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Macaroni Cheese Pie – Baking in Teflon (No Oven) / (Sub INA/ENG)

Macaroni Cheese Pie – Bake in Teflon (No Oven) / (Sub INA/ENG)
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Ingredient :
Crash/Kulit pie :
Tepung Terigu / Flour 180gr
Margarine /170gr
Air dingin/ Cold water 2 spoon

Macaroni 150gr
Cornet beef 120gr
Wortel / carrot 2 pcs
Keju parut / Cheese 100gr
Telur /Egg 2

Merica / Paper 1 Spoon

Milk full cream 20ml
Bombai / Onion 1
B.putih / Garlic 3
salt 1/2 tea spoon

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Original of the video here

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