she’s leaking a lotI didn’t anticipate so much leaking ohoh god oh god oh god oh god it’s leakinga lot I didn’t know I didn’tany of this I put foil underneath um Idon’t know if you can see it but there’sa lot of steam um I’m scared a little Ithink I’m gonna set off the smoke alarmlittle concerning little concerning um Ithink we can get through it though Idon’t know if that’s the safest thing toplug a professional waffle maker to thattiny little pink outlet um it smellsgoodbad at the same exact timeI’m coughing that can’t be good oh it’sbeeping or was that beat for the firstwaffle oh I think I did this wrong Ishould know how to make waffles by nowoh she is not cooked let’s let’s leavethat like that for a second I won’t lockit but I’ll leave it like that I thinkso maybe we don’t eat the first twowafflesum because raw egg that’s a thing um Ifeel a majorly sick right now like asleep probably just just a heads up butthis is just a little light pack for younothing to do with this really um if youwant to cut down on the time it takesyou to eat breakfastmix your coffee with your cereal you canintake them both at the same time ifyou’re in taking both of them at thesame time that’s like double the speedand if you add milk and sugar to yourcoffee anyway the milk in the sugar isalready in the cereal and it’s likethat’s done for you too and that’s evenmore time saved I know I’m a genius soback to her sock it filming anything ohI kind of want to back out of doing thisjust cuz how not good this seems to begoing I’m going to reset the wafflemaker I will turn her off and then Iwill turn their back yeah let’s not eatthe first two I think I burnt theoutsides of them and then did not cookthe insides woops rest in pieces rest inwaffle falling I use chopsticks to grabthe waffles cuz my mom uses chopsticksto grab the wafflesthey feel that chopsticks are in auniversal tool that can be used foralmost anything except maybe soup butthat’s an exception well I mean youcould slowly soak up the soup with thechopsticks and then you can like chew onthe sticks to get the soup out butthat’s a lengthy process and at thatpoint you should just drink out of thebowl I think I saw discourse onlineabout house so someone to me that spoonswere unnecessary and I think that’scompletely wrong because does thistechnically count as a spoon because ifit does then I think this is reallyimportant because it creates less of amess then pouring the entire bully belike you know like this that’s a bigpour this not as big of a pour you knowsame with ice cream scoops like how doyou get the ice cream into the bowl youwant me to use my hands a fourth nowrong I think a scoop counts as a spoonI would think soshut up about spoons they’re prettygreat I like them yeah sure I don’t wantto use spoons when I eat soup I’d ratherjust drink out of the bowl it’s fasterand gets the soup into my gullet fasteryou know faster is better sometimes Ithink for a lot of things faster isbetter I would think that’s what umokay so epic things my phone will onlyallow one more minute of video on hereso this is gotta be sure we’re on to ourlast waffle Ohalso I didn’t mention that my phone diedso that’s the story and then keepscutting so this is really epic I couldscrape together another waffle but Idon’t even think it’s worth it at thispointum there’s like this is like the onegood waffle I think my dog Daisy came tojoin me hi doggyI want you scratch okay hello again 45seconds left on my phonedogs licking my floor and the wafflemaker broke I didn’t do anything itbroke on its own trust me believe me Iwould never break my mama’s waffle makerI’ve had this waffle they’ve had thiswaffle maker my doggy ate one of thefilled waffles this is going awfulokay I’m back for what’s probably thefinal time now I got mad at my dog cuzshe ate the dud waffle but kind of myfault cuz I wasn’t able to stop her intime she feels bad now she’s sitting onmy bed I’m still mad you know don’t giveme that look oh so this is the originalthere’s one two three four fivefive-and-a-half waffles half of onewaffle fell on the ground that’s thehalf let my doggy um I had a little alittle bit of a taste just a little bitof a taste earlier they were they werekind of good um but I wasn’t amazedprobably cuz I didn’t have the endresult whipped cream I trust this onethe most let’s test this bad boy outcamera can cut between four facing andfront facing at the same during the samevideo so yeahthis kind of slaps it’s actually