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Addison makes MICKEY WAFFLES!

Addison shows how she likes to make Mickey Waffles with our Mickey Waffle iron! It’s one of our favorite ways to spend our weekend mornings

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

we will be making weekly waffles andwhat I meant to say the next of our footFluttershy one uh My Little Pony cerealoh well I said the next one was Mickeywaffles of our breakfast ones I didn’tknow that it was close to st. Patrick’sDay so I didn’t even know that I can wemade Mickey waffles so that was asurprise one for no money no but thisone is the one letting you know so we’remaking Mickey waffles and apparently myfavorite Disney characterso what are the ingredients that we needso you need two eggs cinnamon that’swhat we like to do we like to putrainbow sprinkles and then yellow theseare the optionsdramatic your legs and then some pancakemix yes so let’s get startedright oh and you also need just wateryes so morning to my mommy all rightokay am i dumped in the water okay mixit up mix it up and see if we need morewaterOh Addison you still have some mix inthere oh yeah great maybe some morewateryeah okay Emma try that water see ifthat helps you remember to eat you donutdonut donut else from the letter Dchartsponi video of what I was talking aboutthat our surprise warrant oh yeah of ourbreakfast videos it was eat me eat tooyou donut donut donut and that’s whatwe’re gonna do at the end of the videothat that I want mommy to I want youguys to see what okayput our eggs in it okay I send you wannaput the first day again oh okay justleave it in there just leave it right inthe mix no don’t lick it off becausethat’s not sanitary cuz it your mouthhas germs on it okay then just put thategg shell in the cup yep next egg allright why you don’t want to get that Ican touch it don’t touch the eggs okaydo you need a wife okay and just asecond okay it takes for these to cookbut it takes like a long time and I gotit for her two year old birthday and itwas Muffit baby Muppet Babies okay tellthemso guyswe got a lot of stuff going on and mymom is gonna put the vanilla and Sinan[Applause][Music]smells like what am i mix it hey you’re[Music]the one with the holes beside with theholes yeah this pancake the cookingwheel it’s pretty cool oil okay youreadymaybe I messed up no no we gotta get theear over thereokay by me wine and we will see if thewaffle is cooked Oh big Nicky waffle[Music]what we’re gonna have to cook anotherone for one of you okay what’s my it’smy wait wait waitlet’s look at it okay let’s make anotherone for Emmaugh and so my mom is gonna put the syrupand whipped cream on the waffles firstgoes to stir up my mom put the whippedcream and we’ll show you this design sheputs on the whipped cream disco bla blaPaw Paw Paw Paw Paw pop up and put abunch of whipped cream on here’s theeyes nose in this manager well it’s abath time tonight anyways yeah okay nowwhat else are you going to put on top ofit today now we’re gonna putstrawberries okay let’s take a bite ofyour Mickey waffles so that everyone cansee how delicious they are okay how isit Addison mmm good okay what do youwant to say to everybody and hit thebell button[Music]welcome video – bye

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