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How To Bake Chicken Pie with Black Pepper @Ivy’s Bake

数字互动烘焙课 Digital Interactive Baking Classes


在我们的在线社区中,我们有一些新手面包师,还有一些经验丰富的面包师。但是最重​​要的是,我们包罗万象,并且乐于分享和相互学习。这就是使我们的教程与众不同的原因。获得更多信息,更好的技能,烘焙技巧,更广泛的知识,内部秘密和提示-例如,如何在预算不足的情况下即兴发挥,或在哪里购买最好的工具和/或最便宜的食材。即使“ Live!”教程结束后,您仍然可以在我们平台的墙上发布问题。最重要的是,体验我们令人惊叹的视觉学习参考资料,您可以选择随时随地在Facebook上以自己的节奏一遍又一遍地观看。


Join our specially curated classes designed for digital interaction with you, the enthusiastic Baker in mind! Plus it’s Bilingual too! Follow this page for updates!

Here in our online community, we have some Bakers who are novices and yet others who are seasoned Bakers. But the most important thing is, we are ALL-inclusive and more than willing to share and learn from each other. This is what makes our tutorials special. Gain more information, better skills, baking techniques, wider knowledge, insider secrets and tips – like how to improvise if you are on a budget or where to buy the best tools and/or cheapest quality ingredients. Even after the ‘Live!’ tutorials have ended, you may still post questions on our platform’s wall. And best of all, experience our stunning visual learning references where you may choose to watch over and over again at your own pace, anytime you want, on demand, on Facebook.

Recipes and ingredients will be posted on the group wall prior to the start of the digital learning tutorials where you will also be able to enjoy short ‘tips & tricks’ or ‘baking hacks’ clips of ‘how-to prepare’, ‘where to buy better & cheaper ingredients’ and fun discussions before the start of the tutorial. This also encourages and makes it extremely easy for bakers who would like to prepare to bake along with us during the show.

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How to know if this channel is suitable for you:
Do you like to bake, cook or create?
Do you like culinary art?
Are you a creative person?
Do you like learning?
Are you struggling with baking and cooking?
Do you want to run a small home bakery business?
Are you good with your hands?
Do you want to save money?
Would you like to learn from other cultures?
Do you want to increase your recipe knowledge?

If your answer is Yes to any of these, then you belong here on this How To Bake, Make, Create & Cook community!

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