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Making Pancakes BLINDFOLDED!

My boyfriend and I decided to try and make one of our favorite breakfasts blindfolded! It was super fun, and surprisingly we didn’t make THAT MUCH of a mess…

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s Saraand she’s gonna be making pancakes todaybut um she’s gonna do a blindfolded andwe’re gonna see how they turn out sowe’re using a sock that’s the best wehave four wonderful okay so wait whereare we supposed to mix the ingredientsfirst oh you do all of it okay just a 1cup of milk and 1 egg yeah 1 cup of milk1 eggyeah yeah you got just about all of it acouple ready yeah honors I’ll just tellyou when you’re good all rightUnivision all right back to the egg now[Music]yeahdon’t let me touch the stove though okaythat was I was right where you need totouch right okay some spray is likethere oh oh[Music]well you’re getting like half of it overto your right more way more tea rightokay you’re gonna wipe it kept it up allthis dude it went on the stove and theburner no the spatula is oh crap it’s inthe dish[Applause][Applause]you want to try and flip it that way[Music][Music]well I’m gonna cook the next one Wow allright you want it here I’ll give youthis well we have to finish thisreflexively[Music]Hey[Music]yeahon therethank you oh we’re going to step onyou know I think it’s readyyeah when it slides around likemmm[Music]yep it’s ready like it’s good oh youneed another plate oh sweet it looksbetter than mineall right well that’s making pancakeblindfoldedI don’t think so[Music]just had the SMC nutter

98 Replies to “Making Pancakes BLINDFOLDED!

  1. Ngayon Lang po ako nakarinig ng may yema syrup.. dtoName.. Pero mukha pong masarap, Sna mbgyan Nio ko hehe

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