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Recipe – Maple Apple of My Eye Slab Pie

Apple pie is always a good idea! Let’s bake with Princess Lindsley! This recipe calls for us to make a rectangular slab pie, which is perfect for a picnic or BBQ. I add maple to give a rich, unique flavor and a glaze because why not make apple pie even more delicious?!

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Video Transcription

I’m back my darlings my lovely Simoisprincess Lily it’s Saturdaydon’t you think tik-tok what else haveyou got going on let’s see I thinkmaking us a joy I really do and thelittle sweets now and that is not badespecially to share it and give most ofit away as I am difference of family goahead and bake it up darlingnow Jay we’re going to take theseDelicious apples so good for you and Iwill add a it’s early well with thisrecipe going to get more than one applea day it’s gonna be really delicious andso healthy for you kind of sort of redbutter and sugar and other things somaybe not as healthy as we might thinkdoesn’t matter we’re going to make mapleapple of my eyeslap hi it is so deliciouswhat does love of hot I mean beauty buttoday we’re going to make a littledifferenthi Roy bacon in video red Tommy you’reall thing which is called a slab hinow usually slab pies were very largejelly roll baby sheep version becausethere’s not many people so I don’t needa gigantic apple slap on do I teensy foreveryonethis pan is about eleven and a half byeight that right think I fill it upbuddyyes I did measure it so similar have myeight and it’s a little pad you can makea larger fan whatever you like to stopPeter Pan okay so first I’m gonna do ismake my high oh and we are using mapleSierra now these children get the goodstuff in Vermont it says organic and I’msecure they want make up shop I have aprince over there what I can you bringme someit’s really nice uh-huh okay so firstI’m gonna make a pie crust and I loveusing my food processor because it is soeasy when you use a different processorand there’s no reason why you should beusing but store I cross no darlingsreally so easily make your own it comesout so much more fresh and deliciousjust like me okay so I’ve got two sticksof butter and what I like to do is Ilike to human sup girls little handydandy Tupperware kind of right now forthe freezer because you really want yourbuttocks to be really really really ohlike my ex Lords soul and heartoh I started cold as ice yes when coalis a good thingokay so just way to slice thisvertically down the middle they don’tneed to be very very small piecesbecause the food processor so good aboutjust churning this up I’m just gonnamake these cubes fight our way out andI’m gonna just put these cubes in thisaware and again we’re just gonna freezeit you could skip this step of puttingit in the freezer but I really do thinkyou should do that because it makes thebus up really really cold and then whenyou incorporate it with your Joe you gotperfect perfect do this is two sticks ofunsalted haha tonight especially bakingfabulous ingredient there’s nothingwrong with butter butter gets such a badrap of simpler I love you there’snothing wrong with your butter now it’stheir new Julia Child loves butter InaGarten loves butter I loveso there okay so again vertically downthe middle make sure your hands areclean you’re handling any foodingredients especially well this isgonna be bait so you know I wanna gethigh crust so we do want your plans beclean no matter what I mean come on youdon’t want to be given anyone pumpkinson the ball case or any other diseasecoronavirus or whatever else that you’regoing to be bestowing upon others wewant to bestow it up not Jerome Sullyokay so I turn this into the fees off wego now all right close togethermy dry ingredients and remember the piecrust needs to sit in the fridge for atleast 2 hours and freeze it okay oh okayand we’ve got she’s full of salt saltgives flavor blacks little flavorme me me Oh say darling okay okay oh I’mgonna get some ice water ready such aneasy simple don’t mind sugar I’m gonnaadd to my recipe right now some peoplehave the little sugar into their piecrust some don’tI’m contemplating I’m concentratingwe’re gonna 1/2 teaspoon of sugar whynot let’s make it a little sweet but youdon’t have to I’m gonna make sure I makea note of that because you know so thisis a exercise a teach me let’s tieteaspoon of sugar see it sometimeschange my recipe as I’m going so like Isaid some people put in sugar togetherhigh press some people don’t I’m goingto to Gaetti because I feel it I want tobe extra sweet let’s post this Oh wrongwayfabulous now I want to get some icewater ready a little bit of ice water[Music]got to know the bottom conveniences ofthe refrigerator and Scott ice and waterright there ready to do okay let’s getout our butter okay so I’m going to takeoff this little handy dandy thing shouldyou see up this part and wow thisposters from added some butter on themwearing some butter probably about Idon’t know five or six pieces and thenlittle pulse from that supplement iseverywhere