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How to make pancakes easy

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Video Transcription

hey guys today I’m gonna be showing youhow to make pancakes in a very easy waylike it needs baking but not so much somake sure you like and subscribe and hitthat of notification pill so now let’sgo to stop for the video so how do weneed a bowl of eggs if you want to dolike four or people or more just use 4eggs 2 + 2 4 so you have to start withthe egg so let’s start and last is thefourth egg okay so one second let mewash my house[Music][Music]okay so there’s a whack so now after theeggs we put all right inside the boardsecond we have to put weight okay sowe’re gonna put a half teaspoon bakingpowder I think that’s enoughokay so we just put a teeny teeny bit ofany you have a small spoonwait this much not even a half okay nowwe’re gonna put three spoons of sugarclick up with your shirt to add thethirdso guys I’m gonna be worn after it isokay

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