yt 185557 How to Make DELICIOUS Savory Waffles from SCRATCH 1210x642 - How to Make DELICIOUS Savory Waffles from SCRATCH!
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How to Make DELICIOUS Savory Waffles from SCRATCH!

Making DELICIOUS Savory Waffles from scratch is an easy recipe to follow. Add what ever toppings you feel go with each waffle. Using ingredients from ketchup and basil spice to ham and cheese, you can get away from the everyday sweet style waffle.

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Video Transcription

so today I thought I would bringsomething a little bit different yeteasy to you today we are going to makesome savory style waffles[Music]now these savory style waffles areactually going to be like a ham andcheese a tomato ketchup instead oftomatoes with cheese and then we’regonna make kind of like a nacho tex-mexstyle flavored one with taco seasoningjalapeno black olives and yeah youguessed it cheese oh yeah and by the wayspecial guests today my wife Hiromi butwe’re not gonna show her face I’m gonnamake a double batch here so we’re gonnause about 240 grams of all-purpose flourall right so to the 240 grams of flourwe’re going to add 16 grams of bakingpowder along with that 300 millilitersof waterlook how nice that food session apronlooks on Hiromi all right next we’regoing to add 40 grams of extra virginolive oil give that a good mix yeah yeahall right so we’re going to mix into thethe batter the two eggs that are beatand that is pretty much the wafflebatter itself all right now I think whatshe’s gonna do is we’re making threedifferent kinds of waffles so I believeyou are going to separate the batch intothree different batches yephere Hiromi is just putting each batterinto a bowl 233 grams point three gramsbecause we are making three differentkinds of waffles here and there we havethree bowls all two hundred and thirtythree point three grams right of batterall right so this here is going to bethe tomato ketchup and basil waffle mixso you’re always going to add in theketchupthat was 20 grams of ketchup all rightnow she’s gonna add some of the dryspice that we actually got in Las VegasI believe this was from looky-loo whooso thank you very much and it looks likeshe’s adding about two grams of thedried basil leavesand that ladies and gentlemen is thefirst waffle mix and check out the colorthe last thing now that she’s mixed itis how much cheese you can add 50 gramsanother 50 grams of shreddedwhite cheddar cheese[Music]and give that a mix and there is yourfirst savory tomato ketchup basil andcheese waffle mix alright so for theMexican style waffle we’re gonna add infive grams of the topic seasoning thejalapeno and black olives I’m gonna givethat a good mix[Music]I believe she’s gonna add another 50grams of the shredded white cheddarcheese all right so for the ham andcheese we’re gonna add in 30 grams ofactual maple syrup and the handpiecesmiss the piece don’t mix that up and now50 grams of these shredded white cheddarcheese again and mix that up and you cansee here and over there we have all thebatters ready and this here is ouractual waffle maker so these are thethree batters up close and you can seethat the waffle maker is just heating uponce it the light turns green or rainyo’clock[Music][Music]um all right next up is the tomato basilwaffles spread it out make sure thatthere’s enough in each one you prettymuch want to make sure that you coverthe whole bottom layer just like that[Music]perfectly and we’ll see you in fiveminutes so last up is the Mexican oneswe’ll call them the jalapeno the blackolive and the taco seasoning the cheeseoh these are gonna be awesome savoryspicyyeah all right here we go all right thelast of the waffles are gone we’re to gothere is awesomegot stuck ladiesall right so I want to say thank you toHiromi for making these these were moreof her idea about time we were thinkingabout savory pancakes and saving thisand that way we came up with a savorylawful idea now here I have a little bitthe leftover of the ham and cheese hereandright away you taste the maple in itit’s a really good balance the ham thecheese the ham is a little strongactually but still it’s a pretty goodflavor ham cheese and maple syrup thisone here is the tomato one now this istomato and basilmmm I really thought that using tomatoketchup would be weird but it reallydoes work and I’m really reallysurprised hmm then the last piece hereis the Mexican one with the jalapeno onthe black olive mmm the spice kicks inright away it’s not very overpoweringokay maybe a little bit but mmm I betyou got some salsa on top of that orsome sour cream would be pretty freakingawesomeso these are hero b’s savory waffles Ihope you enjoyed this until next time[Music]

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