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While we are in quarantine, I also make some time to learn new things and that includes “learning how to cook 101”. So, in today’s video, I tried making some Jollibee peach mango pie. It’s one of my all time favourites! Watch and find out how I did! ッ

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Here’s the link of the video I followed: https://youtu.be/MKc5wQPLDrw

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hey guys it’s Alex and welcome back andas you can tell and for today’s video weare gonna be betrayed well I will try tomake the very famous chocolate leavejustified because I’ve been craving foryou and the sheet set by its keeperI’m just gonna turn it on and I’veactually researched about it are they goJosh so many videos there is going to bea video which I’m gonna fall I hoperight so it’s just[Applause][Music]so it says here that the first thing weshould do is supposed to be ingredientswe will be DJ Tamar the fathering to behassle to flour and brown sugar so wellit supposed to be white sugar but sincewe know how it’s gonna be wonderfulthere’s no salt[Music]I’m so scared then sorry I wasn’t alsoable to include the we also[Music]some good news man before God wash myhands first by doing it right[Music]I’ll be putting a here’s the theme Ralph[Music]now we’re gonna put this in the wrap andleave it for these dirty dishes we’remaking really we are going to be makingso what we have here in all rings wehave speeches we have the card storageand dr. so we have to[Music]so now that we have added the beachchesswe don’t be adding sugar[Music]be happy in today’s cornstarch so Isishave already added water in here[Music]we are inside[Music]I’m sure he has to do it again let’sjust don’t stop so now physique exertion[Music][Music][Music]I guess we’re gon never do this anywayafter this we are going to be crashingthe party Friday servers[Music]sorry[Music][Applause][Music]okay you guys so that’s it for today’svideo and hope you guys enjoy it andwatching I hope you guys would try to doit as wellI’m going to be putting the link for thevideo that I hope you give this videothumbs up or subscribe to my channel andthis is me Alex and a mission to thebest pocketsI’ll see you in[Music]

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