prettygoodit’s I I’m gonna finish this probably Iwon’t eat all of them like they’re notthat good but like I’m gonna finish thiswhole waffle um too much caramel I thinka little too much I ship toned it downbecause I added extra because the videocut also like you saw earlier I cleanedup the table and the smell this smellwas so strong and I’d been sitting inthe room long enough that I got used tothe smell the strong waffle caramelsmell so when I walked out of my room toput everything away my house smelledweird cuz I got used to the caramelsmell it’s like when you walk intosomeone else’s house and like you smellit it has a smell or when you leave onvacation or like you leave your housefor several days and you come back andyou’re like and you can actually smellyour house cuz it’s been a while sinceyou smelt it you know you already whatwould have known that if you’re one ofthe 15 people in that one group chat I’min but right you know who you are ifyou’re seeing this umthe Lucky Charms were maybe not such agreat idea they I wanted a good likefood crunch didn’t deliver the kind ofcrunch I wanted maybe I’ll try somethingelse to give it that crunch you know umthis cereal part of this Lucky Charmswasn’t really the problem it’s themarshmallows marshmallows don’t like MelMel they like you become concentratedand they like they’re like tough to biteinto um overall I would read this recipeum maybe a five or six at a ten umtasted pretty goodit was act it’s pretty good it kind ofswaps um it would be good with a cup ofcoffee to kind of neutralize thesweetness of it that would be a goodcombo I think but this score is takingso low because of the marshmallows andthe cooking process I did not have fundoing this very stressful I was worriedthat my dad was gonna walk in on medoing this because the other day hewalked in on me mopping the entire houseand you’re probably thinking that’sthat’s a good thing you’re mopping yeahbut like it’s 4:00 in the morning andI’m mopping and I’m like half asleepwhen he comes up to me him like he’slike what are you doing I just standthere stuck frozen and after a coupleseconds I’m like I don’t know and he’slike okay you keep mopping I mean I’mnot gonna stop you and you left you knowwhat’s bed wasn’t he was he talkingabout waffles it’s not a fun experienceum spirit was gonna walk in on me Idon’t think I get in trouble but Idefinitely be like don’t do that againmaybe there was more beeping involved inan oven the oven would have beeped oncefor once the preheat was done in oncefor when the food was done but thismother this potty words are bad I can’tstop saying them I wish I could stop itkept beeping so much that concerned meand the waffle maker broke that’s kindof the biggest downside to this eventfor today the waffle maker older than memy mom’s had it forever and it’s like aprofessional well for my career itliterally says professional waffle makeron it um I don’t know what I’m gonna doaboutI think I’m just gonna clean it and putit back in the cabinet and pretend itand do anything umdo have any other thoughts about this umI just you know it’s good with whippedcream okay the final result of this Iwould have in confusiontone it down on the caramel remove thecereal maybe or if you’re gonna putcereal grind it down I’m talking mortarand pestle kind of if you don’t gota mortar and pestle like that’s thefunnest way to do it but if you don’thave that you can just put it in a bagand crush it up that’s also pretty funand then you won’t get big marshmallowchunks actually you might just want toskip the cereal entirely themarshmallows are the biggest problemokay start that overit’s better with whipped cream don’t putthe cereal in maybe tone it down withthe caramel have it with a cup of coffeeto balance out the sweetness of itmm-hmm um and the process of making thiswas not super fun it was kind of scaryI completely forgot it I gottapre-sentence into this to not water I’masking for diabetes but cool story notreally just doing cool fact I only Idon’t only drink I mostly drink boughtcoffee most people when they see methey’re like using black coffee put himlike 411 high school girl and likeusually black coffee and like yeah Ithink I’m better than people cuz I drinkblack coffeeremember doesn’t mean I don’t likethat large latency Dunkin Donuts icedcoffeethat’s one of my favorites oh my god butfor the most part I just drink my coffeeblackanother note I’m fat I’m 411 but alsolike my own garden high-fashion facepeople