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How to make homemade WAFFLES!

Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to make WAFFLES!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to the daily Bakertoday I’m going to show you how to makewaffles so basically what we have wehave two bowls B you need baking powderbaking so powderyes baking powder all purpose flourvanilla extract eggs eggs butter andokay so basically what we’ve done so youneed butter like like yeah like a thirdof a cup butter in your smaller bowl soyou need two bowls a smaller bowl suchas this one and a larger bowl so youneed to add good you need to melt yourbutter and then put it no yeah you meltyour heart and then add the two eggsstir that a little and then add yourvanilla extract yeah and milkrightthen miss bull you need two cups offlour some salt and we’re just about toadd our baking powder or teaspoons ofbaking powder so you’re just gonna keepon adding this and you want to make surethat you’re using teaspoons nottablespoon my mom just got very scared Ijust got scared too yeah okay okayOh you also need sugar apparently allright now you need two tablespoons ofsugar this is one tables for that’sperfectbig heart okay you’re just gonna add itto this big bowlyou’re just gonna try to get the sugarout because I’m family so oh my goshcome sugar okay okay so now you’re goingto add you’re gonna add this mixture inright oh wait first you stir this up[Music]then you’re just going to kind of wantto make like a hole so like I like notlike now like a deep hole that goes allthe way to the bottom but like a holekind of like this like that so once youhave that you’re going to pour this mittmilk butter and eggs mitt mixture inokay now you’re gonna stir this no sonow you’re gonna stir it until it’s allthe way smoothoh yeah and I kind of made a mistake inthe first video saying about the othervideo I accidentally deleted it so it’snot there anymore so yes and so you’rejust gonna want to stir this until it’ssmooth and not lumpy like that and onceit’s smoothyou can try it a little you just try alittle bit and see if it’s good it’sgood taste like flour thoughroom is getting tired ouch so once thisis smooth yeah of course you need awaffle maker so wait for that to showand it’s ready okay so once it’s prettysmooth just like that don’t know if youcan see it but yes so I’m just gonnabring your whole entire thing over here[Music][Music]you do like that much oh no never mind alittle bit more and you’re going to waituntil there’s a little green thing righthere see red I’m angry so once that saysgreen you’re good to go just keep ondoing this your waffles should come outlooking like really pretty and deliciousso I um I thank you guys for watchingthis video please give it a thumbs up ifyou enjoyed it or if it was helpfuland we’ll see you all in the next videobye

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