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Video Transcription

hello okay so today I’m going to showyou how to make cookies right hey youall we need is three ingredients okayvery easy three ingredients buttercastor sugar and flour okay this one isself raising flour okay so the biscuitsat the beginning will be small but whenwe put them in the oven and they get hotthey get bigger okay so first we need a100 grams okay 50 grams of sugar and 150grams of self-raising flour okay so stepnumber one very important always washyour hands okayready for to wash your hands then we putthe butter and sugar how do we mix themtogether okayI’m finally we add the flour then whenwe have the texture okay like this wecan mix it we don’t have with our handswhen you have the texture like thismoment okaywe make it flat and today might beingthat I’ve chosen to do what shape andboiling okay so we put the boiling andremember our oil is to move it about sothat we can take the edges away easierand then when you look thick we have theshape of a boy okay today we’ve had theshape of and boy the house the dog andgirl okay then you have to put thebiscuits in the oven for 15 or 20minutes and you get some biscuits likethese okay here we have two barrels twoboys I wonder because Martina hasalready eat in the housesorry okay I hope you can make someI hope you enjoy them okay goodbye[Music]

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