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If you love chicken and waffles that’s big in taste…you’ve definitely come to the right place!

My goal in this video is to show viewers how to cook the delicious blend of sweet & savory that can be eaten for breakfast brunch or dinner. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard it can be diverse especially with this recipe where adults and kids love to eat.


1/2 Cup Garlic
1/4 Cup Garlic Powder
1 Tablespoon Black Pepper
1/2 Cup Chicken Bouillon Seasoning
1 Cup Flour (all purpose)
1 Teaspoon Paprika
1/4 Tablespoon All Seasoning (Goya)
1 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt
1 Tablespoon Black Pepper
1 Cup Buttermilk
White Powder Sugar (drizzle with a strainer)
1 Cup Sliced Strawberries
1 Cup Blueberries

1 Egg
2/3 Cup Water
3 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1 1/2 Cup Flour
(you can add vanilla extract for more flavor at this point if you’d like)

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back to BonAppetit YouTube channel again this is aCaribbean YouTube channel please don’tforget to hit the like and subscribebutton if you haven’t already done so atany time during this video this morningI’m excited to share with you guys myfamous chicken and waffles yessouthern style chicken fried chicken andwaffles so as you all know if you don’talready know I always start off showingyou guys how I clean my meat all myvideos will show you I start offcleaning my meat and my chicken and thenI’ll jump right into it with all the funstuff so right now I have vinegar righthere on these chicken breasts and what Ido is again I typically you pour 1 cupof vinegar water white vinegar then Igrab some salt and this is iodized saltor anyone who might be wondering they’redifferent different types of salts Itypically use iodized salt when I’mcleaning my chicken and meat and then Iusually use 2 slices of lemon fast andsimple guys again this is a Haitian waywe just like to make sure that our meatsare really cleanse properly and what Iwouldn’t say properly I get it somepeople just use water but our traditionis different we use vinegar and lemonvinegar on our meat and then lemons onmost of our seafoods like fishso because believe it or not I’ve gottenthat question many times how do I cleanmy meat how do I prepare to me so I justthink it’s important to share the wholeprocess with my viewers it’s very fastand very simple typically believe it ornot on these four chicken breasts itliterally taking me less than twominutesall you doing is just rubbing the lemonall around the chicken bread I squeezethe lemon on top and then I rub andyou’ll see inside of your bowl the colorand you’ll see all the stuff that comesoff of the chicken if you ever decide todo this process again it’s not mandatorybut I like to share my entire processwith my viewers so I hope that’s helpfulfor you guys alright so that was thatand right here as you can see this iswhat comes off the chicken when you usethe lemon salt and vinegar some peoplejust vinegar some people use just lemonI just go a little bit extra again it’sreally a fast process is to take youless than five minutes depending on theamount of you is disrespect for but intoday’s cake for Emily cooking fourstrips of chicken breast and you guyscan please I roast chicken strips sexwith me and then what I accepted needswas I set it to the side[Music][Music]mean I grabbed the chicken strips Iplace them back in the ball and nowwe’re ready to marinate and actuallybefore I start to season the chickenI almost againin our culture we use I just boil waterin a small pot just sharing ourselvesthat as you can see now I like to showthe water is literally almost clear andclean after cleaning the chicken withvinegar and salt yeah nice and clean andthen you just go it out alright nowwe’ll move on to the next process whichis again seasoning the chickenokay so part two of the video is reallyfast and simplehere I have believe it or not my garlicit’s up to your preference it depends onwhat’s going on with me what mood I’m init really doesn’t matter but this isgarlic you can use powdered garlic butin this cake I actually took garlic headand some garlic head and I I actuallyuse my um my nutribullet and I just youknow whipped it up with some water toget it give me that juice I wanted moreof a garlic juice and then here I havesome garlic powder to add to itthen I have some black pepper and I willgive you the exact amounts if you readbelow in my ingredients it will have allof that and this is some some chickenbouillon seasoning and then I just mixthis second part of the video believe itor not it actually I’m letting thechicken marinate overnight because as Imentioned this is chicken and waffles soI typically like to prepare the chickenand marinate it overnightthat way it can have a really great andjuicy and tender taste in the morningwhen I’m going ahead to make the wafflesso guys while the chicken is marinatingovernight in the fridge in the meantimewhat I typically do is get the coatingfor the chicken prepared which