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Baking a Pie from WAITRESS the Musical // Delicious Peach Pie Recipe

Hello everybody!

This weeks video is coming to you from the end of summer of 2020. That’s how long it took me to edit this, so I truly hope you enjoy it. Me and one of my best friend’s attempted to bake the Life-is-just-peachy-keen Polka Dot Peach Pie from Waitress the Musical, and I think we did an okay job. This is a follow-along recipe video filled with musical theater moments and just us having fun, hope it’s helpful nonetheless.

Please try this recipe if you want to have a delicious pie and let me know how you go if you follow our instructions. In case you aren’t crazy and would like some actual instructions and not just our mess, here are the links for the recipes we used:



Love you all,

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Original of the video here

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