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How to make homemade belgian waffles #howtomakebelgianwaffles #belgianwaffles

How to make belgian waffles at home
These are quick and easy to make and can be made in bulk and heated up again later

350g flour
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon baking soda

400ml cold water
2 egg yolks
30ml olive oil
2 egg whites

Mix all dry ingredients then mix all wet ingredients then add to waffle maker for 6 mins till perfectly cooked
Very easy recipe to make and cook


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Video Transcription

hey guys so first things first we mixour dry ingredients we have sugar saltbaking soda and flour we mix it all intothe bowl above and we mix it around witha fork or a wooden spoon then we add tothe mixture two egg yolks and a cup ofcold water after that we will add hotmelted butter and we will also add oliveoil and for our last ingredient we willadd two beaten egg whites when thetexture is ready and it’s in a bowl likethis you just add to the Hoss wafflemaker put it in and leave it for about 6or 7 minutes when it is finished it willlook something like this then what I dois I cut around the outside and thenalong the lines in the middle I cuddleon to get lovely triangle pieces whenI’m finished a decorate with meltedchocolates some berries and somedesiccated coconut I’m Robbie ladsthanks for watching

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