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QUARANTINE VLOG 13 | Organizing Our Fridge & What’s Inside + Sunday Waffles & Homemade Pico de Gallo

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Lot’s more cooking in this quarantine vlog! We begin with some waffles for a relaxing Sunday morning and I get creative with mine to make a blueberry & chocolate chip waffle. I also show you guys how I make my homemade pico de gallo and tortilla chips, and I create a new Greek & Italian-inspired salad. I also say enough is enough and finally organize my fridge so that we can have a functional, aesthetic, organized refrigerator, and give you a tour of what’s inside my fridge.

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Video Transcription

[Music]happy Sunday you guys drivers coming toget the waffle maker cuz as I mentionedin the last vlog we’re making my choicetoday yes I mean I need the mediummixing bowl of that or just all of themixing bowls yay literally our firsttime using this this is our waffle makerthis is a Cuisinart waffle maker we gotit for our wedding and I don’t know ifthere’s like necessarily like a specificname for this model I’m sure that thereis I just don’t know it but yeah I’mjust gonna wipe this down and then wecan get to mixing up the batter you guyssaw me setting this up earlier but thisis what we’re using you know be usingthis pancake and waffle mix this is theburchett benders just add water mix butfor waffles apparently you do need toadd water and oil so we have some canolaoil for my waffles I’d like to do a setof chocolate chip and then I set ofblueberry or actually I might do themtogether that are actually sounds reallygood and then we have some butter thisis the Land O’Lakes of butter with oliveoil and sea salt actually really likethis one and then just some oldfashioned syrup this one is the molassesand brown sugar one and then my bananabreads back there from the last vlog sofor 6 to 8 pancakes oh waitI’m assuming it’s gonna be the sameserving size for waffles but babe howmany waffles do you want just you itmakes a Belgian waffle I think you’reright just chill for 3 you want three ofthose okay I should go with fiveso we need to do one cup of mix fromstop touching me Trevor you’re soobnoxious one cup of mix sorry Spartacusis out in the backyard right now so he’splaying back there you hear that noisewould you say that this waffle thing isfour inches deepno why the or would you say it’s eightinches wide eight inches okay so if youwant three of these so I do need to makethis okay Sparty’sexcuse you excuse you sir sir sirget out of here and we need 3/4 cup ofwater and since I’m doing one and a halfcups of mix that’s just two tablespoonsof oilokay we’ll mix her upokayso I’m gonna put about a third of thisbatter this is enough for a waffle Ican’t even tell and some blueberriesbecause I have them so why not why notmake a fancy awful so we lost our manualand we had to look everything up onlinebut suppose you season it with somecooking oil do you want to go firstyours is the plain batter over here I’mjust playing about yes you are Pass Iasked you if you wanted so it says to sofill it up I guess all the way it’syoursyeah I know I don’t think that this isthe correct one and then distribute itevenly okay yeah do it right away Trevordo you get it and rotate ithey bud be sunbathing hey thank youyou go boy not bad for the first one uhyou can do it for a couple minuteslonger if you want to help migrants Idon’t know if you want oh yeah just setit down so million years later it’sfinally my turn I think we have morebetter than we need yeah I’ve got towatch you mess it up I’m gonna respraythis down overflow in just a little bitbut that’s also because I have littletoppings and stuff in here I don’t knowhow this is gonna work out with theseblueberries and chocolate chips in herebut we’ll find out okay so here we goclose her down I’m gonna go to the maxokay and here is mine the chocolate chipand blueberry waffle then we’re gonna dosome butter obviously it’s already nutsyand then for mine sugar actually soright over top a little garnish to theside YUM hey so kind of want to saysorry if you are not really a food orcousin person I feel like that’s justall my blocks have been because likewhat else are we doing I just finishedediting the previous vlog right now andit was a lot of cooking it that was whenI made the banana bread and all thatjunk and then I realized I was poppingon here right now to show you guys how Imake my people did I know because we’regonna make some taco poles tomorrow andI’m also gonna make me dinner right nowit’s gonna be like a simple salmon bullso yeah sorry that’s all cooking reallythere’s not much else to do but I alsoknow that there’s a lot of you