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How to Make Healthy Egg Free Waffles | COVID19 Week 4

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay good morningso it’s Sunday morning and got a littlebit late getting up and now wantsbreakfast so if I don’t do anythingthey’re just gonna go and eat maybe justmilk or whatever or they have nothing sowhat I’m gonna give it to my son is abanana and I had soaked chickpeasovernight so they’re always ready as aquick breakfast dates and nutsyeah while I go and explore in mykitchen what I have and I think todayI’m gonna make sweet potato waffleswhich means there will be no egg in itso if people want an egg they can have aboiled egg or fry it or whatever waythey want but at least I can have thosewaffles which are without fat andwithout eggs and dairy in this recipeI’m I need to use rolled oats which youcan use if you find them I’ll generallydon’t keep rolled oats at home becausethey don’t have as much fiber and steelcut oats but that’s totally fine goahead use rolled oats about one and ahalf cups what I am doing is I have thisdry grinder so I’ve put my oats in itand I also added some millet which youcan find in most Indian stores so I’mgonna just put the limit along with therolled oats here it looks like this andand I’ve added alreadyearlier then taking this video so I’lljust bounce it a little bit to give itbreak the rolled oats and millet alittle bit to make it easier for thewafflesthere is my dry grinder Vitamix it’samazing[Music]and that’s it all right now we startassembling the first set which is I justneeded about one and a half cup ofrolled oats if you have but I’m justchanging up a little bit and I’m addingthis blend that I just made and thenthis is my organic flour that I havesometimes I just bring whole wheatberries and grind the flour on my ownbut here it is so about 3/4 cups so I’llsave a little bit because this is onecup they’re not has oats and flour and 2tablespoon sugar so I can only usesomething like this rock sugar and Ijust go and put that in this is muchbetter than using white sugar which isvery bleached and has no benefits and infact it gets into our blood circulationreally fast and that gives us the spikesof insulin and blood sugar which we’retrying to avoidthen I will add about 1 and 1/2 teaspoonof baking soda this is what I have and1/4 teaspoon salt so again I useHimalayan salt because it is full ofvitamins and minerals it hasn’t beenstripped off and the problem thathappens with the regular table salt isthat it has too much sodium in itand that’s what harms people but whenyou have a full hole salt it’s notharmfulhere is my below full of rolled oatsflour sugar baking powder and salt and Iam also going to add some saffron to itlook at thatit’s Safran from iran and that is thebest saffron ever it came in thisbeautiful packaging the company isamazing I personally visited the storeover there and it was just mountains ofSAP and sitting there and look at thatthat is the saffron flowerI saw those and I tasted it just out ofthis world so here goes I’m gonna takejust this much they’re very expensiveand hard to get so here you go mysaffron goes into it in this recipe youwill need to have cleanser so I hope youhave a good blender so we start off withsweet potatoes then I bring sweetpotatoes from the market I just make afew of them so I have them on the fridgeabout 3/4 of them and this looks alittle um not that pretty but they’rereally good and sweet potatoes have alot of benefit for our skin for our gutsso I try to use a lot of sweet potatoesand everything I know in India you get adifferent white variety of sweetpotatoes I like those much better thanthis yellow one but this is good so Itook this you can mash it up but becausemy blender is really good I don’t needto mash it up about a cup and a half ofsweet potatoes and then I willput so there they go in my blender theygo in my and then I will take about halfa cup of soaked chickpeas that weresoaked overnight you could also useinstead of soap chickpeas if you havecooked to chickpeas then the water fromthe chickpeas so you could take about1/4 cup of that water but I didn’t havethat water so I’ve just taken half a cupof chickpeas here then I will take soone cup of plant-based milk and this ismy own almond milk which is reallysimple to make I just blend almonds inwater sometimes I’ve soaked themovernight and then then so this isreally nice you could use coconut milkso I’m trying to avoid dairy and eggs asyou can see but if you don’t have thatand you still want to make this withyour my ingredients and you would youhave milk go ahead use that if you canuse organic milk that’s even better ifyou can use goat milk that’s even betterbecause it’s more digestible then I willtake about 1 tablespoon of apple cidervinegar so