is onecup one full cup of flour you can useall-purpose flour I have about 1/4 cup 1teaspoon sorry of paprikaand that gives it a nice pretty color tobe honest with you here I have some allseasoning and then a little bit of blackpepper and for some people and in mycase when I do you saw on my foods Ilike to use the pink Himalayan saltagain it’s all to your preferencewhatever salt that you use so here I’mjust gonna use one teaspoon of Himalayansalt it’s pink Himalayan salt and then Ijust mix all of the dry seasoningtogether because this is what we’regoing to coat the chicken with before itgoes into the deep fryerI will be using a deep fryer today somepeople use stove tops again it reallydoesn’t matter it’s whatever you can orwhatever’s to your preference but againthis is the dry seasoning that I’veprepared with the flour so now we’regoing to move over to my station herewhere I have one I’m gonna have this isone cup of buttermilk okay I feel thatone cup is sufficient enough or cookingmore chicken than obviously you wouldput you would add some more you know youcan then use maybe two or three cups butI don’t want to take away from theseasoning that the chicken has marinatedovernight as you can see there’s plentyof buttermilk here some people like tolet the chicken marinate overnight inthe buttermilk I don’t find any reasonto and for anyone who’s wondering whythe buttermilk one frying chicken isbecause it makes it come out nice andcrispy it gives it that crispy thecrispness that the chicken is lookingfor when frying chicken when makingsouthern style chicken okay so now I’mgoing to pour my dry seasoning from lastnight into this bowla nice good mix to me sure all theseasoning is well is nicely mixed andbelieve it or not guys I have my deepfryer crack as well as my waffle makerbecause as the chicken is frying we’regonna move over to the Turner waffles soI’m just gonna move this over a littlebit and as you guys can see here I’mtaking the chicken I dip it in the flourmaking sure that it gets nicely coated Ilike to make sure the whole chicken isnicely Cola coated believe it or notguys I could smell the seasoning fromhere and it smells so good so deliciousand then finally for the chicken thelast process is we move over to the deepfryer that I have alreadyagain it’s prepped okay I’m just gonnathat’s fine put the chicken in the fryerand try what I’m doing that you guyswill seetake ityou dip itand again while the chicken is fryingI’m going to move over to the wafflewhile we’re trying to chicken I alsohave no right so stay tuned for the nextpart of this videowhen find chicken as you guys can see Iuse a fork so you can see the tendernesson both sides now let’s move over to theoffals okay so I’m just gonna turn thecamera around where I have my stationready for the waffles okay right now I’musing one egg then I’m using a quarterI’m using I’m actually using 2/3 cups ofwater then I’m using three tablespoonsof vegetable oil so that was my wetmix okay and then what I’m going to dois just mix it in mix mix mix mix mixthen for the flower I’m actually using aone and a half cups of flour so this isone cup and then I’m just gonna grabhalf a cup of flour this is half a cupthrow it in and mix as you guys can seeas for the texture its thickening whichis what we’re looking for I am makingjust buttermilk waffles nothing toofancy sometimes I like to add stuff tolater if I want to give it a differentflavor you know like some vanillaextract or almond extract actuallytastes good too but in today’s andthingsI’m just making regular waffles becauseit’s chicken and wafflesyou know I typically like to makehomemade waffles regular homemadewaffles so that way it all tastes reallyreally really early give me thatsouthern feel to it okay now I’m justgonna move over to the waffle maker I amusing an electric waffle maker actuallypicked this one up very inexpensive butin it it does the job well donefrom Walmart it’s one of my kidsfavorites there I go with my soaps boozethat’s what I typically use when I’mmaking my pancakes and waffles that’sjust what I’m comfortable using againfeel free to use a measuring cupand then I just get it all in thereyou want to make sure that you cover thewhole thing and waffles guys is a littledifferent from pancake it can get alittle messy and that’s okay because ofcourse I just wipe after but justputting it out there it can get a littlemessy okay so as you guys can see it’snicely covered and I’m about to closethe waffle maker to allow it to cook andhere we go when using a waffle maker youknow like I said this one is very simplesee if I can adjust the camera just alittle bit it has a blue light it tellsyou that when you read instructions whenyou buy it that you can just turn itover like you’ll see in a few moments Iwill flip it I will turn it to a lightto allow both sides of the waffle tofully cook before taking it outtypically when making waffles from awaffle maker that’s another thing ittypically take about three minutes topstotal it’s very fast and quickyou

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