this is just the easiestthing to do I mean I don’t know whypeople bother by store store pie crustsI mean darling who knows whatpreservatives are in those I mean itokay in a pinch if you go back to make70 mm any things in your life I justcan’t possibly do everything how pastryI always buy because I don’t make thatthat it’s just way too complicated andtime-consuming darling so as have frozenpie pie pie pastry in my freezer readyto go water to Knox melts at Oh newmelting on the bus ah some people usetheir dough hook for this I’d like touse do you regular blade and my foodprocessor secure the chops butter offall right my sweet fabulous just keepgoing easy this is the processor reallyit’s pretty amazingokaythat’s all my butter half of the waterand into an increments iced water againmust be coldokay so you want to look like littlelittle balls there we go see now it’snothing why are we feeling about this Iwould say just a tad bit more ice waterand then we’ll be readyhow we feeling about this consistencylet’s see feel pretty good about thatokay[Music]I’m just quitting very very quickly andjust to eat this your hands as you workwith it won’t sup to do and we don’twant to roll up and down too muchor the sellout we get all of it get offget off obviously nonsense back downhere this is where it’s all wet so youdefinitely want to cook it that in soagain just work quicklywe do not want to knead it too much justtill it comes together into one bigpiece and then we’re going to cut itinto pieces this because again one isgoing to talk cause that one’s going tobe the bottom so okay L pie crust whichone is gonna be the top of which one isgonna be the bottom I think okay it’sgonna keep falling it into itself startscooking together a little bit it’slooking good again don’t over need itjust will it to come together enough canalready feel like it’s getting warm frommy hands so be very careful about thatokay all these little piecesokay this into a ball what’s that seewhat ball push it together make sureyou’re all ready to dough god forbidyou’re mixed okay so another dough putthis into a giant bowl and cut it inhalflook bit of a workoutfor you though they’re gonna eat is highand it have to get your exercise kidswhat is that noise okay here just kindof looks like a brain it’s my brain okaycut it write it up now the new we justwant you passing it into a disk so thatwill you be roll it out it’ll be easyoh they’re so cute and we’re going towant to wrap these and clean wrap andthen they’ll go right into refrigeratoragain released two hours oh I actuallyenjoy making homemade pie crust thatbegets fun something fun I deal with thekids toothey’ll enjoy it that’s one and goodnessokay and then into the fridge we go whenwe come back and at least two hours wayto start to make all right all rightkids have a wonderful rest of your timeI’ll see you in about two hourshigh ball Joe or bad our lovely piecrusts have been sitting in therefrigerator whoa that’s good feelingnice and cool and also you’ve use an icepack oh okay we’re going to take wellout of my oven at 375okay we’re going to take one of ourlittle high across officials ruled itout to be do not handso that’s now we’re here we’re about tobe on a row of pins on a row I likereally up Joe and it’s fun I think it’svery therapeutic can be very verytherapeuticgo ahead try it at home I think you’llfind it fun as well flower make sureit’s not too hard it is rather hard wejust had put some mescaline I just wantto make sure – now we’re not doing thecircle we’re doing a rectangle so keepthat in mind as you roll out your doughto try to get a table go around we’rejust going to be worth it for high justkeep going kids it’ll get there trust meokay what up I love my ah those havebeen peeled and sliced and they have youknow extra lemon juice I think a littlebit more I like my heart like my applepie and little hard darling open thefinest ingredients we’re white add in atablespoon of maple syrup first mytablespoon what am i doing my tablespoon must be somewhere they was justhiding from me around hey are you losingyour minds out there cuz I am I wanttablespoon of maple syrup this is gonnagive it a really really delicious flavorhey no a little bithey now I’ll add in my sugars yes Ithink so we’ve got a 35 of regular whitesugar okay to cup these don’t have to beexact exactly exactly when you make acake be very precisepies are much more forgiving just niceyou like that and then we get out ofhere why does that come off like I’msure I can mix about triggers you get arichness to use brown sugar is vital inyour high goes also with a maple commonsalt if you get the conceptHeyoh it’s gonna be so delightful best wayto eat apples if you ask me okay alittle bit of flour which support thecup but sour helps bind it so that youdon’t have a barrier run run easily comeon hey it’s all mixed in well is lovelyall rightam I missing anything Oh spices okay sowe’ve got um he’s one of the villaalways good for cooking bakingespecially always gives it a nice andthe classic apple pie spices which iscinnamon and nutmeg really