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The Most Amazingly Perfect No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie| Subscriber Request

This is the most Perfect Amazing No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie. This video is a Subscriber Request

peanut butter pie
cool whip cream
No Bake

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Video Transcription

thank you and what else was I going totell you[Music]welcome to quarters we’re back at itagain in the kitchen we are making asubscriber requested hi and as you sawfrom the title it is a peanut butter pienever heard of such but I did go to arestaurant and I tried it it wasfantastic if you are a criterion youknow that I love peanut butter I like toget a spoonful before I go to bed atnightlisten housekeeping thumbs it up andshare the video and be certain to becertain to be certain you leave acomment below if you’ve had ever triedor what is your favorite type of peanutbutter my name is Lisa here at Carter’seat we like to eat my parents live withuswe haven’t aged a he’s ate a son Blake adaughter who’s 5 April 16 my husbandauthored what’s the cook and he collects8 but today I’m making the pie so let’sget right into ithere’s what we need we’ve got yourPhiladelphia Cream Cheese I like PeterPan there’s your Peter Pan get some getsome get some get somethere is your condensed milk and who anda pie crust and we’re gonna whip it allup in this bowl drop it in this piecrust and get out the way be sure besure you go ahead and subscribe now it’stheir first time here and if they arephilic arteria thank you so much forwatching this video thank you forstopping in okay let’s get started youwon’t see my face you’ll see the bowlokay think okay I don’t know if there’sany measurements so we’re really gonnawing this togetherit’s a subscriber request it’s a friendof mine from the YMCA and he said justdo it so I know the first thing we hadthis cream cheese at room temperature todrop the cream cheese innot quite stuff as I wanted it gonna dipthe Pope Jesus okay there’s just creamcheese ice one sweet really[Music][Music]the women no I do not have I didn’t putit on my bridal registrytoday Marlo’s music channel[Music]stephanie’s 50 and climbingLSP production[Music][Music]please be sure to visit my old shop puttoo much peanut butter family please besure to visit my good girlfriend I thinkI did wrongthe instructions were to do those twofirst and then come with my friends Ihave a sign in my kitchen that food inthis house in the kitchen commentcommits this comment commit stickcomment commit stick here at cousin herecorded his act Carter[Music][Music]I’m good I can edit it out I’m making avideo[Music]dude that’s me mom making her debut shesaid you need a blender I said I knew[Music]you have something there you go you guyshave some there’s thewho knows[Music][Music][Music]so one of cream cheese was sufficientworked out just fineleave the tied around get a good andcomfortable Villa crust 3 I used about 13/4I only left one fourth of the kingdomsof invincible and we’re going to letthis sit in the frigerator and I’ll haveto leave on my community post our finalproduct[Music][Music]first fifty subscribe peanut butter pilewith cool whipping cream cheese andcarnation milk we let it sit in theprogram for three hours and we have somemelted white chocolate chips there’sBlake same time we’re just gonna drizzlea little bit of it on just a little bita stands ready the kids are learning topeanut butter so there is the peanutbutter pie and honey it’s gonna befantastic thank you for coming toCarter’s at Blake painting my nailsJesus it comes like[Music]like get your finger up my power bleedwait mommyhold on Blake I got to get daddy’sreaction he went right into the freakingfrigerator and took my pie out y’all andyou know I like to do a demonstration apresentation he’s that spoon I’m Abitame all the pots and pans are just onedon’t you cannot touch you agent calloff the carBlake can you share with the criterionis to offer your thoughts not a personalgood good bring over here feed me y’allreally not bad to him means it’s reallygood this man in my part of it I madefor you guys mommy you know in my facey’all see it okay hold on I ain’tsupposed to give that one to me JesusOh one day he’s still in my pie y’allknow we like to cut make a presentationyou never see meall right skipping that up a little bitmore oh my godthank you for coming to quarters withoutholding up your hands head to the skykeeper mean bad mommy on the side makingsalami kamikaze gonna my spit flowpaparazzi flash I get though champagne

43 Replies to “The Most Amazingly Perfect No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie| Subscriber Request

  1. Tiana..I can only be me….said good things about you! New subscriber!! So hello from Tennessee!!

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  3. That pie looks delicious I’ve gots to try that by the way I’m comment 35so I know I get to lick the spoon

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  5. Hey Carter’s Eat! I’ve never heard of this type of pie before but it looks delicious and simple!!! Thanks for sharing! Sending love and hugs to you and your family

    1. This is awesome.. i had no idea people were watching .. please be sure you go to YT and subscribe..
      Thank you!

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  7. Yummy. I would eat this if I could. You know my little allergy teen chef made a top 8 free pie like this the other day. I was blown away.

  8. Loving the intro yesss!! Coming through to show you some love!!! Never heard of it but it looks good.

  9. Yum.. Very pretty pie. I think Arthur and my hubby are related , both dig into stuff!!! My favorite Peanut Butter is Jiff and I love it on sliced apples or with CHOCOLATE!!! ♥️&✌

  10. Creamy peanut butter, Never ate peanutbutter pie. I love peanutbutter, Have a blessed night 3-17-2020♥️

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