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WORLDS BEST HEALTHY PANCAKES? | watch me attempt to cook lol

Uploading some entertainment for you while you’re likely being quarantined.

I cant cook… no really!!
but these pancakes are worth it.

follow along to make your very own, WORLDS BEST HEALTHY PANCAKES
the more powdered sugar you cover them in, the healthier

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we’re gonna do something differentI’m going to cook for you and I don’tcook so I’ll be entertaining it’s thebest blueberry pancakes ever my dadmakes them and they the best and theirweight watcher friendly not that I doWeight Watchers but they are good foryou and they are good for the soul andI’m wearing sunglasses because I’m uglyand I don’t want to put on makeupbecause you guys don’t deserve thatokay hey you guys I’m trying again[Music]because the last frame I was pre orangeand I changed the light again now I justpale and it’s really sad I think that’sjust what I look like is this what Ilook like yeah I’m not gonna lie my armsstarting to hurt from holding this soMatt needs to get his act together andstart recording me okay drum roll policenext frame is gonna be me being ahousewife for the first time in my life[Music]first I need to find the pans that Ineed also you can zoom in with this ifyou want that so you need three pans forthis recipe it’s quite fancy schmancystop it I have the two I’m trying toremember what the third one looks likebecause I know I think I know which oneI found now I don’t meet people didindeed mom’s gonna be busy okay this oneand it’s not very or good are we so weneed a full thing the birdies I can’topen it oh no it’s triggered shown theblueberries so we have blueberries andthen needle it on to squeeze on theblueberryso first we’re gonna work these outfirst you got it yeah[Music]then you get all them on this lemon hasalready been cut in half and I hopethere’s some juices left a lot of timesthe seeds will come out you ready forthis ready guyssting all I care about this see theselook at weight look at the blueberriesthere’s just seeds in it dad don’t watchthis video Toby’s on the counter we’regonna get a fresh lemon because workingokay guys you have to pick eachindividual seed out of the blueberriesor not then you add some nice crunch toyour pan jaquise we’re gonna get a newdilemmaokay you want your LeMond to be Brucebecause it’ll make the juices floweasier you need to be still with thecamera stressing me out you can roll itout first oh okay we’re gonna roll itoutokay Toby’s entering the sink okay thenwe cut the lemon fresh lemon now wesqueeze the lemon and the blue bowthere’s some cat hair on there wesqueeze in here yes and that is Samantha[Applause]my house is a zoo there’s the cat in thesink my parents are out of town and mydad hates one Tobyokay this looks like animal abuse putthem down here are the directions myfather gave me screenshot if you want toknow how to do itlook about our milk we use it’s lightnow I need to look at what the next stepwas one a joke this is where it getstricky dick D because I just separatewe’re gonna try to get the egg whites inhere and the egg yolk in hereit’s a gymnastics act and you’resupposed till I go back and forthgood and then the egg yolk goes in therethen you have to do it again you need 2egg whites in here with only one a Yodain there’s egg yolk so one egg yolk iswasted this is why children are starvingthere’s a bunch of html’sokay yay so now we’re gonna add a cup ofBisquick to the buttermilk and a coronavirus you ready for this okaywe’re gonna make so with the whisk thisis a high octane country and we’re goingto whisk the egg whitesthis is tricky tricky cuz usually my dadtells me where to stop cuz I don’t knowwhen they’re fluffy enough and if you gotoo far I think it’s like we need saltbeetsyeah you need soft peaks that’s Matthewsays or else you go too far and whathappens I just get like soft they breakdown they break down okay so alreadyguys it’s kind ofoh my gosh sweating don’t they look it’spretty cool how that happens rightscience ki posit first thing yeah why[Music]you think that’s good so it looks likewhat cream pretty now I’ve put theblueberries into the flour buttermilkand we have to fold the egg whites innow we fold it now your next step is tocook the pancakes we’re almost done guysyou’re almost done what it’s awful thatyou what mm-hmm hell I wonder if this ishot enough and you swirl it aroundokay Matt we’ll do itthis is how you’re supposed to do it I[Music]get Toby’s coming with his mouth now wewait I’ll come back to you guys whenthese are done because I think you knowyou just flip it and you flip it andthen it’s doneand then voila you have some pancakesthey don’t look the best but tastes thebest you can put some powdered sugar onthey’re beautiful and the best thingabout these pancakes they’re so good youdon’t need syrups thanks for watchingsubscribe if you liked it or even if youdid and I appreciate you watching thiswhole video it means a lot to me sothank you very much[Music][Applause][Music]

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