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How to Make Protein Waffles| Gluten Free!

Hey Guys! In this cooking tutorial, I made Gluten-Free Protein Waffles. I love this recipe because these waffles keep you full for a very long time. You can store them in your freezer so you can enjoy them whenever you want.


3 cups oats
1 1/2 cups GF flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
2 cups buttermilk
1 cup cottage cheese
3/4 cup oil

Blend 3 cups of oats in a blender until it is finely chopped. Now combine the oats, GF flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt, and baking powder in a large bowl. Set that aside and blend eggs, buttermilk, and cottage cheese together until smooth. Now combine eggs, buttermilk, cottage cheese, and oil with the dry ingredients. Cook in a waffle maker and enjoy.

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Video Transcription

time’s up guys welcome back to mychannel breakfast is my favorite meal ofthe dayand for breakfast I always love techprotein waffles so today I’m going to beshowing you how to make protein wafflesthat will keep you full until lunchtimebefore I get started don’t forget tosubscribe and if you’d like to have thestars’ we try I will have it in thedescription down below alright to getstarted I’m going to want up 3 cups ofoats I’m going to blend this up so thatI won’t have thick pieces of oats in mywaffles and I’m just gonna pull this andthen I’m going to shake it up and I’mgonna pulse it again[Music]alright now I’m going to mix together mydry ingredients now I have three cups ofblended up oats I use old-fashioned oatsbut you can use whatever oats you haveand then I’m going to add it one and ahalf cups of all-purpose gluten-freeflour and I’m going to add in 1/4 cupplus 2 tablespoons of sugar then I’mgonna add in 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1teaspoon of salt and 4 teaspoons ofbaking powder now I’m gonna whisk thistogether now for my wet ingredients Ihave 2 cups of buttermilk into thisglass and then I’m going to pour 4 eggsinto this Cup then I’m going to pour 1cup of cottage cheese all right now I’mgonna blend this up now I’m going topour my X buttermilk and cottage cheeseinto my dry ingredients then I’m goingto pour 3/4 cup of vegetable oil onto mydry ingredients now I’m going to mixthis together[Music]all right I have my batter ready and nowI’m ready to put it into my waffle makerand now we’re up your waffle maker I’musing a Belgian waffle maker which makesthicker waffles and normal waffle makersbut you can use whatever wok making youlike and if in the directions of yourwealth maker it says to spray it withcooking spray don’t forget to do that mywaffle iron is heated up and now I’mgoing to put my batter over my wok makeryou’re gonna start by fitting about acup and a half of batter over yourwaffle maker but depending on the sizeof your waffle maker you’re going to puta little bit more or a little bit lessbatter on it[Music]sometimes you have to adjust thesettings on your waffle iron a littlebit I made mine cook a little bit less Imade 15 waffles with my batter and whatI like to do with my waffles now is letthem completely cool and then put themin an airtight ziplock bag and storethem in the freezer then whenever I wantto waffle for breakfastpull one out of the freezer defrost itin the microwave then toast it and enjoya hearty breakfast that will keep mefull into lunchtime thank you guys somuch for watching if you like this videodon’t forget to give it a thumbs up andsubscribe if you want to see more videoslike this one I’ll see you in the nextvideo bye guyswhere they hurt I need 15 waffles withthis batter and I don’t know where thelast one went don’t forget to clean upthe edges of the waffles

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