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enjoy watching our first ever video of us making COOKIES!!!! 🍪🍪


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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]what do you do hi guys welcome she’s afree cookie dog we’re going to skipforward to when we stop he’s a veryfrightenedsee how I did he camera yes okay guysyou’ve got the ingredient without cookiedoor but are three eggs put to that Iknow white self-raising flour and whatthe caster sugarthe ball which is trying to hit me inthe head with so we forgot to say let’sget into the video let’s get into thevideo no enough but it tastes no enoughnoise and then when the cookies arebaking we’re gonna make us call to artsparty[Music][Music][Music][Music]Superbus goes in and now we’re going togo fill our pot with water[Music][Music]thank you guys for watching our videohope you enjoyed subscribe like thisvideo and turn on post notifications tobe notified with my snacks

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