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Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Waffles

Learn how to make easy whole wheat chocolate chip waffles! This recipe is quite versatile. You can switch chocolate chips with blueberries, add crushed pecans or walnuts, and more. In Ampie’s Kitchen, we highly encourage experimenting and being creative!

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to I’m piece kitchen today we’regoing to make a whole wheat waffle withchocolate chips and for our ingredientsfor today you’re gonna need two eggsabout a cup of whole wheat flour a cupof all-purpose or bread flour we needanywhere between a third to half a cupof oil you can use vegetable shorteningor canola or vegetable oil or butter andyou’re going to need a tablespoon ofsugar 1 a 1/3 cup of milkyou’re gonna need 4 teaspoons of bakingpowder teaspoon of salt and about 1/2cup of chocolate chips of your choiceand for our equipment we’re going toneed the waffle maker a bowl and somekind of a hand mixer if you don’t have ahand mixer good old wooden spoon will dofirst thing you’re gonna do is you’regonna take your two eggs and crack theminto a bowl now that we have beaten theeggs we are gonna add all our otherliquid ingredients gonna have the milkand the oilI’ve added the flowers the sugar thebaking powder and the salt and I’m readyto mix it up I’m gonna do the chocolatechips at the end and if you don’t havewhole wheat flour you’re also able tojust use all-purpose flour for the wholerecipe once you’ve made your batteryou’re going to toss them the top ofchip and you’re simply going to mix itby hand just fold it in I have preheatedmy waffle maker and it is ready to makesome waffles should be nice and hot andwhat I do is I just spray some kind ofgrease lightly onto it and start to addmy batter about 1/2 a cup at a time butagain it depends on your waffle makerturnout a little more hereand I cook until my waffle maker tellsme it’s ready when that light turnsgreen the waffle is ready the light isgreen let’s see what we have nice andgolden and it is ready to take out thereyou have it chocolate chip whole wheatwaffles you can enjoy it topped withbutter or maple syrup or just as isthanks until next time[Music]

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