this is the one I use whichis organic raw unfiltered so make sureyou use that and I have a tablespoon ofthat already here and then one and ahalf teaspoon of ginger so again becausemy blender is really good I don’t needto mash things up it just goes straightinto the blender and now[Music]so here is my nice batter and here isthe mix that we madeI’m just gonna start adding it here andyou know what if you find it’s a littletoo thick just add some water or if youwant to add your whatever you used andjust basically mixing enough to make athick batter and what I’m trying to dois avoid milk and dairy which in thelast straw fall that I made previousvideos if you go we did it with milk andeggs but I don’t generally eat milk andeggs because that’s not good for ourbodies it’s not good for insulinespecially if you’re diabetic even forour bones milk and eggs don’t reallyhelp they give a lot of inflammation andif you want to boost your immunity thendefinitely you need to stay away fromdairy and eggs and things like that butdefinitely people are in the family theywant to eat that and again you know youcan’t become food for these so what wetry to do is add more vegetables andfruits as an extra dish or wheneveryou’re cooking try to make one dish thatavoids milk and eggs and meats and fatsas well fats is really important toavoid and eggs have a lot of fat sothat’s what we’re trying to avoid andeven milk causes a lot of inflammationin fact there are studies that peoplewithin the countries that and consume a lotof milk are the ones that have morearthritis so that notion that you canget calcium only from milk is alreadybeen debunked you can get calcium a lotof calcium from vegetable especiallykale has a lot of calcium all of thesehave calcium so now this batter is readyand I’m going to turn on my and cake panand just start spooning the batter in itnow if you want to add any butter or oilto it go ahead add it no I have aceramic pan which does not need any soI’m just going to put it in blobs overhere and nice little pancakes will comearound now if I wanted to make it alittle more me lessI can keep adding more of my batter andit will not be as thick so you choosethe consistency you want and just makeit more or less thick so I feel I wantto make it a little more flowy becauseI’m gonna even use it in my waffle makerso now I’m also going to use the samebatter in my waffle maker so for thewaffle maker it’s a little too thick andhere is mythat I made myself I’m just gonna use alittle more of it here and yes almondstoo will give you a calcium but not awhole lot you don’t need a whole lot andthe idea is to eat foods that will makeyour intestinal walls have more abilityto absorb so whatever you eat shouldalso get absorbed now if you’re eating alot of fats the intestinal walls cannotabsorb a lot of things so no matter howmuch you keep eating even supplementsyou will have a harder time absorbingthings so now this is becoming a littleless viscous and ready for my wafflemaker and I think this is good enoughI’m not a big fan of nonstick things andthen which are not like ceramic butsometimes I use this so let’s see maybeit isfind out write it around but it’s reallyhard like you saw we’ve got oats andsweet potatoes and almonds and so Idon’t filter my almond milkit’s got the whole almonds the ones youget in the store it’s really paying alot of money for water because it hardlyhas any almonds in it alright so here Ijust turn it whoa I made it a little toolong so that’s okay let’s see this oneyeah no I think they were a littlethicker than they needed to be andthat’s why it’s harder but it’s like agood substitute for bread as well youknow yeah so it’s got everything youneed in a bread and it’s tasty now youcould have added chocolate chips to itas well and that’s totally fine and itwould have made that so maybe I will addsome chocolate chips to the next batchso here I got my husband now to put thebatter in it and along with somechocolate chips so I did add chocolatechips I added a littlemore almond milk to it to make it moreFloyd and here this so he is puttingthis batter so anyone can do it I thinknext time I’ll get my son to do it so Iam excited to see what my waffle makeris turning out for me and oh my god thatis gonna be a surprise ah it is workingwhoono I need look at that I’m gonna gettake it oh look at that there’s no eggin here there’s no fat in here there’sno milk in here and oh la la la thiswaffle looks amazing amazing yeah allright so now the waffle is ready and I’mgonna pair it up with some grated applesand cinnamon and some raisins on it andthen I’m gonna drizzle some nice maplesyrup on it from a local farmer and havesome dates and nuts with itnow that is a wholesome meal that takescare of everythingyou

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