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This is just my first time baking like this, and I’m not use to bake so if you’ll notice that I have a mistakes please forgive me. haha But the product is not bad for the first timer.
I hope you like this video.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so finito is one cup so if you have anyavailable in Agra – sniper you can useit since wala naman coming start onAugust now I’m going to use this[Music][Applause]hi guys welcome back to my channel sofor today’s videogato at IU now putting social play ANCAcommittee nothing ingredients I gardeniathis one up a meetinghey Bob eternal on gotta meet and goahead top push it off ah CondonCharmaine go play for tapas champagnepeople over lighting on my utensilsautomatic measuring cup so let’s goso chambray on an Amana nothing to go inis attracted nothing into pieces unit ingardenia very much Matt Alisha motto nowOh medicinal acting milk[Music]now the Titanic modulo tuna holdinglasting unless Stein and PETA or not goto shop I knownow pudding in eczema salmon you muttonhappening in green a minnehonka to lightnow I know you must I am connected ingardenia India the question vanillinuntil episode a query that was you’llknow gusto a nominal gossip a sigma sobronzer omnia novice to handful youmonopod Kaka go are no fees no food onsupporting camera even a phenomenal Gagoare eating a not incompatible castle ofpudding Nagato in[Music][Music]stop or Nothing happy happy nothing mamabread so it tarnish our next is but letagain I’m anti units off so I’m so fatNieto is one top so if you have anyavailable Naga – sniper you can use itsince walang anuman coming start nowAugust now I’m going to use this cowhead pure milk so I I will try it if ifmaganda jung kkot allah beside ‘no lapisif the dendogram eaten a mango laboursand dense mango flavor palate nominalaphasia so provocative asana from a newyamaha dapat saladna Iligan inertiacutting bread you gotta meet incomemeasuring cup so mama one cup isequivalent to 250 and addone cup guys then I won top of cow headmeal so got anything for total dissolvethe bread so we learn again when anevent shaggy toh aisi girl meet him -Pasha tell me think of Pashawell one glass of water I one glass ofmilk next the tournamentpoor guys magnetic a pellet I you knowmama 1/4 cup blahI see so grand anicut anova bass Ohgrandpa miss Misha this is 1/4 cup ofcondensed mango milk asana on next timeon Athena gagawin a la Laguna notanxious a baking pan between Joey Loganoyachting Brandner nimac snap insagarthe’s elegant Moonen attention onbaking paper[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]Vesnina don’t go in la laguna la lagunaKinshasa oven but we need to bring itthe oven first for 15 minutes to open aGaga meeting I think we need la Laguna[Music][Music]you mom about that vagina and O Lordwith all my penis yo yo Mike Oscar younow have some Anakapalli da boss yousaid I did not reach her for 20[Music]okay let’s play the xylophone I thinkwould be she’s a misogynist andaccepting new oven added for 20 minutes- Monica Minister Modi and I do not MEAso see you in 15 minutes so this is thefinished product of our podiumsorry this is my first time – andnothing you go out oh yes I’m gonna goset up bar 30 minutes know that in yourPiko wouldn’t panic so internationalguysand setup guys when you’re pairing mybutt subscribe run by your gentlemendown below if you want if you want me todo something now where they making fun[Music][Applause]

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