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CRISP WAFFLES- NO EGGS, NO WAFFLE MAKER, NO OVEN | lock down eggless waffles without waffle iron

Do you miss eating waffles in lock down as much as I do? But can’t make them at home because you have a waffle maker?
Not any more! I’m excited to share an eggless, no waffle maker recipe that is extremely simple to make!
These may not look like regular waffles, but have a crispy caramelised exterior just like waffles 🧇

You can use this eggless batter to make waffles in a waffle maker too!! I use it all the time

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Milk 1+1/2 cup
Lemon juice 2 Tbl
Melted Butter 1/4 cup * 2 tbsp
Vanilla 1 tap
All purpose flour/ maida 2 cups
Baking powder 4 tsp
Cinnamon powder 1 Tsp
Sugar 1/4 cup
Hot water 1/3 cup

Close the grilled and cook on each side for 5-7 minutes until you get crisp golden brown crust

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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome back to bake withcherish in this episode we are makingwaffles without egg and a waffle makerlet get started[Music][Music]so I’ll start by adding one and a halfcups of milk into a large bowldon’t use the milk straight out of thefridge it needs to be at roomtemperature or even warm to this I’madding two tablespoons of lemon juice ifyou don’t have that you could usevinegar will mix it and set it aside forabout ten minutes what we’re doing hereis that we’re making a buttermilk soafter 10 minutes your milk will curdleand look something like thisthis is what you need now into mybuttermilk goes butter 1/4 cup plus 2tablespoons of it you could also usevegetable oil if you like and about ateaspoon of a good quality vanillaextract now use a wooden spoon or awhisk to just mix all your wetingredients together jolly well andwe’ll set it aside let’s get startedwith the dry ingredients I’m adding 2cups of all-purpose flour to this 4teaspoons of baking powder which maysound like a lot but please go for itand to this 1/4 cup of castor sugar anda teaspoon of cinnamon powder which isoptional just mix everything togetherJory really well so that all the dryingredients are nicely combinedonce that’s done for the wet ingredientshave yet set aside earlier in and mixthem well[Music]once the batter comes together it’ll besuper thick at this stage I’ll add in1/3 cup of hot water and mix it in aswell my batter is done if you have awaffle maker you should use that todayI’m making these waffles on a gorillathat I would normally used to make drillsandwiches heat it grease it with somemelted butter and then take about 1/4cup of batter and pour it on the hotgrill oh you need to close the lid andcook the waffle for about 5 minutes thenopen it again and then turn it and cookit again so that you get a checkeredpattern on it and it also gets nice andcrisp on the outside now these don’tlook like the classic waffles but trustme they have a super crisp crust whichis slightly caramelized and with icecream and a dollop of Nutella it justtastes so good[Music]I hope you guys enjoyed watching thisvideo don’t forget to hit the likebutton and subscribe to my channel youcan also connect with me on instagram @chivay 70 I’ll see you guys soon

15 Replies to “CRISP WAFFLES- NO EGGS, NO WAFFLE MAKER, NO OVEN | lock down eggless waffles without waffle iron

  1. Happy belated birthday Shivesh…..❤️The carrot cake was amazing…..Can u plz share the recipe of MACROONS WITHOUT EGGS AND AQUA FABA……..plz…. Thank u

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  4. I live in a joint family and we decided to have a tambola party today evening. For sure, making and serving the same to my entire family. Thank you for sharing. Much More Love !

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  6. This is sooo amazing Shivesh !! So creative. You’ve honestly inspired me to start my own channel on YouTube and I’m loving every bit of it !! Thank you for letting me discover my old passion for cooking and baking. ♥️♥️

  7. And I soooo needed this .. loved it ..thanks a lot Shivesh once again ❤️ just one of the things you need to uplift the mood .. ❤️

  8. You’re amazing, Shivesh! Always coming up with such good recipes. I’m definitely going to try these waffles, they look super delicious! x

  9. Shivesh, you’re such a saviour in this quarantine! Also, I’ve tried so many of your recipes and they’ve never failed! Keeep going ✨

  10. Hay shivesh you’re literally just amazing I’ve tried your walnut chocolate brownie recipe and trust me it turned out to be yummy. Thank you so much for these recipes and keep going. Love you.❤️❤️❤️

  11. You are a saviour. The most creative way of making waffles without the waffle iron. Will try it soon.

  12. Have hit the “like button ” just when the video begin. The pic in the thumbnail itself was so mouth-watering

  13. You are a genius I have been craving waffle like anything and regretted not buying a new maker but now I know how to make it. So love you for that ❤❤

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