Waffles Recipes


8 chicken wings
2 cups buttermilk
2 teaspoons hot sauce
2 teaspoons Worcestershire
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
4 tablespoons cornstarch
3 tablespoons seasoned salt
2 teaspoons paprika
2 teaspoons black pepper
1 teaspoon garlic salt
1 tablespoon onion powder

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Video Transcription

what’s good family Shibui boy and todaywe are cooking homemade fried chickenand waffles boy you’re like my ship itjust look like a real chef’s hat it’s aWalmart bag you know I tied it at thetop and they opened up the bottom wrongside got a little flavor a little sauceto the video all right family here we goy’all so first things first let’s getour wings into our ziplock bag I used 16wings for this recipe so basically weput them in this bag so we can get themsoaked in some marinade now as you seeright here I got buttermilk sauce andsome worse desire sauce that’s how yousay it but basically yeah you’re gonnaget all those three ingredients on thebig fo you go whip it up why look at therest work manlook at it respect it alright so onceyou’re done with whisking that up gonnago ahead and get that marinade back intohere measuring cup and then we’re justgonna pour it over the wings man it’sjust so it can be easily poured you knowyou don’t want to make a mess then yougonna get that blank put in the fridgefor about 2 to 8 hours alright alrightfamily why you got your wing sitting inthe fridge we’re gonna prepare ourseasoning so we got some flour rightheregot some corn starts so I use five cupsof flour eight tablespoons of cornstarch6 tablespoons of seasoned salt fourteaspoons of paprika and black pepper Iuse two teaspoons of garlic salt and twotablespoons of onion powder okay I usethat the recipe was for eight wings Ithink I have like 16 so I kind of justdid double of what they told me that Imix it all up alright after you got yourseason fire it’s time to prepare thatwaffle mix so basically it’s literallyjust waffle mix 2 eggs and some oilpretty simple pretty easy I’ve got thewaffle mix I made it quicker for me andthen basically you’re gonna put all thatin a medium sized Bowl then you’re gonnaadd the water you’re gonna whisk thatway up man look at the risk for it manthat boy really used to be a chef in thekitchen boiling it at respect all rightthat’s not after your wings are donemarinating the recipe costs to basicallytake a few tablespoons of marinade andput it in the seasoned flour to kind ofmake like crumbsyou know themselves so basically that’swhat I did I did that and I took thelittle whisk and I whip the wrist againman look at them crumbs oh look at thatI guess that’s just kind of helped withthe crunch I guess I’m not really surebut anyway so after you do that you’regonna take your wings and obviouslyyou’re gonna get them coated now onceyou get them coated you’re gonna putthem on a pan big pan I basically justput them back in the fridge becauseyou’re gonna get your oil prepared so asyou can see right here I’ve got all myseasoned flour wings right theremini-fridge all right now look at my oilI think this is where I went wrongmy wings are gonna come out kind of darkI’m not sure if it’s because that oilwas too dark or whatever but anyway putthe heat on medium high and I turn theoven on to 275 to basically keep thewings warm after I take them out the oilyou know silence put them in to keepthem warm so I can keep cooking there wego all right so to check to see if youroil is ready some people use water did alittle few taps of flour and then gotthem West fired up all right now look atthis wing mass that boyit’s Blackie Chan boy look at that wingman yeah I thought it was gonna begolden brown man we got oh no man awings look like me ain’t even gonna likeme man whateverstill delicious no I’m saying like workthat grease is so dark bro I don’t knowif the oil was just too old or maybe Icook them too long I honestly don’t knowif you know please let me know what Idid wrong I think it’s the grease butwhatever moving on gonna head over toour waffle maker turn that way on dropthat mix on that boy we gonna get aleader look at thatclose that lid pop that lid boom myhomeboys is going wrong ready to besmashed all right try this is the finalshot got my great value sear up overthere and I got my hot sauce man youknow I’m saying that’s it y’all don’tforget to Like comment share subscribeand I will see y’all next time

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