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hey guys and welcome to another episodeof cooking for my hobby so you guysy’all know I’m a southern girl so todayI am going to be doing fried chickenbreast bone in with Belgian waffles okayyou guys so I have everything preppedhere I’m going to be doing deviledbuttermilk chicken breastlet me change my banner real quick youguys so that when you come in you willknow what I’m cooking yes so that whenyou come in you already know what’scooking so you guys do you like my newapron I got for cooking for my hubby isso cute look oh okay I just love this tonew little apron and we are going to getstarted so I wore gloves today becauseI’m going to be dealing with the achesand you guys I hate to get too muchstuff on my hands okay so here’s ourchicken breasts with the ball and in Iwant it the bone and chicken breast youknow how to girls in the south do it youknow how it’s grits do it southernhospitality baby okay that’s how we doit so I want to go ahead and crack someeggs this is going to be for me todouble coat my fried chicken okay let meget my starting work we already have theoven on 275 degrees for the Belgianwaffles we are going to be doing theBelgian waffles I am going to be fryingthese beautiful fried chicken breastsand canola oil you guys I’m using canolaoil is so really good like oh it’s analternative to vegetable oilso also you can use like sunflower seednot just like different oils so you guysall needed just like to enix if thatyou’re gonna whisk with those eggs quickjust to get it nice and loose okay soI’m gonna go ahead and season my breastsso let’s do that so you guys to seasonmy breasts I’m gonna start off withgarlic powder I love garlic powderI am blessed you little boy bless you mydarling I am going to pump this in lotsof garlic powder I love garlic powderthen you guys I didn’t want to use myold trusty large seasoned salt what’sgoing on Ronnie let it go I am going tosee them with the Lauren seasoning saltbut be careful don’t be too heavy on thehand with the Lowery’s the Lowryseasoning salt because this still doescontain a little salt and I don’t liketo use my salt but when I am cookingSouthern Fried Chicken double dipbuttermilk you I’m talking a little bitof that law and seasoned this off okaynow you guys I’m going to use a littlepaprika I’m gonna check on my commentsin just a second I just want to seasonup these bad boys and good afternoon youguys this is brunch in my house I ammaking my hubby some Southern Frieddouble dips okay buttermilk friedchicken and Belgian waffles you guys soyou know like how I like to do I like tomake one plate first just so you guyscan see how I did it and get the tastetest for my hubby and then after that Igo on to cook for the rest of the familyhow many guys doing today okay so I amdone seasoning this it smells amazinginstead of using black pepper I usephase basil Organic basil leaves or youcan use parsley ifwhen my son eats this I don’t want it toburn his mouth he’s very sensitive tospicy things baby he’s your Papa here Ijust wanted to ask him if he wants blackpepper on his since I’m just cooking thefirst two chicken breasts you know whydon’t I go ahead and put a little blackpepper up on his black pepper really isgood on the chicken breast okay not toomuch so you don’t like chicken breasthe’s talking about a chicken breast soyou don’t like chicken breast I want toput all those season in his back love itso I am going to put whole chickenbreast the first went into the egg to myegg that I was I want to take some flourand I want to put flour in my separateBowl because I like to use flouraccording to how much I need instead ofwasting it you know just putting allthis flour and then you never needing ithey baby cousin how to do people telleverybody hey guys Prince unicorn hereand really fights with his long sleeveshirt can’t you see so you guys I gotthat nice and coated with the egg washokay I got that nice and coated oh it’scoming along just finenow I’m gonna dip it into the flourbecause that’s gonna make that flowerstick so good and it’s gonna make itextra girls he always got to make anappearance child he gonna make himindependence okay the egg wash ensuresthat the flour stays on there so you canget a big crunchy crispy piece of friedchicken okayyou don’t suma you know you know so Igot this nice thing covered I’m gonna gointo my other cheek covers what is hedoing to you baby but they don’t want topay the full a while he might wannaphone go explore or something so cuz youknow it Amanda he gonna be in troublesee you guysthese are two big chicken breasts andall I needed was really two eggs full ofworth of egg wash so you don’t want youknow I remember when I was younger Iused to overdo everything you know usetoo many eggs used too much flour andyou have all this stuff left over thatyou just throw away so I find that theolder I get the more frugal I get youknow but then it could have come fromthe way I grew up with nothing so youknow I’m so frugal I actually irritateeverybody with my frugal Ness but Idon’t carewe’re in a daggone pandemic okayshout out to all my corona virussurvivors want to give a big shout outto all of those that we’ve lost and aprayer out to them as well oh my god mygloves are so gooey my gloves are gooeyPrinceton they’re gooey okay so I gottatake these off I’m gonna have to use myhands which I was dreading doing hey heyI can get dirty now I can get down anddirty okay so honey I’m from the reddirt so I can get going and get dirtyI just didn’t want to but I’m going tolook at my apron isn’t this cuteif you guys want to order one of theseaprons from high flowertchilet me know in the comment