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Video Transcription

[Music]before we get into the video I just wantto state that I tried using a new set upand using my brother’s camera and he hada microphone on it but something weirdhappened with the audio and I didn’trealize until now when I’m trying toedit and it’s too late to re-filmanything cuz I already filmed the wholevideo that there’s this weird buzzingnoise in the background so I tried toput music over it and edit it andliterally it’s like such a long timejust trying to figure out how to reduceit as much as possible so I just wantedto do they gois it PSA public service announcement ifyou hear a buzzing noise in thebackground that’s what it is it’s notlike your headphones or your air pods orwhatever you’re listening to or yourdevice there was a weird buzzing noisegoing on tried to fix it don’t know howwell it worked out enjoy the video todayso you probably see these cookies cuzthere’s like Halloween ones Christmasones Thanksgiving ones they’re reallyeasy there’s no way I can mess thisstuff messing yourself would be it’svery unlikely I’m pretty sure I just putthem down and then Baker heat oven placecookies you think it’s maybe the easiestthing[Music][Music][Music][Music]surprised I wasn’t asleepit’s a cook or bake 810 salvage a fewmoments later[Music]BAM these beauties[Music][Music]just know what you know from me on yourback in a minuteit’s been like five minutes I’ve beenwaiting[Music]okay so we’re back to my room because Ithought I would do the taste test uphere presentation-wise oh thatis why you don’t bring food into yourroom I think I got maybe a nappresentation this one’s broken all ofthe blue ones are like breaking so Ireally thought there was no way I couldmess this up but oh well here we arethank you so try one ooh[Music]oh no oh okay that’s gross well that wasa fail oh and that’s also the entirevideoI would rate these cookies up a to tastegross on the texture is kind of weirdalthough there may be the easiest thingsto bake it does not look like thatthat’s on the packages that’s not whatit looks like I’m sorry can we have acomparison please does that even looklike the same cookie that was that wasnot goodfail Oh No that’s all I got I wasactually really excited I’ve beenwaiting to make these for such a longtime and they were really disappointingto me I don’t know why I’m weirdly sadnow[Applause]but you know what it’s all just a lifeexperience I guess I wouldn’t do this athome unless you want to make a batch ofcookies that taste trip I don’t evenknow what I’m gonna do with them I can’teven give them to people because they’reall broken on that cost Oh[Music]thanks for watching hope this was semiamusing calling down below any videosyou want to see I’m trying to beconsistent and post every single day sofar it’s been successful so far it’sonly been two days but we’re gonna seehow long this goes what do you what doyou want to see next I literally lostall my energy and emotion making thisvideo I don’t know what happened but I’mjust thanks so much for watching Ireally appreciate it I love you I hopethat you’re being safe and taking careof yourself and yeahthat’s it I’ll see you tomorrow or nexttime or bye[Music]


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