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Hey loves! This is me attempting to make pancakes. I really tried. Watch to see how they turned out.
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Musician: Jef

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Video Transcription

my ovaries feeling like you know they’reready to mingle with some sperm thesepancakes tell me sohi friends welcome back to mice base onthis auspicious occasion auspicious guys[Music]at night things are about to get heatedthings about to get delicious but honesttruth of truths is I have not hold upweren’t you supposed to crack two eggswe don’t get so milk a cup of milk[Applause]baking powder I hope this is not toomuch I hope this is enough pinch of saltguys another thing I like to add is somevanilla essence so yeah I’m gonna addsome of that some our wet ingredients Idon’t know how much I’m supposed to endlife is short to my futsal guys we willnot make it out of the school aid aliveso why not just make pancakes at 20 past9 anything like my dad saw when I inheaven buys us the truth Ultra is hey wecan bet in heaven muffin to us she thinkwhen that too thick you know and thenyou just let it sit for like 10 minutesso that you know the baking powder canactivate you know your friends10 minute break obviously you need a panfor this to work so I’d like tointroduce you to be back then be therebet you can add like a tablespoon of oilto your bad side just like a tablespoonand it’s all the way to ingredients Idon’t know what it does but I alwaysfeel like you know sometimes you justneed to baptize some and you knowjust anointed in the oil yeah so likeput some oil in your pan yeah[Music]so I don’t measure anything for thisrecipe just measured with my heartanything can happen here guys like notethis better looks too thick hey sis wereyou not supposed to crack two eggs guysthese pancakes are making me feel like Ican be a mom like my ovaries feelinglike you know they’re ready to minglewith some these pancakes tell me so guyslike making these really makes me feellike get more shocked get more sure guysstole my pancake then almost fell overbecause I was talking so much my gosh soI just turned my pancakes around andyeah no I’m not ready to be a motherthe Lord was just like shut your cookieJJ like shut your cookie JJ shut yourcookie JJ and just focus on other thingsin life because guys I just made somefried bread when girls are dead lookdead what is this like this is guys thisis not a pancake I’m sorry this thisdoes not look like this is not evencooked properly so the model of thestory yet it’s Musa Musa your art has nowisdom use your praying and Misha yeslike this is a messthese are little flat breads my pancakesare did but I’m going to resuscitatethings I’m adding some CPR like cinnamonlike just trying to do something becauseit’s bad it’s bad it’s bad it’s badya know hmm yeah yeahyouhey hun so it is a 3 a.m. and I justremembered that I didn’t do the outro tothis video so here’s the outro guys overall those pancakes were horrid atrocioushorrible a tragedy every bad word youcan think of that is what they were theywere guys I can’t believe I did that I’mactually shocked at the fact that I’mcapable of making that type of myths inthe kitchen cause personally I thinkthat I can wipe the floor with your assin the kitchen I’m dead good but youwant to die I really showed off my bedside guys so anyway guys thank you somuch for watching this video please docomment do like and most importantlyplease do subscribe and share the linkto this video with all your friends andtell them to share with their friendsand their friend brandon everett brandso everybody’s friends in this world hasseen how not to make pancakes has seenwhat not to do in making pancakeshow to not make pancakes that is Englishright I need to sleep it’s 3 a.m. mybrain is yeah my brain is mushy[Music]


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