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Easy to make Waffles, (Beetroot Waffle), D.I.Y easy Valentine’s day special!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel -boom happy Monday you say to all of youso today I will be showing you how tomake a easy and beautiful and deliciousrecipe for you guys with a Valentine’sDay special waffles which you can sharewith your loved ones so without anyfurther let’s get startedso my Valentine’s Day specialingredients are fresh beetroot juice apowdered sugarmeda peanut butter beetroot of bakingpowder baking soda and for decorationswe have be true Jam and some seedspumpkin seeds sprinkles and meltedbutter and here we have our officemachine from which we will make abuffalo use beet root booster naturalcanaliculi so let’s start putting ouringredients first we will add our meta 1cup of maida I powdered sugar 1/2 cup ofpowdered sugar 1 spoon of peanut butter[Music]one teaspoon of baking powder[Music][Music]and 1/2 is 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder1/4 TSP of baking and baking soda freshbeetroot juiceI wish my battery consistency to youwhoa that attic Binion Ichi nice at thetail so now I’m gonna mix it so guys ifrequired you need to add some more giveit a nice mix make sure there are nolumps in your battermeanwhile we are doing this person ismango friend machine we need a more thinconsistency you can you can see it’sreally thick and what’s our lumps hereso you’re gonna mix it nicely so thatthere are no lumps in the batter addsome more I’m gonna give it a nice mixso we will be needing a droppingconsistency you can see like this are wegonna add a bit of shredded of beetrootonly a bit of now we are going to mix itso guys now we gonna add a melted buttergive it a mixso guys up the exec Niska kidnap pyaarared color color of love so a man back tothe idea horses from mirage oh maybethree vitro gets messy we both inmachine so now we gonna open it except Igot a mojo cut up nice 10 degrees can behamara like that but up lucky watch itcleaner come on Jay battle it up[Music]you guys ever forget all about triple jpulled out and look behind it as eithera myopic dripping tree be here you cansee so now we’re gonna add our bathroomyes so guys here again this even asystem about because yet not gonna closeour lid so my sector on economy that wenow project and now we gonna be chapterget ready new such a certain weightfitting it laughing you guys job youthey do I gottais it on corner and then we’re gonnaagain with albeit just like a spit Idepend each other and guys I’m gonnashow you one more ingredient when theParis in July I sinking appendices ayard for the kids so let me show youthat so guys this is my whipped creamgermany decorating killing outfit easysimilar principle of attack this isthick whipped cream you guys ready okaynow we gonna turn it and even videos soguys we watch okay so now we can open itand reveal itoh wow it’s looking beautiful Kinskiso now we gonna take it out and put ityou know in a plate a plantar plate sothat the cool oh yeah and and guys thisis calm down m8 I know giver so a personturned down a division of nobody got afew girls your product i legit creme dela Gaddafi cream put email to raggy soguys a Mohammedan off the Christmas atmeand you can see how fluffy at this Ilook and see excited it’s beautifulso guys it’s a doermann theater down isa rocking it hockey team valuable knowas it turned out yeah and ability passBothwell machine Nyota biskupin capableasset the same battery sad pancake andguys have a secrecy baton you get toarrange perceptive it’s up to yourchoice so now we’re gonna cut it so guyswhen i met a mid each only choice heshapely Katya now I’m gonna start withmy presentationmeet this and I’m gonna add on top ofthis my fresh cream take creamso guys you know why Oh meet John himjust came indoors looks this way down onyoulike thisso guys you beetroot car reduction justgo man I say doesn’t go to mesighs listen it for the IOP so that isnumber them admire nutsso guys it is my final dish you can seeand guys I’m gonna play video cheetahbusiness video collection and subscribepanache and also hit the billikin sothat you will be notified every time onand on YouTube and there’s other way tosee people so that is it right enough ofthe loved one is not shared ownamusements that these are shakin I needhappy when thanks again and see you nexttime bye-bye

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