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Video Transcription

[Music]sorry buy some earbuds to me like tellyou buy tell me bye tell me about someadvice to tell me bite tell me like tellme buddy my buddy here is everythingyou’ll need for your jello cream piewhipped cream pie that isonce you get your ingredients togetherit’s time to startthat was a mistake using that genericpie right there that was a failso I’m using the starburst cherrygelatin I’m pouring it into the bowl andthen I’m going to add my boiling hotwater so be careful with this partthat’s one and a half cups of hot waterthen I’m going to whisk it and whisk itand whisk it some more until it startsto dissolve a lot in the rollafter you’re done with that in aseparate container take your cool whipthis is optional whisk it before you putit into your gelatin so that it’s not sothick when you put it in and I did endup using a little more than the 8 ouncecontainer to my pienow your wrists get tired doing this butas you can see it’s not as big it’sstill thick for dynasty down to thegelatin I just added one cup of coldwater ice cold chill they were ice cubesin that water and you’re just gonna stirwell whisk and whisk and whisk and whisksome more and you’re whisking until[Music]you’re whisking it though until itstarts to thicken a little and you’ll beable to feel thatstill whisking and now it’s time to addthe cool whipso you just kind of put the Cool Whip inthe bowl and you’re going to stir it orwhisk it however you want to do ityeah that stirring was wasn’t workingfor me[Music]it’s such a nice color to look sorryy’allaccidents happenget that wiped up hold off or secondlike magic so you’re gonna whisk thattogether and then you’re gonna put it inthe refrigerator supposed to be for 30minutes but because mine was I think Ihad too much water in mine so I ended upadding more of the whipped cream that’swhy I said I added a little more than an8 ounce tub but I also had to let it sitfor longer than 30 minutes so it was inrefrigerator for at least an hour sothat it could thickentime to get the pie crust together andy’all this pie crust was a fail for meit went in fine and I put it inrefrigerator and it’s supposed to be inthere for four hours or overnighthowever you want to do it but whathappened was my daughter tasted it onthe whisk and she said oh it’s not sweetenough so I added some sweet condensedmilk I think that’s how you say it andso I ended up having to pour the fillingfrom out of the pie back into the bowland when I did that the entire piecrumbled into my bowl that’s why I guessthat part was a failbut anyway you will sit the pie in therefrigerator for four hours or six andif you’ve not gonna eat that night justlet it sit overnight now I’m going to dothe little smile a little small pieshells those came out perfectI’m gonna do the first one but you seehow it did it and then I’m going tospeed this processI hope that y’all tried the jello creampieno bighaand I did the same thing for the smallpies I let them sit on a baking sheet inthe refrigerator for almost 6 hoursthis is before I put themthe iterator and this is after they haveset and they are ready to be dollop withhimselfso I’ll speed this process up for y’allto I did taste a little piece of itbecause I can’t eat it y’all but I didwant to do I bought good stuff and I waslike I really need to do this pie eventhough I’m not gonna eat itso I used my daughter and I let her bemy taste tester of course she didn’twant to be on camera so I didn’t get hercompletely but I did get her tasting itand she was like uh it’s okay thankshe’s different yeah my husband tasted ithe said the same thing he’s differentand then I’m just gonna be honest theydidn’t care for it was to my being thatit was starbursts maybe I should havejust used a regular it was like abittersweet for me remember to subscribeshare and comment down below Iappreciate y’all[Music]

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