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attempting to make 2-ingredient Eid cookie :((

hellllllloooo im so so so sorry the video came sooo late. all usb cables in our house ARE BROKEN and yes finally i found the cheapest among them (we rarely use it cuz ya everybody prefers to use the brandy ones. so it’s not that ‘broken’ like its friends.)

》 thank god《

my family knows that i LOVE SEMPERIT SUSU as much as i love myself. it is one of the traditional cookie people serve whenever it comes to Eid in Malaysia. You could find it literally everywhere!

but currently we are still in this Holy Month of Ramadan, and my soul is soooo eager to taste the piece of heaven soo.. this is what we’re getting, a homemade EASIEST cookie 😛

i found the recipe on the internet, from the blog i used to recreate their recipes at home and things are supposed to be working. but this, dude im mad. and i AM frustrated about that.

Miss/Mr if this is your recipe and u want the credits, do email me at

actually i can just mention your blog in the video, but im afraid u will abhor the act because of the ugliness of the cookies i made, 😉

have a blessed Ramadan everyone,

current blackcurrant: 81 !

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

stop everyone it’s me right now comeback to my channel so first things firstI want to apologize that I have beengone forever and I hope that it’s notthat late to wish a happy Ramadan orabout our evil to all of my losingfriends out there and yeah I have toadmit that I had the very great timehere during we are an old restrictionupon order in the nature and I just haveit and done so many things I probablythis video is one of them so withoutfurther ado let’s get into name writtenand with with me okay wait so in thischannel ladies and gentlemen’s we aregoing to adapt with the young dumb andgood problem we are very aware of thatso probably if my heart is the one whohosts the couldn’t show that it will besimple and easy trust noises the easiestway to cook things we just need constarch or the pond jungle repeat aftermethe pool jungle the pony in English wecall flour and dagger means corn so it’sbasically kind flour so to pump theBoonewe also need this condensed milk or wesay Susu okaySusu okay so soup okay – Supercatcondensed milk so yeah basically onlythis to us I’m going to put the concertinto the bowl and then we’re going toadd little by little disconnects note sobasically just a ton depot for petroland then we’re going to bake it I meanwe can call it a day I mean call it anight becauseit’s night you know[Music]then we can put this little by littlethe condensed milk there’s a soup okaybut first we’re going to us and adultsopen the canister because I’m not anadult so yeah after you open thecanister then we can call it a daylaughter win base you’re one of the bestachievement wing of 2020 is thiscanister this is the very first time Iopen them by myself this is a very firsttime so here’s another instruction Iforgot to mention that if you have alittle sister than you can use a handmixer[Music][Music]like you look at that a new global whatdid you doso here our first baby we’re going totry it out how dare this is working ornot okay my third in the final resultI don’t know we should take the blamebut since it’s their art and more timethan my head my prey they can justfunction very well so here is what weare getting let me tell you that nextplane the recipe says that I will need500 grams of condensed milk and 500 gramof cornstarch just a second I hit 500grams my brain was imagining this healththingsince it is day 54 of our m:o inmalaysia i am delirious my poor braincells calculated this math problem likethis if the condensed milk is halfkonista instead of saying how kilogramthen i need 1/2 packet of concern and ifthe condensed milk is one canisterinstead of saying it is 1 kilogrami need one to get of corn starch likedifferent weight I know and I know justlike how mad I am ok[Music]I will probably give myself like fourstars out of ten so they can tell theconsistency it’s like the milk it’s notthe starch a irony of Ujjain lesson inmaking movies from my video I’m stillgoing to a moment and then we’re goingto upload it on YouTube anyway this isgoing to be definitely going to be ahighlight of the day myselfso yeah it don’t I know result so dofollow the actual recipe and I bet youcan see you guys are my next videociao[Music][Music]

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