section andyou can order one okay so y’all know howI amwholesale if I see some cute I’m let upthe backlog lucci name on it so if youwant to get your flower sheet sexy mamaapron let the doll know okaylet the doll know I’ll look you up youain’t got a uh see nothing anything thatI have on I will tell you where I got itfrom okay I will let you know honey wecould be flight together we gonna be flytogether okay this is gonna be nice andcrunchy okay that’s nice and coveredhoney she’s going to be deliciousyou want to shake that a little bit andthen coat it some morehold her some more honey leave some bigol breasts baby some big breasts justfor my big breasts Lovells my bigbreasts love baby I’m talking about thechicken God made the chips breast andbreastfed you okay okay you guys I’mgoing to wash my hands and you can alittle test in my grandmother taught meit’s just really simple I’m just gonnaput do like this sprinkle over mycooking oil and make sure that anybubbles so I know that my cooking oil isnice and hot it’s nice andso I’m gonna wash my hands and thenwe’re going to fry this chicken thatseasoning smells so goodwill you season your food good you cansmell it before it even cooks it smellslike a bomb I mean it’s just proper okaywhen it smelled that good already youknow that’s money your suite is ready Ithink my other tongues are in thedishwasher which is behind us which isgoing to cause major drama if I try toget it so we’re going to move rightalong with the bar tongs because I havemy whole setup over here in front of meI think there may is a fork okay youguys I’m gonna give it a little shakeand I’m gonna put my first chickenbreast in it okay these chicken breastsare so big I’m going to do one at a timeso that was in there we want them tojust relax and be able to cook withoutbeing suffocated that’s a big chickenbreast you see that you see how it feelslike the cheapest Oh God likes milkrespect you would you want some juice orsomethingOh country boy you want such sweetiesyo that’s his favorite drink in thewhole hour is sweetie my son loved ohsweet double southern because he hisfamily is from Texas and Georgiaso he’s double southern okay so he lovessweet tea okayyou didn’t even know that bitch youdidn’t even know that did youhey you guys my name is a really goodsweetie hey guys you know good 98thGodzilla that everybody hated well guesswhat I turned my order – toy into thatGodzilla and it comes with thephotograph and this counts this actualfire sounds cute hey maybe you guys I’mgoing to go ahead and flip it one timeI’m gonna do it I’m you know I’m kind ofcleaning up so by the time I’m doneit’ll be nice and clean I’m about toflip this piece of chicken y’all shouldsee my pantry it’s amazing I organizedeverything snacks food I’ve got newcontainers for everything look at myTwitter containers I want to show thepeople show the people so I have mytwister containers for my barthat’s honey that’s a big ball these twochicken right there that’s a big olchicken break so I’m gonna let that cooka little bit more before I put myBelgian waffles in my Belgian wafflesare gonna cook for about three minutesso I’m going to flip them in the oven of275 I’m going to put a half of teaspoonbutter on each one because we want itnice and buttery and I am going to putmy circle on it the maple syrup but whatI’m going to do is pour this into acontainer and I’m going to warm it up sobe nice and hot now we’re gonna dressthese belts and waffles baby it’s gonnabe over something to make two eggs overwell for my hubby’s for this meal aswell let’s butter our pan on what to doto eggs overwhelmed and I’m just goingto need a little teaspoon for each andI have to ensure that that oil gets allover there I just seem especially I’mgonna have to turn that buddy to theside and hold it up I had to tilt it tothe side and maybe he’s sitting up oninside right now next time I’m gonna tryto figure out a way to feel more on overthe stone but anyways well just get oureggs in therewhere’s your papaI want those ears to be soft I took thestone already I’m going to put aslightly in cheese on top shark Turneroh my god is doing it all for that’sgonna fall save you guys I like to usescuse me excuse me that Scylla so youguys I like to use the Sargentoultrathin shot together I like to snackon these two blowing up I just thinkeven a vitamin D and at this point in mylife I need as much vitamin D aspossible so I’m gonna take these fatallyslice I’m gonna take two others and putit on top[Applause]I’m going to butterfly my pizza chickenjust to make sure it’s nice and cookedinside okay it’s a similar game of Ohsmoke crisp in the daughter’s hair I’mgonna take a picture of it but she justgotta go this up my kitchen just Li allknow we are we Nancy we got a lotion allday are you kidding meOh golly this is just kind of like anactuary all the way upthank you[Music]you got this needles to play the fieldhey get your mama and daddy but you gotthe skills to pay your penis my camerawho else are still drinking awesome likeI can drink coffeeabout two o’clock god I’m just drinkthat double shot of Express card you gotcolorfully I got that don’t yellexpressed though with steamed milk alleyes already drank you got some moregames he bought jet Ginga for tonightedition and let me see what else you gotclassic thank you missed a little oh howsweet rich take their I’ll give it toprayer we appreciate that classes lastbut not least kinetic for peopleconnects for oh yeah that was a classicI’m excited yeah connect for is gonna befor knows that the doorbellRonnie connect for would be the easyeasiest one to play right now watch outfor the roof scam people showing up ifthe door talking about