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The one where Alan fails at making Pancakes

Alans first ever attempt at making pancake, FAIL

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Video Transcription

good Wednesday morning guys it’sactually a lunchtime now I’m just aboutto stop for lunch now I didn’t say goodmorning this morning because I had a bigmassive panic moment I can’t find myglasses with my glasses I can’t work Ican’t see the screens I’ve got me overglasses but because they have early fallpools everything leaks transgenderprobably and view this one my head allthe time I mean I make gives me aheadacheafter a while well yeah it’s Wednesdayhalfway through the working week thingsare good just about to go off and makeme Michelle some lunchthat was a strange noise I’ve just heardI don’t know that there’s the centralheat you know it’s one phonetic side buton the overthink it I’ll just walk awayand hoping off these breaking goingbecause if anything’s breaking down weain’t getting everybody ate to fix itbut without I’m hungry so I’m off to getsomething to eatspeech shortly[Music]okay guys okayshe’ll be concurrent so I’m gonna sellone bonus to working from home ease youcan get yet T on the goal are you dinneron the goal I’ve done the dishwasherMichelle’s doing tinnitus okay which isgonna slow-cook furrows and life is goodyeah yeah looking forward to that heyguys that’s what I call it so I finishednow and one thing to say when you cookyour dinner when you kill youtea at lunchtime dinnertime the hostsmells of food so you end up allafternoon starving and it’s nearlyfinished but I’m absolutely starvingthey anyway moving on okay guys andthat’s what we’ve been smelling allafternoonthat’s beautiful enjoy I did taste it atlunch turn and that is sorry turningright now is it job very well done thankyou you’ve done a very good job of thatoh but Alex come a sale or as well goodFriday Eve everybody hope everybody’swell hope everybody’s good just watchingthe weather there and I’m having arrivedmom because there’s a big line aboutfifty miles south of Aberdeen I’m notabsolutely – what that line means itcould mean it’s warmer above a pine butit’s just below our body yeah Friday Eveone more get up it’s Easter tomorrow alot of you guys will be off I hope youactually get to celebrate it insomewhere we’re not off our we don’t wenever get the banner of the Good Fridaybank holiday in Scotland anyway becausewe take the second of Januarysorry I’ve got just got distracted by abig Van Gerwen past yeah we took thesecond off of January so good Friday’s anormal working day Easter Monday wedon’t get this this time it doesn’t forour bank holidays and fallen EasterWonder- the week after on the 20th yeahMichelle doesn’t get it at all do you nobut I’m off I’ve been asked to takeholidays summer off anywaynext week after next yeah whole week offso I get to go to work and Michelle getsto stay where she’s yeah holiday on Casadel Silva well at least the weather’slooking good for youoh yeah you’ll be able to go to the goldtake the bin I bet some fresh air standat the window and look at look at thistime it won’t be warm Sun mine myathletes getting quite warm up hereso what why my bean it’s warm higher upanyway I have now got a minute I’m gonnahave to commute so I just wish you allshortly okay guys that’s the working-dayover with both me and Michelle finishednight and what I’m gonna do now is justdo a bit of filming for Michelle so shecan do something on a big tube check itout and yeah then we’re gonna relax forthe evening family 20 past five it’sgood friday tomorrow for everybody apartfrom waltz I work and Michelle works onthat day we manage said in the past wedon’t get go Friday off we get thesecond the January off in Scotland andwell so don’t get Easter Monday offunless he ties him with a local holidaywhich is on the 20th so the Beast of meis Makani goes round about that date the20th third Monday in the month I thinkit is then we get Easter Monday off thisyear no well so kid because it meansthat the week after next I get afour-day week and I think Michelle’s offfor that week anyway so we’ll be out ofa relaxing day locked in we’ve you knowhi guys we’ve had tea now Michelle madethe lasagne very nice but cuz I’m alittle bit bored I’m hungry I’m gonnamake pancakes for puddingthey’re what I’ve got in here as you cansee I’m following a recipe because Idon’t know any of my own recipes I’vegotten there is35 grams of flour 1 tablespoon of bakingpowder 1/2 a tablespoon of salt and 2tablespoons of caster sugar which I’mgoing to sieve into the bowl and then ofalso in here I’ve worked with got an egga better butter some milktwo tablespoons of water which isn’treally melted both their fatherand hundred 30 mil of nothing I’m goingto do is shift up through the put in themix it okay guys so that’s the flour onthat’s siftI’m just going to put it in the nightand let the beat like the machine tomake the batter it’s off we go then getthe thing to come downyou’re gonna salt one step down theflour from the sides okay guys sothere’s my pump get butter get backupfor that matter and then what I’m gonnado is try and make some pancakes butfirst because we have so I’m gonna putsome frozen blueberries in blueberrypancakes no idea don’t support this toolate why that’s okay I’ll do both andthere we go[Music][Music][Music]okay guys now I know why you don’t putthe blueberries in first bits of a massfrom below me – okay guys the actualconsensus on the pancakes I made was notvery goodwe’re there yeah I completely failedwith them but never mindyou live and learn that’s only my marketof course you gotta look after yourselfum yeah yeseven after I had – boom boom back in themicrowave that didn’t worked anyway timefor bed so with our good night from megood night guys y’all in a moment[Music]

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