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How to make homemade slime! { Next video coming up is how to make waffles}

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Video Transcription

[Music]I wish I’d never existed nobody wants tolisten I’m streaming not for well timeslike this I always there that’s the letgo and open up a window this videosabout how to make homie slime anywayslet’s get started first you need to addin the glue I usually like using Elmer’sthe best I don’t know about you guysnext you need a marker or a mixer to mixit up put some activator and yeahfinally mix both of these items together[Music]then once you feel like it’s ready totake out you have to take out and playfit almost like a fortune cover okayguys are you ready to see the final signwell here it istada but apparently we’re not finishedwith it yet and I’m going to show yousome a sandbar right now[Music][Music]so now my favorite part is to color itI’m going to do a light pink and a redby splitting a half for Mother’s Day I’mjust not really to really date I can’tpronounce related related to the topicbut I’m planning to make waffles formotor day so here is the slime and I’mjust gonna plant oh should I makecrunchy or smooth I mean I think I’mjust gonna leave it the way it isinstead of putting that in it so yeahlet’s move on to putting glitter so nowwe put the glitter in the light pink andthe darkI’m ended red[Music]and I just will put a little try I hopethis video helps you how to make slimebecause it really did help me anywaysbye I will always remember the day youkiss my lips and I toss a feather and itwent just like

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