guys outthere who have messaged me saying thatyou like seeing like the meals that I’mcooking gives you some like ideas andeverything so here’s basically two morethat wereto embark on okay so my kids or the dialis really really simple I cannot handlespice so this is a super mild pico degallo like I’m talking no heat at allobviously if you like spice you candefinitely add in some jalapenos orwhatever you like but this is what I dofor mine so I do tomatoes lines cilantroand a white onion I’m probably onlygoing to use like half of this and thenjust a little bit of salt and literallythat’s all you need to do so I don’treally want to make too big of a batchso I’m just gonna put everything in thiscontainer because the thing with mine isI like to let it marinate overnight Ithink I already said thatand also gee this is really great withtortilla chips I used to actually makelike homemade tortilla chips to go withthis which actually that sounds reallygood and I have the time to do thatmaybe we’ll go to the grocery storetomorrow and pick up some tortillasbecause that sounds like a good ideawith this but anyways for right now I’mjust gonna chop up the tomatoes theonion and the cilantro get it all in thebowl and then I just douse all of thatwith lime juice and some salt and then Ijust let it sit and marinate and itmakes a really really good superflavorful pico de gallo[Music]I’m getting started on my statement Bowland this is actually gonna be a reallyreally quick dinner to put together goahead and line this with some foil andI’m actually gonna do a light layer ofcooking spray just because the salmonthat I have is skinless so I just don’twant it to stick to the pan and thenthis is just like literally the simplesta man ever just some olive oil rightover top and then some pepper and Icurrently have the oven heating to 400degrees normally I do about 10 minutesin the oven but this is a pretty thinpiece of salmon so I’m actually justgonna do like seven minutes or so ovenspretty even and go ahead and pop this instart it there and then I’ll check on itonce it’s ready but now let me even dothe kale and then Trevor for your extrarice for me the other night so I’m gonnago ahead and heat this up this is good[Music]salmon’s about to be done soon so we’regonna work on the rights right now justgonna pour the ricin here and we’regonna make it kind of like a lemonpepper rice so it’s been duo literallyjust a hit of salt lemon in there andpepper decent mountain there yeah sevenminutes then taking some bitch and saucecuz it’s the best I’m just gonna goahead and put something right in the panhere this sauce over this campus so good yeah just put right overthe rice salmon so there is my salmonbowl just lemon pepper white ricesauteed kale and bitchin sauce and justa baked salmon right on top okay so timefor a little dessert I have theseraspberries that I got last week forMother’s and then I saw this with thegrocery store today this is the Sabradark chocolate dessert dip and spread Ithought it was like really interestingit is a chickpea based dip so curiouswhat that tastes like but it is supposeto be healthier than just you knoweating a ton of straight chocolate oranything like that so I thought I wouldrinse off these raspberries andtry the step here we go at the chocolatedip smells chocolatey got my raspberriesooh it’s kind of thick it definitelyjust like scooped all up in there see ifI can get some more I said it kind oftastes kind of like a thicker chocolatepudding you don’t necessarily taste likea ton of chickpeas or anything it’sdefinitely nice and chocolatey yes I amjust chilling here and I’m actuallywatching my own vlogs in particular I’mwatching the Belize and Australia vlogsmy two big travel vlogs it’s just likesuch a different time seeing us traveland eat and explore and be around peopleand stuff it’s almost making me sad likeare we ever gonna be back to that but ifyou guys haven’t seen those vlogs ifyou’re new to my channel I will linkthem down below the Belize ones inparticular are like weird cuz they startoff at our old apartment and obviouslythey don’t look there anymore if you’renew to my channel we moved in Novemberso you haven’t been here for like veryvery long right yeah link those downbelow fee is alright hey friends we wentback to the grocery store I really dotry to limit how many times I go out tothe grocery store I am trying not to dowhat more thanbut I forgot so many things and I wasable to get away with not really goingto the grocery store for a twothree-week period because I was likejust doing really bad cookie I wasreally uninspired and so I was just likeeating junk inside a lot of nights Iwasn’t even like eating dinner I waseating like a bag of chips but recentlyif you haven’t noticed as I’ve