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– Keto Peanut Butter Pie! – No Bake!

This will make you feel like you’re cheating!

If you give this a try, please comment below and let me know what you thought!

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Video Transcription

so my daughter Courtney decided that shewas gonna make a peanut butter Kido pietoday I was having a really bad sweettooth and my husband loves peanut butterso I thought kill two birds with onestone so I’m just gonna take you throughthe ingredients let you know how it’smade and if you guys try this and loveit as much as we do please comment downbelow and let us know because honestlywe all feel like we’re cheating when weeat this so you’re gonna need for thecrust two tablespoons of butter roomtemperature 1 cup of almond flour 3tablespoons of cocoa powder 1 and 1/2tablespoons of granulated sweetener asshe used swerve you could also do a riffatoll and then a half a teaspoon ofvanilla you’re just gonna put everythingtogether in a mixer or a bowl she didtry to mix it with our Kitchen Aid atfirst but I don’t think that there wasenough to really get it mixed togetherso she ends up taking it out and doingit by hand if you have a hand mixer it’dbe easier for you this just wasn’t a bigenough batch so just do whatever worksfor you to get it mixed together you’rejust trying to get all of the powder andthe butter as one it’s still kind ofcrumbly but once you put it into the panand start pressing it down and it startsto stick together now she did tryputting the crust all the way around thesides in the bottom unfortunately itjust wasn’t working out for her so sheended up doing just the bottom crust andhonestly it doesn’t matter to me it’sstill great so for the best part of thisdessert which is the filling you’regonna need 1 cup of unsweetened peanutbutter pretty much any peanut butterthat says that you have to stir it isgonna work for you don’t freak out whenyou open the lid if you’re unfamiliaryou’re gonna see a layer of liquid butwith anything that you find a recipe forcheck your labels read the back of itand make sure if it’s your diet or yourway of eating[Music]from here you’re gonna need 2/3 of a cupof confectioner’s sugar if you don’thave any on hand I do believe that youcan take granulated sugar and grind itand get the same results but pleasedon’t quote me on that you’re then gonnaneed two teaspoons of vanilla I preferto use pure vanilla instead of theextract and you’re gonna need two8-ounce cream cheese softenedunfortunately we apparently don’t knowhow to read and we only used one but itwas amazing so I’m not really sure ifI’m gonna do two next time because wereally liked it this way and it itcompletely filled the pan that we wereusing so it worked out anyway you’regonna throw all of it in your mixer andmix it up until it kind of clumpstogether in your whisk and then once itdoes that you’re gonna add one cup ofheavy whipping cream mix it togetherscrape the sides like you normally woulduntil it starts to kind of fluff up andit’s completely mixed once you’re donewith that all you’re gonna do is put itin your pan spread it out and you’regonna pop it into the refrigerator forabout two hours now if you don’t want towait you can put it into the freezer forabout 20 minutes and it will completelyharden up for you[Music][Applause][Music]and then for your last step you’retopping you’re going to take onetablespoon of cocoa powder twotablespoons of confectioner sweetenertwo tablespoons of heavy whipping creamand a pinch of salt and you’re going tomix it all together now this will hardenif you let it sit but if you just zap itin the microwave for a few minutes it’llmelt it kind of like chocolate chipsbasically and then once your pie ishardened you can just take it out of therefrigerator or the freezer and thensprinkle this on top of it and you’redone that’s it you don’t have to bakethis now for storing it if you leave itout it is going to get mushy so I wouldsuggest covering it and leaving it inthe refrigerator until you want to eatit as far as macros go you would need towrite down exactly what you’re using inthis recipe because different peanutbutters can have different carbs samefor heavy whipping cream and then justadd it all up divide it by how manypieces you’re gonna cut it into andthat’s gonna be your carbs for eachpiece – your fiber is your net carb ifyou guys like this please please hit thelike button and consider subscribing itreally helps my channel and if you guyshave any ideas for something you want tosee in the future comment below and letme know or let me know if you tried itand liked it and I’ll see you next time

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