always mix up my age I’m in highschool right now saw my shirt probablyno I still get handy kids menus atrestaurants so like they think I’m likeanywhere from nine to and my sisterwanted to go to sky Zone for our lastbirthday my twin um and like she gotstuck on top of the thing and I was likegetting trying to get her to come downand someone yelled where’s her mom andthen they pointed to me and said hermom’s right there I’m her twin sisterI’m only younger than her by 4 secondsnot fair I’m not her mom incorrect I’mnot in my mid-40suh-hum old my mother don’t tell herthat’s so bad I don’t know how my mom ismy mom is actually older than my dadthat’s something so long story short Iget mistaken anywhere from 9 years oldto UM the mid-40s mm-hmm and this ishappening my whole life when I was inelementary school I went to Big Lotsbecause they were having like it’s getschool supplies and they had a collegesale and they’re like you want thecollege discount I’m like I’m 10I believe I look like that I guess um ithappens to my mom toothe same week I was in this taken forbeing for you something years oldsomeone mistook her for being like bitchyears old something’s kind offlip-flopped here and we thought it washaha that’s funny um I’m feeling allsorts of time like right now you knowlack of sleep I’ve had too much caffeineand this time I have been awake anddiabetes right now I’m scared so I’mwalking in on me the waffle makersbroken my dog look sad cuz I’m notgiving her a waffle cuz I don’t want herto get sick don’t get me wrong I loveherand she’s a beautiful dog but she is notthe brightest dog out there no food notand therefore in fact Daisy is not namedafter the flower she’s named after theMario character courtesy of my sister Ilove my dog she’s so beautiful soadorable and before anyone’s like youjust picked that dog because she wascute or whateverno I even picked the dog I would thinkshe’s beautiful no matter what I oncehad a dream where I broke her leg onpurpose and I tried to fix it strangeright strange this is gonna be anintra-day everyone’s gonna see this I’mtelling me this yeah while I’m wearingmy school shirt that’s that’s a reallybig brain idea I’m not getting introuble for that no what if I mused on aslideshow presentation years from nowput some girls like my school districtlike years ago like they’re not even inhigh school anymore you’re put into aslideshow for wearing a we’re off like abad shirt at a party and their picturegot taken and they want to sledge themwe’re looking at themI wonder if people will talk about me inthe future I think that’s a reallyexciting topic this doesn’t haveanything to do with waffles anymore andI just talked to myself at this planetif you have some stuff watching thevideo already you publish it so I’m justgonna keep talking to myself I want toknow people are gonna quote me and talkabout the years into the future from nowI’m not alive anymore like I had towrite a thing based on a quote some likenight some night guy from the olden dayssaid and I was thinking myself what if Iwas that night from the ye olden daysone day this will be the ye olden daysif the world doesn’t end by down like2020s canceled at this point what’s thepointhaha funny original joke oh my godhahaha um and then the waffle maker isstill hot no no it’s great to touch it[Music]brain is not function usually isn’t ingeneral but like hey question how can myphone call huge apps on it but like Ihave to download delete like three ofthem to make room for like one video hasbeen crackedstaring at myself you know waffle whathave I come to warn females don’t listenI was all like whoa whoo-hoo quarantineI was made for this moment cuz I’d neverlose the housewell like I realized how much I talkedto other peoplemin-seok orangie and I also realizedthat the walk use my talk to I don’tactually have like their phone numbersor this much for media or anything so Ihaven’t talked to them in weeks eventhough were like friends that kind ofsucks I will just ghost people along asI get too scared and stressful talk tothem and then I feel really awful andthen I think about it for like monthsyears it’s literally been like 1 or 2years now since I accidentally ghostedsomeone on like some free chat onlinechatroom or whatever and I respond tothem but I still think about them tothis day cause I feel bad that I goes tothem that’s my fault because I don’tknow how to interact with other peoplenot even online and it’s so difficultI mean interacting