beenclicking more vlogs I’ve gotten backinto cookingI’m liking getting creative with whatI’m making but the thing is I’m onlygonna get creative if I have what I needin the house to make the thing that Iwant to make so unfortunately that doesmean if I forgot something or I need togo back so that’s what we’re doingobviously because I did mentionyesterday that I do want to makehomemade tortilla chips so I mean I Reaknew I was going to go back to thegrocery store since I want to make thatand I’m really really excited for thatthat’s something that I haven’t made ina very long time because of how long ittakes if I don’t have a fryer so I haveto literally fry each tortilla in a panof oil and flip each one so it’s like alabor of love but they’re really reallygood and since I have all this ampletime why not and I’m sorry that this islike the first time that I’m talking toyou guys today and it’s already likefive o’clock but I was just in so manymeetings today back to back to backliterally from 10:30 auntil 3 p.m. and then I worked out rightafterwards so I’ve just been non-stopwhich is great I am grateful for thatbecause it means that I’m working I havea job and it also means I have things todo during the day but still I was justlike and I get a breather okay so Ithought I’d go ahead and show you guyswhat I got on my little mini grocery runfirst thing that I got was just somecherry tomatoes we go through thesereally really fast so I figured might aswell get us another pack especiallysince I’m making so many salads rightnow and then I got some raspberries Iate up all those raspberries last nightwith that dip so got some more alongwith some strawberries tried the dipwith and then I got these are like oneof my favorite snacks these are thequakers cheddar rice cakes and then Igot some skinny corn popcorn the seasalt and pepper is the best flavor it’sso freakin good I’m just like soobsessed with it then I got some corntortillas this is for me to fry up aschips and then I haven’t had these inforever they just like caught my eye andI’ve been missing them these are theKeebler fudge sticks so they’rebasically wafers covered in chocolateI’ll need to hide these from myself so Idon’t overindulge but really reallywanted these got a couple of lemons I gothrough the lemons pretty quickly andthen for the chocolate bowls I got thisfajita mix and also some smoked paprikato go with it and then I just got us twobubblies there weren’t bubblies when Iwent to the grocery store over theweekend at the one that I went to butthis one across the street did havebubbly so I got a raspberry and astrawberry okay so let’s get started onthese tortilla chips first off you needtortillas obviously like I showed youyou’re gonna need some oil I’m justgonna use canola oil and then just somesalt and pepper and some lines andprotip I would definitely have a bigplate put a paper towel over it so thatyou can drain the chips as you finishand then just oh god ow and then just askillet and that’s pretty basic you knowyou chop up the tortillas into trianglesheat up the oil I like to get it niceandthen just click everything over like amedium setting cuz I get impatient Idon’t want it too fast but I also don’twant it to cook too slow and then justlay out the chips let them drain it fromthe oil a little bit and then I like tojust like toss them all into one bigbowl and season them with salt pepperand lime[Music]okay so I’m going to get started on thecilantro lime rice and I’m just gonnamake this easier on myself I’m gonna useour rice cooker this is actually theirfirst time using it because I’m notgoing to use a Minute Rice I’m gonna usea regular rice okay so I don’t know howmany of you guys following me areFilipino or have watched Jo koy specialbut there is a secret to cooking aperfect race every time it’s a Filipinosecret basically fill up this thing withwater and rice there’s rice underneaththere and you’re gonna want to take yourfinger and have your finger sit on thetop of the rice and the water needs tocome up to this line right here I kidyou not it’s gonna cook perfectly everysingle time although this is a new ricecooker so hopefully it still works clickturn in however at the top man I feellike my mother now that I have a ricecooker and cook cool and just gonna letit do its thing I took a shower and therice finish cooking like I said perfectevery timebut now I’m gonna start cooking up themeat I just have some ground chickenthen I’m gonna cook up in this this islike a little fajita seasoning packetthat I found then I’m gonna add somesmoked paprika probably some whiteonions and then I’m gonna take some ofthat rice turn it into you cilantro limerice and then we’ll start assembling mytopic[Music]all right so we can go ahead and startassembling