they were to do aroof inspection tell them to go awaydon’t do it it’s a scam and they just goto the module or ringing my doorbellmy roof no sir I’m a roof we finally gotno leaks tell them to go home and keepit pushing[Music]you know the chicken is so big nothingto me the chicken is so big that I haveto buy had to butterfly it and now Ihave to work the oil into the middle ofthe chicken to the middle can cook sothat’s what I’m hoping you’re going guysah that’s a big piece of chickenyeah especially will connect for Connectfour is so much funlike it’s one of those get it’s quick soyou want people I like instantgratification so connect for it’s a fungame and it’s a quick game like we gotthe dead Gong Gong monopoly you knowthat’s a stressful game that’s astressful game it’s a very long gameit’s made to you know help you justspend more time with your family evenmore time and he was really reallytrying to Spanish oh I could’ve broughtmy microphone and I wouldn’t have nobackupthey did bring my microphone anywaysokay I have been hands on for a longtime so at this point I just need likelittle instant gratification games youknow we don’t got past baby time pre-kfirst grade you know you know the dollcan take a little chill pill okay on thelong to our games okay we do that withhomework okaythis look like blooperschicken and waffles under that’s whatyou good luck I wish I could sell youout what I was doing what I’m doingthe chicken is Toby is right and in themiddle I got to make sure you get cookso I’m and the oil right up to mybutterflied piece of chicken I don’tknow if y’all could see their thangwanna burn myself and I’m quittingthey’re right in the middle where Ibutterflied it so make sure it’s cookedin the inside[Music]no Simon Le Poisson over hereso I’m in a good spot you guys I can goon in it and prove my Belgian waffles inthe oven but three minutes okay[Applause]three maybe four minutes I don’t thinkI’m gonna forget but if you guys findthat I’m forgetting pleasetap me in my baby like did it get thewaffles out get the whoppers up okayokay let me want this shirt honey let mewarm up this so you guys what I’m let medo some warm up my start I’m gonna taketwo of our little um sake cups this iswhat we use to warm up the sake thiscomes with your sake which is a Japaneserice wine don’t you get from a sushi barmainly somebody use this one and thisone we have lot city’s a little sakething puts me and my husband like tohave a link sake okay so I’m gonna fillthese up with cert may be doing theauntie mama I try the other ones butoverall I just really love extra mamasyrup so we’re gonna kill that one we’regonnanow we’ll put these in the microwavereal quick for life15 seconds something like that not toolong you know sirwarms up very quicklyPapa okay you guys the chicken is prettymuch better the waffles are in therelike smooth so I have my plate readywith a napkin on it to drain the greaseoff of the chicken okayyou raise it up a little bit my boy herecut off a little bitoh yes more we need two napkins for thatI’m gonna move this off of the oil offthe fire roll it down get some papertowel I want to also that you just touchthe chicken a little bit let me show youthat chicken oh it looks so goodOh smells so good oh you see I had tobutterfly it cuz it was so big I had tomake sure I got in there and got it uhnice and done in the middle okay let meput this plate together for y’all thoughokayokay we’re gonna like that we’re gonnalet those waffles cook just a little bitlonger and we are going to do a playteam doing a little play team for youguys[Music]what are y’all gonna be having forbrunch today / linorso we got that everything has its placeso on a weight all right my bells andwaffles are done so let’s grab these arethe kitchen browniemaybe the people that I need you to cometaste this honey see if we can’t finishplating this thing let me get him roomslike I’ll eat the food I’m trying tomake sure everything is nice and hothoneybuddy you downokay nice butter pour the butter on thecoming the cert can you get a chair andput it right here so you can taste thefood Jesus I got your care all right allright so I am what to do there eat likethis and I have to do their poor I haveto pour the syrup on you guys I had todo the poor and he also likes syrup onhis eggs he likes it to drizzle downshould I get you a little bit more sirthat’s good you should orderlet me show the people there you go guysthat is a big country brunch slash linorfor my hubby okay with Belgian wafflesand pickled chicken breastseggs over well with cheese and lots ofbutter lots of Sun press there daddy hasto eat for the people eggs a greatlittle circle hmm good take a big biteof that chicken I’m about to get to thatchick isn’t it nice and soft and crispyand pure self bodyman well some of those crunchy partcrunch crunchthere’s perfectAlexis okay am I having thank you guysfor joining us give me a bite baby I’lltake a little walk like this contra partthat’s too big good it’s not going allin my mouth and this don’t burn me a lotgive me that yes let me know what didyou cook for your humming today okaylet’s share no matter what you do takeChrist with you hey guys if you want tocook for you tell it thank yoummm so you might not go and get and guysGodzilla and Zola here and we willprotect you and you will make it outalive with isn’t that right Zilla yeahShawn what you just did with the clubwith the clay yeah I I don’t I turned myear tomorrow’s going to a 98 Godzillatoy okay c’est bon ba-bye and you willmake it out alivewhoever tries to take you away will takehim away whoever tries to take you awaywithout fire

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