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Vegan pancakes Kieran the Chef U can cook!

Hi, I’m Kieran, I’m 9 years old and very passionate about cooking.
When I was younger I always helped my mam and I enjoyed learning delicious recipes.

Cooking and eating healthy is a way of life. For many people changing their habits and finding time to cook and eat vegan can be difficult: my brother and I will offer you a range of snacks, desserts and mains.

Who said you can’t enjoy tasty and easy vegan food?

So, grab all the ingredients and follow me!

In this quick episode I will prepare some delicious pancakes.


Easy vegan pancakes

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Video Transcription

what time is it it’s time for keep onthe chef[Music]traditionally thank you today is thelast day of eating lots before thefasting period of Lent and today I’mgonna show you how to make deliciouspancakes without using any animalproducts are you ready you can cooknow look at the ingredients that we willneed baking powder salt flour non-dairymilk vinegar or lemon juice golden Sarahyour favorite fruit and vegan yogurtfirst we’ll put all our dry ingredientsinto the bowl[Music]now but the vinegar or lemon juice intothe milk now we mix it up now we add alittle bit of thyme into the bowl whilemixingkappawhat is creamy and smooth let it sit forfive minutes we will be using a nonstickpan for these pancakes purpose put thepan on medium heat and let it heat up[Music]if you walk you can add a little bitmore sugar to the recipe to make it moresweet the pan is ready let’s put onit’s time to flip it overlet the pancake cook on the other sideit’s time to put on the plate we’ll putwhilst that one’s cooking we’re gonnaput some sit-up oh no no we just needlet’s meet the last time cake togetherdon’t forget to put on the coverit’s time to flip it[Music]first we will add the yogurtnext we will sprinkle on our favoritefruits[Music]now we’ll do our strawberries[Music]serve it with the golden syrupnow we’ll go and serve itthis is really yummyif you enjoyed this recipe of cumin thechef make sure to LIKE subscribe andshare this video want me to cook yourfavorite dish comment down below makesure to follow me connections Wales onFacebook and Instagram make sure to lookat my websitewwhen a chef come see you next time[Music]you

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