this just starting off with abase of the cilantro lime rice then someof this meat right over top and just alittle bit of cabbage I love cabbagepersonally so definitely don’t mind itin there then if you remember the picode gallo yesterday some of that justright over top here then I’m alsogetting out the Pico to the side for thechips and finally just some of thisMexican cheese blend just a little bitright over top and I had some noleftover cilantro so put that over topas well okay then I got my chips and mypizza[Music]morning guysso when I was walking Spartacus thismorning I saw a delivery truck come byand they delivered hard to order todaythought we’d turn off the morning withan unboxing right now so I’ll show youguys what we’ve got there’s like a thingin here that I’m really excited aboutbecause last night Trevor and I got in alittle bit of an argument over who gotto use the last of the big bowls that wehave so I was like no more oh my godthese are way bigger than I thought theywere gonna be okaywell I mean she has nice Ellen bowls butthese are massive I guess if I’m makingit really really ridiculously largesalad this will worked these are waybigger than I thought they were gonna beokayhelped made it work somehow forsomething and then I also got a stainremover for laundry because we were outof pine-sol one day so Trevor decided hewas gonna use shout to clean the floorsnot knowing that shout is for laundryand not for the floors so you used upthe rest of it but I need it for stainsobviously before I do laundry the targetdidn’t ship shout but it ships this onethis is seventh generation laundry stainremover and it’s actually a plant basedproduct so I’m interested to try thatout also got us some q-tips becausewe’re out that some food for the animalsthere’s pips and Spartacus has a goodamount of food that was just like alittle bit of a wreath oh this is likeTrevor’s current body wash in case yourman is looking for a new one so cheeseguys this is the every man-jackbody wash and shower gel in sandalwoodsmells really really good I like it alotwhich you know is what matters and thenI’m going back to regular deodorant I’vebeen using the Tom’s natural deodorantjust because they’re the only naturaldeodorant that I could find that had anantiperspirant version and I just latelyover the past like couple months likeevery time Itook my arms and smell that deodorant itsmelled like Bo to me and I know thatit’s the deodorant itself because when Iordered a new stick and opened it I gotthat smell again so I think like my nosehas like changed towards that smell soI’m over it so I just got myself someregular deodorant this is the degree ofmotion sense ultra clear black and whiteand pure rain I just I have to go backto him a regular one got some triple-abatteries because we don’t have anyapparently then I got us a coupletoothbrushes I’m sure that this is veryvery exciting right now and then I alsogot a refill of just like beep each ringsmart sweets but yeah that waseverything that I got from Target onthis round right now I’m gonna startworking and then I’m gonna do a workoutbut our living room looks so bad rightnow I did laundry last night and somestuff I needed to air dry so it’s alljust like hanging on our couch and onour staircase our apartment looks like afreaking alleyway and a Broadway playright now but speaking of the staircaseI don’t think I showed you guys wecleared it out if you guys rememberthere was like all of this stuff linedalong here I’m sure that it wasbothering a good chunk of you but wefinally sorted it cleaned it out andeverything and our stairs feel like fivetimes wider now feeling refreshed justjumped out of the shower and now I’mgonna make myself a salad because that’slike all I’ve been having for luncheslately gotta water the basil the midsteps I’ve given up a bit the mint willnot happen last time I went groceryshopping I got a few different likelittle toppings and stuff for saladsjust because I want to switch up mysalads I want to get kind of creativewith them so for today we’re gonna bemaking like a hybrid Italian Greek saladso I’m gonna start with the dressingthen we’ll assemble the rest of thepieces okay so like you said we’restarting with the dressing just got someolive oil here red wine vinegar garlicsalt pepper Italian seasoning and someminced garlicthis one from Trader Joe’s is like thebest like pre-minced garlic I’ve everhad in my life I’ve had quite a few andI just feel like this is the only onethat doesn’tlike there’s like a weird flavor thatthey usually happen this one actuallydoesn’t have that but anyways I saidwe’ll start assembling this start outwith some oil and vinegar do a goodamount though actually because this isthe whole dressing some garlic in heresome Italian