with people online isstill easier than talking people inperson on some skills this is thatanother thing but for whatever reasonany of my teachers ever see this video Iwant online classes just from the classhow you would have normally run theclass just on video that PowerPointyou’re gonna show us your show is againon conference a Google hangout or Junewhatever the cool kid teachers are usingtoday’s just run the class like younormally would have that’s so muchbetterand I enjoy that because it gives me asense of normality mr. Stein and missmiss miss one blanking miss Montague leothere know why I say Montague Lee oh nothat’s wrong not her I mean mr. Steinand why am i blinking I’m in the thirdquarter I’m too tired for this mysoldiers are DTG of my math teacherthey’ve run the class like how theywould have just normally run the classexcept that it’s they show thePowerPoint on a screen and we all justsit by ourselves in a room talking toeach otherbut the classes run how would a normallyran and it’s so much better I thinkgives me something normality like I saidand like some form a normal humaninteraction I think that’s really coollike I don’t need any of the classroomsthat are like okay type high in the chatjust so I can see just so I know thatyou’re here and then go do this pocket Ileft on the assignments tab like boringtalk to me talk to me show me thatPowerPoint you’re gonna show me also mymath teacher I’m wide you should give usan 80-page packet it’s a lot to printout at once what if I don’t have aprinter I mean I have a printer and it’sworking for once which is the miracleprinter never wants to work but lo andbehold it’s designed to work becauseit’s finally stuck with us foreverit’s like fine I guess I’m gonna bestuck here with you for weeks I might aswell do something you know now I’msaying I’m probably just gonna keeptalking till it make feels like nope nomy room on your phone to talk which islike another 20 70 minutes I don’t knowhow long this videos gonna be but I knowI am going to post all of it I’m goingto post all of it[Music]and I don’t like the whole you get oneday of class in like one week that’s Iwant a full class you can give me allnine periods in one day I’m chill withthat I want that I don’t know if you’llfeel about it but I want that I want myclasses or at least yeah those two daysof classes because like today is splitup between Monday and Tuesday but likethat’s it mister I actually enjoy schoolno one ever believed me and they’re likeoh hi AG high school student so thenyou’re like oh it’s cool disgustingwrong I enjoy school I really likeschool I spend time with people and Iget to do things and it gives me adistraction from other things I thinkyeah and now that I have all this freetime to do it ever I want all thatwhatever I wantdoesn’t seem as cool because I can justdo it whenever like I wouldn’t know whatthat feels likeI need a ball out of glue I would leaveblue on the table and wait for it tosemi dry then I peel it off and I put toa ball and it got to the size of like acoke can like a soda canbefore I eventually like was like thisis stupid and then I threw it out in afit of rage but then like a couple dayslaterI was thinking to myself wow that was sostupid I wish I didn’t throw out my ballof glue that took me so much time and somuch glue to make so since then glue haslike been my thinghence the name glue on everything for memy it’s my username before it was kindof just like okay it started out as likeI was playing like slither IO or agarioor whatever and I misread someone’s nameas face glue and I was like haha funnythat doesn’t make sense so I renamedmyself so I started calling myself faceglue but then like online so but thenlikepeople started making videos about likemaking glue face masks and like I gotlike I was like angry I thought it was abird that’s not my thingum but then I would make alt accountsand stuff so there’d be like justvariations of glue and now I’m mostlyjust go buy blue online sometimes I gobuy tacky Lou but it’s felt like with anIE instead of Y or wood glue or I likeglue face glue or anything or likearound those variations most of mycurrent online anything have the sameprofile picture which is a pinkbackground and a picture to the B witharms and legs if it doesn’t have thatprofile picture I probably don’t usethat account anymore if you find thatfor the reasonquit finding my social media but alsokeep finding it

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