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How to make Waffles by Kayla

Perfect breakfast idea

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Video Transcription

okay so guys what do you like I likestrawberry hi guys welcome back so nopublished on video and today I’m goingto be working making waffles yay so Iwere to eat waffles for breakfast anddessert and sit down watch movie so thisis theso first off[Music]so as you can see as you can see fromthe recipe I’m using recipe the thingsthat are new so first we start back inthe flour and then there is my dryingredientsOh sugaryou[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]if you like they’re really soft then youcan take them out as early as you likebut I take them out after two minuteswhere you get that golden kind of color[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so guys first of the video it’s justgonna be a long time enough so sit backand relax and turn to putting the dustin I’m taking on college to do supposedto come and face and see what[Music][Music]recipe and if you did the recipe acouple of lohanya T so there soeverything god bless youyou

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