seasoning fresh crackedpepper and just a bit of garlic salt andthen we’re just gonna whip that all looktogether to the side I’ve got a redonion then some feta cheese I personallypreferred the reduced fat there’s justsomething about like the fact that’s alittle bit drier than the full fat thatI like personally and then some Italiandry salami some grape tomatoes and ofcourse some spring mix unfortunatelyalthough my cucumbers are good or else Iwould use cucumbers on this but that’sfinefirst things first just some spring mixin here and I got the big box of springmix this time because I knew I was gonnamake so many salads then for the onion Ikind of want rings so just gonna be lazyand put them like this try to cut themnice and thin take off the outer layersand then I’m actually gonna quarter thetomatoes this time just feel like I wanta smaller tomato in the salad and youguys I promise that this is like thelast cooking thing that will be on thisvlog I’m so sorry that’s like all I’mdoing lately is cooking muy importantethese are sliced kalamata olives I gotthem pre sliced because I just likedon’t feel like slicing my own olivesI’m being very lazy about it but Ihaven’t had to call him on all I was ina salad in a long time so when I sawthese I was all over it really upsetthat those new salad bowls didn’t workout insideI am gonna go try to get some new oneswhether I do it through Amazon or Targetbut yeah that was a bummer then we’regonna do some salamiyes stack them on top of each other Ifreaking love salami just gonna quarterthem let’s make them more bite-sized formyself then feta cheese probably checkout the cover here and I almost forgotI got croutons to start adding to myselfthese are Italian seasoning croutons soI’m gonna just do a little bit just forsome crunch all right so there is thesalad give you guys a close-up before Iput the dressing on but there it is justwith all the dry ingredientsit looks so freakin good now the bigmoment yesokay so I’m coming in here to film thehell is this thing this isn’t for meTrevor was in here earlier leaving crapin my filming space this is me that thisis not me the hell although it’s notlike my filming space is pristineanyways but still come on bro hi so Ijust finished filming the thing that Iwas filming right now is actually acollab video that Michelle and I aredoing together but a part a quarantinecollab you guys will see when we put itall together but I just finished now andspeaking of content and YouTube andstuff I am for anyone who’s beenfollowing this journeyoh don’t lean you just posted a vlog Iknow what I’m watching well I’m havingdinner oh my god it went up even as Iwas filming I am now up to 970subscribers thank you guys so much I’mso close to 1,000 so what I think I’mgonna do right now is take a quickstroll over to the liquor store overhere and get myself a pre-emptive bottleof champagne to you hopefully be able tocelebrate within the next couple of daysokay guys soI got my champagne but as I was puttingit in here look at this friggin fridge II cannot stand this like I’ve beenwatching everyone’s vlogs and when theyrestock their fridges look so nice andthis just looks like honestly a crapshoot so I’ve decided I’m gonnareorganize my fridge right nowokay sorry the lights against me butlike welcome to the nightmare that isour fridge at the moment it looks so badright now I think I’m gonna go one areaat a time just pull everything out andreorganize it so that I can get it tolook at least halfway decent[Music]so here is the reorganized fridge itfeels a lot better and definitely I’mthrowing out a lot of stuff so we have alot of extra room in here for next timewe restock on groceries and stuff butstarting over here obviously I leftthese as is because what else are wegonna put in here should probably grabanother one to put in there and fill itin but on this side here I decided toput like any sauces condiments and stufflike that so we have Trevor’s marinaraand the frito sauce back here and thenit’s a male for Trevor this is hisdressing just like lemon dressing andthen some heavy whipping cream which helikes to use when he does alfredo saucethen I just have some low-sodium chickenbroth right here then in the deli drawerI finally use the divider so I dividedit up into meats and then cheeses anddips so over here on the meats all ofthe like flatter deli meats are in thefront here I have some sausages backhere just kind of like a thicker pack ofroasted turkey breast back here and thenthis is a steak that Trevor wants tocook and then for sauces we have all ofour bitchin sauces right here you guysknow I love bitchin sauce so just Trevorso we have two tubs of the originalright here and then the pesto bitchingsauce and the cilantro chili bittensauce also have the