yt 185562 Another cooking week vlog tea ube mochi waffles and keto reeses 1210x642 - Another cooking week & vlog , tea, ube mochi waffles, and keto reeses.
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Another cooking week & vlog , tea, ube mochi waffles, and keto reeses.

I take you through my tea routine. I also cook some ube mochi waffles from scratch, make a szechuan stir – fry ( not from scratch), and some keto reeses for my bf.

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Video Transcription

I like to start my mornings off with theco of tea I usually make my teeth withtwo bags of tea and it put on somenon-dairy creamer and I also add somehoney[Music]I catch up on the news every morningwhile drinking might see it is a reallynice and relaxing way to start off theday I’m going to be making Ruby mochiwaffles for breakfast today I’m usinghalf of a recipe that I found online soI am putting in half a cup of freshlygrated a.m. that i defrosted fromyesterday half cup of flour rice flour apinch of salt one and a half tablespoonsof sugar a quarter teaspoon of bakingsoda and one teaspoon of baking powder[Music]Michael Ravi makes all the dryingredients first and then I mix thecoconut milk with the thought obey I hada half a cup of coconut milk into thefresh movie[Music]I melt one and a half tablespoons ofbutter in the microwave[Music]I also had half a teaspoon of Lupeextract into the moist mixtureafter thoroughly mixing the wet mixtureI slowly added into the dry mixture andthe rolling mixI cook these on medium heat for aboutthree to four minutes depending on howcrispy you want your waffle to be[Music]I like to eat waffles with Cool Whip andmake some creamy and a little bit moresweetOh[Music][Music][Music]I’m going to make a Sichuan stir fry forlunch I like to make mine with jalapenosenoki mushrooms tail eh I also add somenapa cabbage and fish roe dumplings I[Music]just use the Sichuan stir fry pastebefore I add mr. Hayesand fish go dumplings this dishes ofwhat you need to make it takes me lessthan 15 minutes and I have enough foodfor my entire family[Music]I’m going to be some keto friendly visafor my boyfriend I read the directionswrong you’re supposed to only put in twotablespoons of coconut oil in thebeginning but I misread it as for by thetime I realized this it was true late soI ended up opening and a lot morecoconut oil then the recipe called forin the chocolatebaker’s chocolate is a really hard tocrack it took me a while to cart thisbarn to pieces I go Lily’s chocolate andI ended up using the whole entire bagbecause I used me[Music][Music]after the Hulkster and coconut oil ismade to slowly swim it into the cupcakeliners in the fridge for about 15minutes for the peanut butter part I gotcheston’s on that boat and I also got amonk food sweetener I’m going to useabout a cup of the peanut butter and mixit with entire bag of the sweetener[Music][Music][Music][Music]they’re taking out the first layer ofchocolate spoon the peanut butterfilling on top[Music]I’m going to stick that in the fridgeagain for 50 minutes and then take itout and now we’re ready for the thirdlayer of chocolate[Music]I play the third layer of chocolate I’mgonna stick this in their fridge for twomore hours and then I can take it outand they’re ready to eat

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