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The Chan Brothers Make Waffles

Benny & Michael make waffles.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so today we have a little tip a quicktip about eggsif you ever gonna have eggs that you’renot sure if it’s cooked or raw show usthe two eggs boys you’ve got a cooked ora right and if you want to know ahard-boiled egg we’ll spin really fastlike that and then show us what thewhite egg does that’s a raw egg and itdoesn’t spin as fast so if you’re everstuck that’s how to tell thanks forwatching 10 brothers what are we gonnado today yep we are making waffles todayand we’re gonna make fun Freddiesprinkle waffles yep so we’re gonna mixthis until it all the big lumps are goneand then we’re gonna put them in ourwaffle maker so stir stir stir okay boyshow are we doing all your big lumps goneyet yep nope how’s the smellsmells yummy right okay we’re almostready to put these yes I think they’reready all the big bumps are gone we’reready to pour okay so our batter isready and we’re going to first haveBenny do this okay be very careful Bennywe have a little closerdo we need a little more for that oneyes about half a spoon in each one yepput half of it in the first one and halfof it in the second one there you gogood all right and then we’ll haveMichael come over that’s good bene wellwe put the waffle iron on it’ll squishokay that’s good now it’s Michaels turnall right as Michaels turn do a fullspoon there you go[Music]okay that’s perfect go ahead in the back[Music]See Mom it’s okay that’s good well wesquish it now they will fill the wholething all right let’s do thiscan I need a walk all rightBenny’s eating is watchful and how’s ittaste been so good oh goodthanks for watching my video this weekit’s glad to want you though I hope youlike it and comment down below on thelife but bye

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