olive tapenade thatI’ve been loving latelyand then this Sabra dark chocolatedessert dip and spread which isabsolutely amazing then my favoritepesto back here this the Trader Joe’sGenova pesto have a huge tub of Parmesancheese like here this is the frigoparmesan one of my favorite brands somemozzarella and cheddar makes which Imean I used to make mac and cheese onenight some extra parmesan is just asnare brothers brand some TillamookMexican four cheese blend then some fetawhich should probably turn the correctway a block of parmesan it’s fordifferent purposes I’m gonna defend thisso I like to shave this for sandwichesbut like the shredded ones I like tocook with and then this is just a bigblock of Tillamook cheddar cheese then Iorganize our produce drawers so in thisone I have a mix of like hard veggiesand fruits so I have some broccoli somecarrots these are all of my lemonsthat I have some Tomatoes I know thatyou’re supposed to leave these at roomtemperature but I’m just not eating themquick enough to get to them in time soI’m refrigerated mmm and then I havesome strawberries back here someraspberries that’s for that Sabrachocolate dip then we’re finishing upthis pack of grape tomatoes I haveanother pack ready to go down here andthat’s some blueberries then is the nextdrawer this is like our salads and mycooking greens drawer so I have myspring mix over here some kale this issome leftover spinach for Trevor aCaesar salad pit my favorite Caesarsalad kit actually and then back here Ihave some parsley and there is a cabbageburied underneath there as well then uphere on the main shelf I’ve made so muchroom in here so over here I have all ofthis jarred stuff that just doesn’t fitin the doors which is fine because thisis the stuff that we use the most I wasjust more accessible if we leave it hereso I have minced garlic some kalamataolives and then two packs of just likethe green olives and then this is blackolives in here then I have all of mykombucha is right here the front threeare the strawberry lemonade I have aginger one back here from health aid andthen this is the gt’s trilogy just a bigone of that then I have my beers theseare not Trevor Spears these are my beersbut just they’re all IPA is all the wayback here some stone IPA this next oneis a stone IPA but it’s a double IPAwhich I think I’m gonna have tonight andthen to Elysium space to us these are myfavorite beers of all time then this isjust kind of random I have just someleftover ginger beersome almond milk and then back there isthe champagne that I hope to pop openwhen I reach a thousand subscribers andsome soda water and then of course ourBrita for our water up here is kind oflike the left overs drawer so this islike my taco bowls that I made lastnight and then my two banana breads sothis is just like the shelf of thingsthat we need to get to and eat then hereI just have some bread and then this ispotato so it’s kind of like a carbsection I know that potatoes aresupposed to be room temperature butagain I’m not gonna be able to cook itin time so I’m just gonna refrigerate itto make sure they don’t spoil before Ican get to them and then up top here isfull of stuff that I can’t reach in theback so I’m gonna have to ask Trevor toget to the postbut I’m just gonna keep the animalsfoods up here we feed them half a caneach at dinnertime plus their dry foodso every other day we have torefrigerate their dry food then up hereis where I moved all of my chocolates Iwas just having trouble seeing them overhere and forgot that I had them at alland this is where I used to keep them Ican’t remember why we moved them overthere but I prefer having them over herebecause I know where they are and thenjust our butter then we have like abunch of sauces and condiments that wedon’t typically use like every week orwhatever this is more specialty stuff soI’m like really really nice a bluecheese hoisin sauce salsawhat is this back here that’s all a stirsauce this is a ponzu sauce this is ahoisin garlic marinade and some ricevinegar then down here is kind of likeextra dairy stuff so we have creamerssome of cream randomly some sake rightthere it’s more creamier some milk andthen all of Trevor’s yogurts which arejust like constantly falling at the baneof my existence but yeah that was mylittle refrigerator reorganization and Iguess tour of what’s in my fridge I’mnot gonna get into the freezer tonightand I don’t want to and be like it’sfine like the way it’s organized downthere is fine I don’t need to touch itbut I am gonna go ahead and warm up mytaco bowl for myself and just kind ofenjoy the rest of the night so I willsee you guys in the next vlog which I’mhoping will begin with a littlecelebration[Music]

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