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Chef Boudreaux ended Breakfast For Dinner week with a classic: Chicken & Waffles!!




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Video Transcription

yo it’s your boy chef boudreau man todayis friday and i’m about to punch in thethroatfor some chicken and waffles before youhear me nowthis is what i’m gonna show you realquick but run through it i already gotthe batter right here i’m gonna runthrough thatwhat those ingredients are i got my wetsseparated from mydry and right here i gotthe chicken okay i’ll run that down toyou what i got in there i got somesalt pepper i got sometony satchels in there give it a littleuhcajun flavor i i marinated in somemustard whybecause it’s better to me than dippingit in flouror soaking it in buttermilk it’s justto me i just it just tastes betterthat’s just meat but everybody hatefry your chicken how you like this ishow you’re going to getboudreau chicken all right soi season this here with a little saltpepper garlic powder on your problem youknowtypical stuff or you could basicallyjust season it how you wantall right so what are we gonna do iswe’re gonna start off with the chickenfirst becausemy cameraman forgot a feather anyway soso what we’re going to do is we’re goingto fry off some of these350 or 340 whatever you want friedchicken at but we’re gonna fry thesewings mani’m gonna do a bunch at a timemaybe about four wingsthen we’re just gonna put this togetherand thenwe gonna have breakfast for dinnerall right i got these togetheri know we used to do it old scott oldstyle with thebrown paper bag and everything butmaking surethis is well seasoned and squeezed inthe bag and now we’re about to put thesein we’re gonna fry thesefor about me i like my chicken moistsome people like that chicken extraextra donutbut internal temperature is 165 okayso i’m gonna add these in here and i’mgonna fry thesefor about 11 to 12 minutes okay11 to 12 minutesall right sometimes i go in and get myhand dirty but i’m just gonnabe nice today add this in therething that excess flour i’m telling youthis chicken won’t come out greatgreat great great great greatone move for the rule clearall right so i’m gonna set my timerfor about i’m gonna let this fry forabout a minute then i’m gonna shakeset my timer at about 11 minutessince i got the chicken frying i’m gonnago ahead and explain to you guyswhat i have for my dry ingredientsand my wet for the waffles okayi got two cups of flouri got a tablespoonof sugar i got four teaspoonsof baking powder okayand then what else i got in here uh oha quarter teaspoon of saltall right now for my wet i gottwo cups of milk i got twoeggs i got some vanilla in there somevanilla extract you couldsweeten that uh you know put that inthere how you like i dida half a teaspoon all right you could doa little moreand then i did a cup of oilany kind of oil to do the recipe comesfrom vegetablebut i only had canola all right so i’mgonna go ahead andmix this up my wet little clipbeat this upall right so then when i get when i geti’m gonna make a little whale up in herewith a spoonmake a little well with a spoonand then i’m gonna add my mixture andthen i’m gonna mix it all inokay i might use my blender to do iti might just use my whip to do itbecause it’s probably easyso once i get downonce i get down close to me taking thechicken out imma go ahead and start theprocessfor the wok all right i’m about to pullthis chicken outthat’s my timerall right let’s see what the chickenlooks likedepending on your size of chickenyou can let that go for about anotherminute which is probably 12 minutesbecause those are goodbut they all float most chicken don’tfloat like chicken breasts so you got tobe realcareful if you’re a chicken breasttenderloin type personall right this chicken right chipgets done y’all know what this about tobeabout to be some good eat all right i’mgonna set this to the side for a secondthen my cameraman can get a close-up onmy chickenall rightjust not right now all right so nowwe’re about to put this together rightherejust make sureabout this little shoulder pull this inthereand make this battleall rightnow like i said you use a blender or youcan use a whiskkind of like pancakes you don’t want toover whip itmake sure i got all that at the bottomall that goodness all that goodnessright chillall right we all set and ready to goi’m gonna spray this thing down realquickat that right consistency you want righttherelook at that what about the piece ofgoodiesand then i’ll put it down real quickif it’s spillover i got a little treaton me okaythat’s if it’s belowall right flip that overlet this light come on and then we’regonna pull this sucker out see what itdidall right man this chef boudreau man i’mpulling out thethese waffles see if what they doof course they gonna break but i alreadyhave some made alreadyall right this is what we’re gonna doman i’m gonna go ahead on and justmake this up just like this and i gotsomesyrup and i’m just gonna pullover the topgently gently down the streamnow if you want to put a little bit onyour chicken that’s finebut this chef boudreau’schicken and waffles i’m just trying tokeep it simple peoplejust a little simplethat’s all all rightthis should be man and guess what i putenoughseed and butter on that thing man andjust do itall right you already know how it’sgoing downhow i’m getting down let me do a littlequick spin on it because i ain’t got onelet me spin thingsthere you goyay cameraman you all right boydefinitely you might eat tonightcome on man so we can feed these kids istill hatei started to meet i started to meetlike a bourbon or a rum type ofuh syrup since i’m feeding these kidsi can’t do it but anyway that’s it i’mchef boudreau man you know how i getdown this is goody

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