reallydelicious and I get the apples arenicely coated with sugar but the flourstarted smelling good okay I want you atin what a nasty spoons up cinnamon tastecut off so I can easily get to it if onea nap and that’s it so can’t have toomuch serve and I say I didn’t know theydon’t you hey I like I really loved thatbag I think it’s delicious look youcould also add ginger if you wanted toGinger’s a nice flavor in this but I’mnot gonna get right today don’t feellike it where do you feel likeyou should you okay play around withspices spices nice as I always like tosay all right everything all right sonow we’re gonna put this into our lovelycrust here and don’t worry if yourapples are highly not because you don’tthey cook down in the oven so thisactually looks like the right a goodamount just wonderfulokay spread these all out so it’s evenlydispersed make sure you get a good ‘noselect in your bowl which our spices andmaple syrup honey and honey sugar Ohsometimes you can’t talk okaynow set this over here because I’m gonnahold out my other top this horse can Ihave compiled without a top crust whywhy bother why bother with that okaythis is nice and I’m soften which isgood my other dough I didn’t stop itenough it was a little crazy this oneseems to be a lot better to just have tofigure it can I say right now this doughis just like not having it butI’m going to make it work yes I amstubborn stubborn stubborn do todaystubborn stubborn stubborn you know whatcan end up being fine what I’m going todo and this is something you can do ifyou don’t know is that cooperating whichright now is not what we do is you cando a little patch job on the ends whichis what I’m going to do man she is she’sa little worked kind of like me whatworked looks like it comes out should beinteresting that’s for suretry twice as high what have you done tome to my life you better come out okayway to see it’s definitely experiment inlife I’m definitely calling this rusticslab pie that’s all I can say rusticindeed okay for now let’s see what comesout Ohrody hey hey hi is very very rustic[Laughter]oh I’m okay with that no seriously I’mokay with it I’m just gonna have to beseven let’s make our glaze what’s sogreat about this hi my maple apple of myeyes slab high is that there’s a base soit’s gonna cover up some of thiscraziness over here okay let’s make ourbusiness we want one three one that’s acup of sugar just gonna use a cup herethe glaze is also one of these thingswhere you don’t have to be exact becauseit’s an ace so it’s so much you’re closeto what it should be should be finewe’re doing Sarah hell because maplemaple hi good days which is going to getjudicious give it such a beautifulflavor and then just enough milk to giveit the right consistency for us todrizzle it over our high so little bitof like a teasetablespoon start there but screen ugliesthis is that you know if it’s tooliquidy you added more powdered sugargive it to a dry madam or little commonsense common sense is good okay it’sespecially the perfect consistencythat’s tasted whoo hmm that’s reallynice okay so I’m just going to drizzlethis do so however you want to just sortof literally go like this in a nice bigribbon kind of a Picasso but she this isa Kevin Pollak type design cuz frankly Iwant to cover up this crazycrust that I did there this press was alittle won’t the companyno no just say you know what it’s gonnataste amazing bail this place is gonnamake it so after you pour this on youdidn’t want to let it set so it driesand then when we’re done once thensetting putting it which is the bestpart at all all right let’s test we backwe will eat our right oh my I’m aa me ohha ha ha it’s time to eat pie yeah Iknow breath left ok time to stir it up Ido love that it’s a slab because youknow let’s see how been doing with thesepieces to be that’s to about here whocan I tell this crust is nice and crustyhi deliciousok hmm nice and crumblyso my Friday’s the first piece out Ifind but I’m gonna do it first pieceshould be for the cook anyways rightstop stop suicide here get out okay itdoes look really prettyGoogle be fooled amaze over it I canalready see and this little Applesticking out with cinnamon on it andsugar oh my boss oh and they look rusticbut boy I’m fine with thatI’m happy with itWow hmmI know it’s delicious the apples reallynice I like that I use Granny Smith andHoney Crisp I can taste a lemon which isreally nice cuz it is sweet obviouslyright but let me give this a nice littlesip and the apples are cooked perfectlyjust a some vanilla ice cream probablySybilla is ready to be happyokay you should make this you reallyshould hmm I already got her breakfastand what darlings please please makethis at home princesses I think you willabsolutely love it if you like to bringmy speed go to babies in the big tableas always princesses remember that Ilove youI’m sending you love vo my food and mycookie to your home so that you can makethis at home and send love out to theworld do your cookingalright princesses lots of love peaceand apple pie

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